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Ota Kisaki Cosplay – Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to all my Cosplay and Otome game friends out there! Here is a treat for you guys! Voltage inc is doing a Tumblr contest for Cosplays for Kissed by the baddest bidder. As today I had the day off excuse it was christmas I was able to pull this off and shoot this and edit these pictures – it literally took me the whole day. HAHA.

I was lucky to have my Nagisa/Huni-sempai wig to style into this. Its always great to have a generic wig that you can style into different characters =). I had a boat neck T-shirt, used a chain I had and used my moms wedding ring for the necklace and one of my dads suit jackets for this. I was still wearing my pajama shorts still while I shot this hahaha.  I hope you guys enjoy. Merry christmas again.

Angelic Artist? or Sadistic Master? Which is the real Ota?Kisaki Ota - Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Cosplay by OtomeJunkie - Angel

Gun Gale Online Kirito from Sword Art Online 2 – Cosplay Photo Shoot with AuuDesu & Don Dolce Photography

Kirito Gun Gale Online GGO - Sword Art Online SAO2 Cosplay  06


Here is a set the was taken at Fan Expo Canada 2014 in August. Although the Gun Gale Online arc is actually an arc that I don’t really like, I decided to cosplay Kirito because my friend Amy of Auu Desu ( was doing Sinon. I’ve always wanted to pair up with her because we have so much fun at events together with our friends.


Kirito’s outfit is pretty sick in this one and the fact that he has a lightsaber just makes it even more amazing. I ended up buying the Lightsaber on Ebay for a good price and I’m planning to do a Starwars cospaly next year with it for Fanexpo as well. I’m really happy with how the Pictures came out and I think both me and Amy look amazing in our cosplays. This cosplay was a pain in the ass to make and was rushed overnight (HAR HAR NO SURPRISE) but although it was rushed I am extremely proud of how it turned out. Hopefully I will have a chance to wear it again and take some more shots because I really enjoyed being Trap Kirito – especially when everyone at the con is yelling out “HEY ITS TRAP KIRITO” . HAHA. We all think alike and that makes me happy.

Kirito Gun Gale Online GGO - Sword Art Online SAO2 Cosplay  02

Shooting with Don Dolce Photograhy was fun as usual. We did this shoot in the road tunnel near the Convention Centre which surprisingly was cut off to cars so we had a lot of space. There were a lot of people stopping to take cellphone pictures of us and asking us about the event and asking us why we dressed up. It was entertaining.

Kirito Gun Gale Online GGO - Sword Art Online SAO2 Cosplay  09





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Blake Belladonna Cosplay with Don Dolce Photography – RWBY – Unplugged Expo

Blake Belladonna RWBY Cosplay Unplugged Expo 06Here is another shoot set I got recently by my good friend Don Dolce Photography.  These were taken at “Unplugged Expo A weekend of Awesome 3” in Toronto in September. I was so busy with school at the time because my semesters go straight through summer and are 4 months long so my final performances were basically all on the week before. Me being terrible at memorizing scripts and such had to put all my effort and 100% of my time that I had out of school and work into practicing and memorizing. So basically I had 4 days (outside of work shifts) to make this cosplay.

Considering that I had no clue whatsoever how I would even tackle Blake’s weapon “Gambol Shroud” I was beyond STRESSED. I looked up a bunch of tutorials and with lots of blood sweat and tears managed to pull it together by Thursday afternoon and start painting it. I ended up putting the details on the boots as well.  That left Friday after my work shift to run over to fabric land to pick up one or two missing items for my cosplay (I had purchased all my fabric for blake earlier in the year) and to start and finish all the sewing. I got home and mentally prepared myself for self-sweatshop-torture and started my costume at 7pm-ish, scared out of my mind that I wouldn’t be able to finish it even if i stayed up all night. I ended up finishing at 9am as happy as a clam got an hour of sleep, got up at 10 got the costume on, packed and rushed over to the con for Noon. I ended up doing my makeup on the Subway ride there. HAHA. Truly a miracle.

Blake Belladonna RWBY Cosplay Unplugged Expo 04

Hanging out with my RBWY Group was truly fun! Ruby was Digirin Cosplay, Weiss was Joyride and Yang was Bamzy Cosplay. I will put up pictures of our group shots that were shot my Alex O Niell Photography soon.

Back to this shoot, We shot this at a beautiful location called Osgoode Hall which is right next to Toronto City Hall. And with the help of my friend Kronicle Cosplay being Don’s assistant with the lighting they took these beautiful breathtaking pictures. I am still in awe with how amazing these pictures are and how much I was happy about how this cosplay turned out despite literally rushing through it overnight.

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Leone – Akame Ga Kill – Cosplay photos by Alex Rose Photography – Otakuthon Montreal

Leone Akame ga Kill Cosplay Otakuthon by OtomeJunkie 06 Here’s another Set of cosplay photos. I had these taken by the wonderful Alex Rose. Akame ga kill is one of my favourite animes and I love Leone SO MUCH! She has an amazing carefree attitude and she is super strong. I will be doing Esdeath soon as well.

I had a lot of fun in Montreal for the first time and attending Otakuthon  for the first time. I got to meet KANAME!!! I love him so much and he is just as handsome and kawaii in person as he is in all his sexy cosplay pictures. I still can’t believe I met him and stuff. It was literally a dream come true!

Leone Akame ga Kill Cosplay Otakuthon by OtomeJunkie 08 Me and Alex wandered around Chinatown and the convention centre to take a lot of these pics, with the great scenery and her amazing photography skills we had a blast together and this set turned out to be freaking AMAZING! I hope you enjoy! I shot with two other Photographers that weekend for Leone so i can’t wait to share those with you guys as well!

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Utena Tenjou Cosplay – Revolutionary Girl Utena – Anime North Halloween Dance 2014 Photoshoot with Don Dolce

Hi Everyone! I figured I should start sharing more of my cosplay photos on my blog as well as on Facebook so here is a preview of a set of photos I just got back today and I am really excited to share with you guys =)

These photos were taken by my wonderful and talented friend Donald Dao at the AN Halloween dance this year which was a lot of fun, although I did more shopping around and hanging out than dancing.

You can check out more of Donald’ stuff here  and Follow him on Facebook for more galleries and updates.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Tenjou Cosplay by Otome Junkie

For halloween every year Anime North holds a dance and Doujinshi Festival at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. I went with my friends and in this venue it has some very beautiful spots for cosplay shoots. I had made this cosplay in 2013 for Anime North. At that time I was new to cosplay photography and only got two shots done from ASphotography and those were the only pictures I had of that cosplay aside from selfies I took during that convention. So I’m very happy to have had the chance to wear this costume again and have another chance to shoot.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Tenjou Cosplay by Otome Junkie

Utena is and always will be one of my favourite characters. She is strong and independent but still fragile feminine and graceful. She takes it upon herself to be the one who saves people than me saved. I admire her courage and I understand the pain  and conflict she goes through struggling with herself through the series. I feel that I too wish to have my own prince to take care of me, to be a princess, but I have had to deal with things on my own and survive and conquer setbacks in my life by being my own Prince and being the one to help others and be strong for others.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Tenjou Cosplay by Otome Junkie

Hopefully I will have the time and chance to do the Movie version of Utena, both the transformed one and the uniform short hair version. Please look forward to that!

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PINKUUKISS Anime North 2014 VLOG Part 1 , Emergency Room& Hotel Fiasco

Anime North if finally over! But the sweat-shopping cosplays is still happening! Theres no time to rest Colossal Con is in a week!

I am working on My Vlogs as well as a Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Cosplay Video As well as a Mirai Nikki Cosplay Music Video for a final Project that I only have 3 weeks to do…

So for now here is the Pinkuukiss Colab Vlog with me DigiRin and Lexxie =)


I shared a hotel room with them and despite the ordeal we went through bringing DigiRin to the Emergency from 11-6 AM , We had a lot of fun!

What happened was our hotel room wasn’t clean and she ended up stepping on a needle/nail embedded in the carpet and it braking of in her foot! The doctor in the hospital couldn’t take it out because it was too deep and she had to be brought around in a wheelchair all weekend, and she couldn’t wear her cosplays. WORST of all our phone in our room didn’t work , the elevators broke down in the hotel which meant she was stuck there Saturday evening till thy got fixed and the customer service managers were out of this world super RUDE and INAPPROPRIATE.  The manager had the nerve , while Digi Rin was crying at the front desk while we were talking to him about how we were being treated about the whole situation to tell her,

“You look pretty when you cry.”


Couldn’t deal with these people at all.

So the moral of this story is, NEVER STAY AT THE SHERATON HOTEL TORONT AIRPORT – NOT FOR ANIME NORTH – NEVER EVER EVER!! THEY SUCK AND ARE RUDE AND THEY ARE TRYING TO FRAME US FOR THE NEEDLE BEING IN THE ROOM WHEN IT WAS CLEARLY NOT ONE OF OURS. After she got the needle out – she had to have a 2 hour surgery for it  on the following Wednesday – She called the hotel because the needle didn’t look like a sewing needle so it couldn’t have been ours. And they told us that they went into our hotel room while we were in the hospital and HAVE PICTURES OF NEEDLES ALL OVER THE FLOOR, IN THE BATHROOM AND THE ROOM. We brought like WHAT 4-5 needles and Digirin had ALL of them with her as she was working on her costume in the hospital!!! So they must have gone out of their way, brought needles into our room planted them in there to take incriminating photos so we wouldn’t be able to sue them!


Anyways back to the better half of anime north. I had a lot of fun with them despite all this stuff happening. DigiRin was amazingly positive  the whole weekend and a lot of hilarious YOLO-ing happening  – I will have my own Vlogs from my Channel up really soon.  as well as more PinkuuKiss Vlogs from Anime North! Now I need go back to studying and sweatshopping my Colossal Con Cosplays.

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) – Yuno Gasai – Costest Makeup Video on PINKUUKISS & Posters And Fansigns


This week I put up this video on the PINKUUKISS channel. I did a Costest of Yun0 Gasai from Future Diary/Mirai Nikki for a movie poster assignment for my directing and producing class on Friday mornings.  And honestly if i can get away with it, I will use any kind of excuse to use a cosplay for shoots and assignments for school.

I might as well Make a video of the Makeup Application in the Process =) HERE IT IS!

Here is the Final Copy of my Assignment. I finished it late at night ad it was only worth 10% so I didn’t spend so much time on it.

I also did a bunch of Fansigns for my friends on Facebooks using the knife as the Fansign!

So you can check them out by clicking here! Facebook Fansigns by OtomeJunkie!

Future Diary Mirai Nikki Assignment