What Is Cosplay?

It all comes down to two simple things: Dressing up and having fun.
Cosplaying the Main Character from one of my favourite games Mystic Messenger with @luirae (IG) as my favourite character 707. Both cosplays made by me. Photo by @ConMomPhoto (IG)

To me cosplay is a way to express creativity and love towards a fictional character or universe. Cosplayers show their passion by bringing their favourite characters to life wether it be from buying the costume and wearing it or crafting it themselves from scratch.

Otakuthon 2018 Montreal – when i cosplayed Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu!! for a hostclub event with @Montreal.hostclub (IG)

Cosplay should never be about body type or body weight, skin colour, religion, age, gender and abilities.

Cosplay should not be restricted to canon character designs and creators have a right to show as much or as little skin as they want and interpret their love of a character whatever way they want.  In that context cosplay IS NOT consent. Cosplaying certain characters does not mean others are allowed to take pictures, or touch them without asking for permission first. Cosplayers have the right regardless of how they are dressed to feel safe and respected always.