The Cosplay that Started it all -Utena Tenjou Cosplay

Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena

This cosplay was the first one I made that made me start taking cosplay a lot more seriously and consistently. I had made it in 2013 for Anime North after cosplaying on and off for like 10 years. It was the first convention that I decided was best for me to travel alone so I would be able to enjoy and allocate my time the way I wanted to. This costume has been a staple go back for me to wear especially because this anime is such a classic in my eyes.

This particular photo set was not taken at that time and I’ve improved the wig and other parts of the costume as time passed by. Don Dolce Photography(IG) and I collaborated in October 2015 for this shoot at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. Both Don’s style of photography and my makeup, wig and cosplay style has grown a lot since then. Looking back at these photos makes me appreciate how talented we were back then as well as how much we’ve grown artists.

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