About Me, Otome Junkie!


~ Character is Dia Kurosawa from "Love Live Sunshine"
Fantasy Fanart Version by @corset_man (twitter)
Cosplay and Props made by OtomeJunkie 
Photo by Sateriale Productions (instagram) 

I’ve been cosplaying consistently for about 7 years and both a SFW and NSFW content creator. I also attend anime conventions all around North America to cosplay and celebrate my love for Japanese anime.

I create some of my costumes and props on my own and sometimes I commission other artists to do them. I collaborate with a lot of different cosplayers and photographers to bring content to my social media pages and now to my website.

Character is Izuku Midoriya "Deku" from My Hero Academia
Costume by OtomeJunkie
Photo by ConMomPhoto (Instagram) 

My goal is to fans closer to realizing their dreams of seeing their favourite characters in reality.

I love cosplaying and cross-playing (cosplaying a character of the opposite gender than your own) as an outlet for my creativity and to pay homage to my favourite characters. Cosplaying has helped me learn more about myself and has greatly help me appreciate my own talents and beauty.

I have found so much self esteem and self love from cosplaying and the cosplaying community.

Character is Macrophage from the show "Cells at Work"
Photo by Wendy.Snaps (instagram) 

I want to bring to life the character in a way that will touch the heart of fans of the characters and fandom.

I love cosplaying both men and women with my unique way of expressing the characters emotions through my makeup, facial expressions and poses as well as my costumes. I bring a unique mix of cute, curvy, sexy, strong and athletic to each cosplay and character.

With every piece of content I create whether it be on my own or with collaborators such as photographers and other cosplayers I want to bring to life the character in a way that will touch the heart of fans of the characters and fandom.

If you are a fan of mine (or any other cosplayer for that matter) please consider supporting their hobby and craft by buying their merchandise, prints, photo sets and subscribing to their content or even buying them a Ko-fi. Cosplaying is a hobby that takes a lot of time, effort, and funds and it’s always appreciated when we receive support and appreciation for our content. The more support we get the more content we can give to you, our fans.

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