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My Sneaky Yamato! My Forged Wedding – Sequel Epilogue Review

IMG_5117I’m not much of a Yamato fan. I mean, I like him and he’s cute but i guess the best way to put it is – he’s not my type. in My opinion his Main story was good, but it wasn’t life-changing for me. His Sequel was good and I enjoyed playing it but it didn’t wow me. I found out that one of my friends LOVES Yamato like how I LOVE REN (KYAA~ REN<3) , and I couldn’t really relate to it. I bought this Epilogue because I was still longing for that story of Yamato that completely sweeps me off my feet. And…

I’ve Finally Found it!

This sequel epilogue was $1.99 on the iTunes Appstore. It Includes 3 Chapters and you can make a few choices in the story . However, this story has only one ending so those choices only change the characters immediate reaction and does not affect the whole story.  It also comes with one Picture, and one email.

This has to be the one of the BEST short stories EVER, it rival’s Ren’s Main Story Sequel where he totally blew my mind when he dressed…(INSERT SPOILER HERE)…. and OMG! That was so AWESOME! I still dream about that… BUT THIS! This is every girls DREAM! I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but I’ll say a few things about why I liked this story. The way Yamato acted in this story was so sexy, he’s such a tease in so many ways. And the surprise at the end was so heart warming. Yamato is just SO SWEET! Someone has gotta get my boyfriend to do something like this, I would die of happiness. It would be surreal.

Anyways, Im starting to babble like an insane woman so i’ll leave it like that. Ya’ll gotta read this one! Its just SO GOOD.  Not to mention his picture is sexy and the email is just as amazing. 

To Download “My Forged Wedding” click Here For your Apple Device and Here for your Android device.

My Sexy Lawyer! Takao Maruyama Sequel – My Forged Wedding – Walkthough Review

Takao's Sequel Screen

Takao’s Sequel Screen

To be honest, I was unsure if i really wanted to play this route. I have kind of lukewarm feelings about Takao. He’s way too nice, and he’s a neat freak… I am a hurricane so i don’t like people who are excessively neat & clean. I couldn’t really bond with him in the way I have with other characters, at least that’s what i remember of when I played his Main story. But I decided to give it a try, and I’m very glad I did!

There are 10 chapters to this story with two endings (a Happy and a Super Happy Ending) depending on your choices in the game. You also get 4 reward pictures and 10 emails for completing the chapters. All this I got from iTunes for $3.99CAD.

Here is the Walkthrough on how I got to my Super happy Ending. There is more than one way so feel free to try it out yourself first and see if you get it on your own!

  1. Cut it in half and offer him some
  2. Smile and say, “Maybe later.”
  3. “Thank you”
  4. Change the subject for him
  5. Tell him you felt someone watching
  6. Cling onto Takao’s Shirt
  7. “Thank you”
  8. Because I left the house alone.
  9. Ask him right now.
  10. Stick up for Takao
  11. “Don’t say it has nothing to do with me.”
  12. Act like you don’t care.
  13. “Welcome home”
  14. “Have I really?!”
  15. “I was just thinking how cool he looks”
  16. Ask him directly
  17. Hug him tightly
  18. “You did a good job”
Oh My Takao! What have you done!?! ( Teaser - muahahaha!)

Oh My Takao! What have you done!?! ( Teaser – muahahaha!)

I really liked this story! It was very different from most of the stories in any voltage game. I liked that there was a huge element of suspense in it. Comparing to the sweetness of Takao’s main story which was nice but I thought it was a little bit slow or not really my type of story this one was so much better. It shows also Takao’s cool, and sexy side as well as his sweet side we see in the main story. He’s so much more forward with his affection in this story which is a super huge THUMBS UP!

You definitely get to see Takao’s sexy side in the reward pictures in this story! They are all very good pictures that got me really excited! Very well drawn!  And the 10 emails we got we got to see the sweet side of Takao again which I cannot get enough of! This story bumped Takao from the bottom of my favourites in the list of ‘My forged Wedding’ characters, to above Yamato. Sorry Yamato =P

I really would enjoy playing this story again, even though the outcome of the plot is already known for me – Just so I can experience Takao’s sexy sweet side again. This story was great! Let me know what you guys think of it too in the comments below.