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My love in Disguise! Hiro Sarashina Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X Review

Hiro Sarashina Love letter from thief x epilogueAnytime I get an update for ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ I get excited! After playing Kenshi’s Epilogue and falling in love with him again, I decided to play Hiro’s before I went to sleep. I really like Hiro, and I think he is super fun and bubbly. Although he’s not as manly as Kenshi or the other characters…and he has questionable hobbies like cross dressing…I think it would be super awesome to have a boyfriend like Hiro for a while.

The epilogue is short and sweet – 3 chapters with one picture and 2 emails. For 1.99 it isn’t a bad price, so I was hoping that it would be a good story. There are no choices to be made and only one ending to the Epilogues.

In my opinion it was a bit cheesy, but Hiro himself is super cheesy! So it makes sense that I should expect something cheesy like this. I love how the relationship with Seiko and MC gets better in this short story and the story itself is pretty exciting. I tend to really like it when People fight over or get really jealous of other men with the MC, so that was a big plus to see Hiro get jealous in this story. He also says some very naughty things that made me blush! (^////_////^) That is always a SUPER PLUS in these stories. His Reward Picture was very nice, It has a very kinky looking face of Hiro that you don’t get in the Main story pictures, which is super AWESOME. And I LOVE Hiro’s emails with the over exaggeration and the emoticons. It’s so adorable! Those are similar to the types of emails i would send out to someone I love too. HAHA.

I didn’t like it as much as Kenshi, but Kenshi is perfect. It’s hard to beat him in anything. I would probably read this again once i have long forgot about it but it isn’t good enough for me to be super excited about it much. It was ok, and I’m glad I read it.