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Romantic Adventures in Rome! Roman Holiday Special – Love Letter From Thief X –Review

Roman Holiday Into Screen!

Roman Holiday Into Screen!

I love this game so I bought this right away! It was great! Here’s my review of the whole special with teasers but no spoilers that will make you cry and search for my house to kill me.

I bought this game in the game for $2.99 I believe. It was a while ago so I’m starting to not remember these things very well. Maybe I really should look into getting that luminosity account. Anyways, You get a prologue and  then it spits into 4 different stories which are 2 chapters for each Character. Each character story also gives you a Picture and an Email!

I couldn’t help but start laughing and smiling from the beginning of this special! Even the prologue is so cute! They are all amazing characters even when you are hanging out at LRN with all of them the antics are so jokes! You can tell how fun this special is going to be right from the beginning.

What the heck are you looking at PERVERTS?!?!

What the heck are you looking at PERVERTS?!?!

Once you get to Rome you can choose to be partners with 4 character’s: Takudo, Kenshi, Hiro and Riki. It made me a bit sad that Asumu didn’t come with us to Rome, because I love stories with Asumu in it. However I loved every story in this special. I did play in the order I always do, Kenshi, Takuto, Hiro then Riki.

Surprisingly I absolutely LOVED Riki’s Story in this one! I finally got my good Riki story where I actually think he’s amazing and irresistible! I was so happy I felt I needed to have a parade to celebrate. HAHA. Just get Riki a little jealous then he changes into a different person! I love this Riki! I think this Riki would make me into a sadist tsundere because I would want this Riki around all the time!  His story is my absolute favourite, followed by Takuto’s story. The stuff that Takkun says totally hits the spot for me in every single one of his stories. Its like those bullseye moments where they get hit with an arrow in anime.

=) I'ma make you jelly on purpose just to see this reaction again.

=) This… is the stuff dreams are made of.

Kenshi’s story is really sweet! I loved the ending of it and honestly I know exactly what MC is feeling when it comes to the relationship she has with Kenshi and how he treats her. I don’t like his picture though, that’s the only thing about this story. Hiro is so sexy and cool and yet so considerate and sweet in this story. This story gets really exciting and scary so it’s a lot of fun!

Out of all the reward pictures I liked Takuto’s the best and then Hiro’s. They are just so handsome and Takkun’s is kind of romantic- its REALLY romantic if you put it into context with the story.  Also for the emails, Riki’s email is the best! I finally have my Riki love story! I’M SO HAPPY! They are all great stories and I would read them all over again many times over and I’m sure they wont disappoint you.


Get Love Letter from Thief X for Android Devices Here & Apple Devices Here.


The Thief who Re-Programmed My Heart – Takuto Hirukawa Main Story – Love Letter from Thief X – Walkthrough Review

Takudo's Main Story Intro

Takudo’s Main Story Intro

Takuto is mean, cruel, rude, a potty mouth and he’s definitely not my type. But for some reason, I’ve fallen head over heals in love with him! I decided to replay this story after I replayed Kenshi’s amazing story so I could figure out once in for all who was my ultimate favourite Thief in this game. I thought for sure Kenshi was a shoe in because he is like perfect and exactly my type of guy. Takuto’s story must have been super amazing to make me forget about Kenshi the first time around.  So second time around…

Lets go through the basics first. This story can be purchased through iTunes Appstore for 3.99. You get 16 chapters and depending on your choices you can get either a Happy ending or Good ending. You also get 5 super awesome reward pictures throughout the game and 9 emails from your beloved thief and his friends.

Here’s the choices I had to make to get my happy ending with Takuto. Try your own choices first and see if you get it. Then if you don’t you can resort to this walkthrough as a last resort.

  1. No, it’s nothing.
  2. Thanks
  3. Let him pay
  4. What are you after?
  5. Ask him
  6. Do you know who the artist is?
  7. I always look like this.
  8. Thank you
  9. I can go home by myself
  10. I dont think the black foxes are involved
  11. You think too much
  12. Ask why he’d blow up the mantioc
  13. for me?
  14. I want to see him.
  15. No Way.
  16. Yeah, I do.
  17. Dont say anything
  18. Because you’re so excited
  19. Stroke his hair
  20. No
  21. Of course not
  22. Then kiss me again.
  23. I’ll stall them
  24. say nothing
  25. Hug him back
  26. The husband and Wife Comedy team?
  27. I’d like that
  28. that’s not a biometric lock
  29. I wont die
  30. Yes I can
  31. Hug Takudo
Ahh, Takudo's got some Charm XD

This is my FAVOURITE Takkun line! So Charming!

This has to be the best story in this game. Before this story I honestly avoided playing Tsundere characters. I played Saizo from Ninja Love and I loved his story but sometimes he’s just so cold to MC that it makes me really sad. I couldn’t handle a real life relationship like that.  But I’m also not a fan of Saizo’s girly hair and facial features too…(ugh I’m sidetracking). I was originally hesitant to play this one, and at the time there were only 3 characters available – Takuto, Kenshi and Hiro. I played Kenshi’s and I was trying to decide between Takuto and Hiro. I did Takudo’s last – haha. And after I played a bunch of other characters from other games too.

I really honestly wasn’t looking for an Amazing story or for Takkun to be so cute and awesome. However, I fell so hard for this dude its not even funny. I cried at the end and seriously every single time Takkun did something cute or sweet I actually felt my heart beat faster. I got so emotionally involved in this story that Takkun will be forever imbedded in my memory as my Favourite Tsundere Character of all time – In a game at least… Tomoe from Kamisama Hajmemashita still wins because he’s like Takkun but with supernatural powers and  cute fox ears and tail, and a SUPER sexy voice. Sorry Voltage! Maybe you need to step up and add some sexy voice actors to your games… I’d pay double or triple the amount of money for sexy voice actors (drool)!

Cutest Face! Still Dirty mouth!

Cutest Face EVER. Still a Dirty mouth though.

Takkun is so incredibly mean in the beginning… and lets face it … he will always be mean like 80% of the time especially around people. But I guess thats what makes his kind and cute moments extra special. Honestly speaking because I am a Yandere  and I am obsessive and I need to be smothered with affection 24/7… I don’t think i’d be able to handle a relationship like this in real life. However, If I did meet a guy like Takkun who was just as handsome and cute (he’s got amazing hair and style that I love),  I would try my hardest to make it work. In fact once you get used to it, his mean-ness is so cute! It’s so hard to stay mad at him and his blushing face totally makes me K.O. It’s so %*#$ing adorable. When I play Takkun’s story its like Cupid is constantly bulls-eyeing my heart every 2 min with his strongest love arrows!

The last part of the story totally makes this the number 1 story in this game. It’s so heartfelt, and the tension and suspense gets ridiculously high. Even compared to the ‘My Sweet Bodyguard’ stories I felt that this particular situation was better.  It had a more suspenseful climax and lead to a perfect sob story happy ending. I think Takudo’s feelings for MC are the most prominent of all the thieves. They did such a good job of getting Takkun’s feelings of love and affection across to me, which I think is the most important part when it comes to games like this.  This is probably why Takkun is the most popular story and the favourite of most people who play this game.

WHAT?!? Asumu! What's with the Teaser!?!

WHAT?!? Asumu! What’s with the Teaser!?!

Takuto is so ridiculously handsome in all his pictures! He’s got both the pretty boy and bad boy flair that makes him so irresistible. They do a great job with his pictures especially the happy ending one. It is PERFECT, whenever I read that last chapter and see that picture my heart feels like its going to explode! His emails start of kind of short like Kenshi’s but they end up being so cute and heartfelt. He’s so cute in his emails it makes me feel like I’m drowning in my love for him, ESPECIALLY the last one. That was definitely the K.O. punch for me in this love story.

Takkun wins for now. I cant wait till the Sequels come out so they can battle for my heart once again! For some reason I always end up playing Kenshi first , then Takkun after when specials come out for this game. I guess I can’t get over Kenshi lol, I always pick him first!

The Thief That Stole My Heart – Kenshi Inagaki Main Story – Love Letter from Thief X – Walkthrough Review

Kenshi Main Story - Love Letter from Thief XSo I decided that I was going to play Kenshi’s and Takuto’s story again. One right after the other to try and figure out once and for all which character I loved more. It’s been a constant battle in the back of my mind.

Kenshi’s Main Story consists of 16 Chapters. It has a Normal(Good) and a Happy Ending and depending on the choices you choose. It also comes with 5 Reward Pictures and 12 reward emails from your chosen man (or his accomplices). All this comes at the price of $3.99 CAD from the iTunes store.

Here is my Walkthrough for my happy ending if you don’t manage to get it on your own.

  1. Do you swear?
  2. That’s Right.
  3. Huh!?
  4. Puta a blanket over him
  5. You must be proud to be his friend
  6. why dont you go
  7. Take it in stride
  8. I see…
  9. I wasn’t thinking…
  10. Nevermind. Kenshi is fine.
  11. Yes
  12. Sure
  13. Ithought you were asking me on a date.
  14. But that guy was a Jerk!
  15. He’s my Friend
  16. We’re just friends
  17. After we went to Mr. Gondawara’s House
  18. Sure. I’ll do it
  19. Thanks
  20. Actually we were…
  21. Tell him everything
  22. Don’t worry about it
  23. What color are my pajamas?
  24. I wanted to hear your voice
  25. Whats dirty about it?
  26. It’s not pathetic.
  27. They steal for the greater good.
  28. You’re special to me.
  29. fight back
  30. Thanks..

Let me tell you – I’m still completely torn between the two. They are both so fabulous that I cried with sadness and joy in both stories. However I will only talk about Kenshi in this post just so he gets the fan-girling he absolutely deserves. Like I said in my previous Kenshi post about his Epilogue – He is the absolute perfect realistic boyfriend in my eyes and we have the most ideal relationship in my opinion (Im talking as the MC in the story of course – although I do wish this was totally real). He is tall, handsome and oh-so-friendly. However, he isn’t a player and isn’t overly friendly to other girls. He’s fun, casual, and outgoing and has a perfect job and he is so caring and sweet! It’s amazing how he treated me so special even when we are just friends. That is totally what made me fall in love with Kenshi. And I mean like fall-off-a-cliff-and-into-some-jagged-rocks madly in love with him. If a man of his caliber existed in real life, there would be no chance in hell for me to resist him it would be totally instant KO. I’d have to kill myself or move out of the country to stop myself from falling madly in love and obsessively go totally YANDERE over him.


No Kenshi, You’re So Cute like this… XD

MC also gets a special mention in this story because she is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE MC personality I’ve played in any game. She is HILARIOUS because she’s so outgoing and casual with Kenshi and she is bold enough to throw some punches here and there. She is amazing!

While I was playing this story I was thinking in my head, “How could Takuto possibly beat Kenshi the first time through when Kenshi is so perfect?” Although I have to admit I’m not too find of two of his pictures in this main story because I felt one lacked emotion and the other one they gave him such a goofy smile when he should be looking super cool…lol. The other pictures I love especially the happy ending picture. His emails are the only really disappointing thing, they are literally , one or two-word emails at one point. It does fit his personality though because he is totally the type to do face to face interaction instead of text or email when he has the chance. He isn’t the super mushy romantic love letter type. So I forgive him for lacking in that area…and just seeing the expressions that they gave his sprite which are always perfect and so cute… It was just a flutter fest for my heart the whole story.

I found the story written in such a way that even though I know the outcome already because I’ve played it before I still enjoyed playing it and I would still play it again and enjoy it and never get bored of it. And not to mention you and  him..*AHEM*…get a lot ‘CLOSER’ in this story than…*AHEM*…any other character in a main story in most voltage games…*COUGH*…if you get my drift.


Don’t Laugh! Or I’ll Punch you out too!!

Yeah, This was an epic romance with lots of suspense, action(in more ways than one!)  and an amazing perfect guy. Kenshi is definately the man of my dreams. At least thats what I concluded right before I played Takkun again…

My Boss is a Sweet Thief! Asumu Kashiwabara’s Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X – Review

Asumu's Info Screen

Asumu’s Info Screen

I like Asumu and I liked his Main story. He’s not like super nosebleed sexy or cool but he is a lot of fun and silly like me. I didn’t know what to expect in this epilogue but I knew no matter what that Asumu would come through and give me a story I would enjoy. I totally feel that he’s the underdog character in this game.

I bought this for 1.99 and it includes 3 Chapters of story and 1 reward picture. There are no choices to make in the story so it only comes with one ending.  Nevertheless it is an amazing story and so very cute. I like how he’s usually silly and awkward but he’s so sly and slick when he was talking to Tatsuro. That’s a great sexy side of Asumu we don’t get to see often. I hunger for more of  that side of Asumu. HAHA. Also what he ends up doing that whole time for you is so sweet, romantic, and fun. Its one of those things that deep in your heart you wish a guy would go out of their way to do for you. I mean I love games,  surprises and of course I love romance so it was like the perfect date with the perfect present and with the perfect guy! I would fall head over heels for a guy who did what Asumu did for me here. Also I love the sprite for the Cultist! I was totally glad to see him again hahaha.

His picture is really sweet and it goes really well with the atmosphere and the story.

I just love how adorable Asumu is in this story I would pay it over and over again because it’s so romantic and fun. I totally look forward to his sequels because I know they’ll be just as good.


My love in Disguise! Hiro Sarashina Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X Review

Hiro Sarashina Love letter from thief x epilogueAnytime I get an update for ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ I get excited! After playing Kenshi’s Epilogue and falling in love with him again, I decided to play Hiro’s before I went to sleep. I really like Hiro, and I think he is super fun and bubbly. Although he’s not as manly as Kenshi or the other characters…and he has questionable hobbies like cross dressing…I think it would be super awesome to have a boyfriend like Hiro for a while.

The epilogue is short and sweet – 3 chapters with one picture and 2 emails. For 1.99 it isn’t a bad price, so I was hoping that it would be a good story. There are no choices to be made and only one ending to the Epilogues.

In my opinion it was a bit cheesy, but Hiro himself is super cheesy! So it makes sense that I should expect something cheesy like this. I love how the relationship with Seiko and MC gets better in this short story and the story itself is pretty exciting. I tend to really like it when People fight over or get really jealous of other men with the MC, so that was a big plus to see Hiro get jealous in this story. He also says some very naughty things that made me blush! (^////_////^) That is always a SUPER PLUS in these stories. His Reward Picture was very nice, It has a very kinky looking face of Hiro that you don’t get in the Main story pictures, which is super AWESOME. And I LOVE Hiro’s emails with the over exaggeration and the emoticons. It’s so adorable! Those are similar to the types of emails i would send out to someone I love too. HAHA.

I didn’t like it as much as Kenshi, but Kenshi is perfect. It’s hard to beat him in anything. I would probably read this again once i have long forgot about it but it isn’t good enough for me to be super excited about it much. It was ok, and I’m glad I read it.

The Thief who Sniped my Heart! Kenshi Inagaki Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X -Walkthrough Review

IMG_4638I played Kenshi’s main story months ago, and I’ve played many different stories since then. It was actually the first Voltage game and story I purchased that made me fall in love with Voltage games. I had gotten Nathan’s from ‘Pirates in Love’ beforehand but I didn’t enjoy that story at all actually. So I had long forgotten how much of a sweetheart Kenshi actually is! So when I saw the update I got really excited. Especially when I saw the intro picture haha!

So I bought this for $1.99 it included 2 emails and 1 very sexy picture of Kenshi! The story is 3 chapters long, there are no choices to make with only one ending.

I didn’t realize how much I loved and missed Kenshi’s character until I played this epilogue! He is so sexy, and cute! The relationship that MC and Kenshi have is amazing. They are so casual and easygoing with each other which is more like the kind of relationship I’m personally used to. They are so open and comfortable with each other which is great. It reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend  (although if you knew the two of us you’d probably say we are WAY to comfortable with each other LOL). Most of the other characters relationships in the other games are so shy and reserved with each other  which is cute but I cant really relate to. I mean, In north america we are used to everyone being casual with each other, formalities aren’t so rigid as it is in Japan. They’re so casual that they even go further in their relationship easier and faster…if you know what I mean.

I can’t really do anything except fangirl about Kenshi here. He is the Perfect Boyfriend. He’s tall, handsome, manly, kind, sweet and sexy. PERFECTION, which means this whole mini story itself is perfection. If you liked Kenshi in his Main Story, you will like him in this one 100%.

This is definitely a re-read for me so I’m very glad that I purchased this =).  AND I’m going to have to Re-read Kenshi’s Main story so I can re-visit his story, and see if he really is actually my favourite compared to Takkun. HE IS THAT AMAZING that my confidence in Takkun’s love and favour is Wavering!! LOL

Let me know what you guys think about Kenshi and his Epilogue!


Tatsuro Togoshi My Handsome Detective! Love Letter From Thief X – Walkthrough Review


I was extremely excited with the latest update to finally get to complete my full set of stories and finally play Tatsuro’s Main Story and Takudo’s Epilogue which is reviewed here.  Having completed all the thieves stories and encountered Tatsuro in every story, I thought it was going to be really interesting to find out how exactly this love story played out.

Bascally, Tatsuro Togoshi  is the your childhood friend whom is the detective in charge of catching the band of thieves called The Black Foxes. He is also madly in love with you and has been since you were children. The kicker is, like in the other characters stories you end up being forced to become a thief and join The Black  Foxes! So I thought, ‘How will I be able to fall in love and be with Tatsuro in this story if he’s trying to catch me put me in jail?”  Interesting huh =)

All in all I am very pleased with this story and I will get into detail after The walk-through. I suggest that you only use the walk-through if you are having problems getting the happy ending which wasn’t very hard for me (not like Riki’s that one was hard for me). Its a lot more fun to give the honest answers that you feel deep in your heart and find out what kind of ending you are rewarded with after.

Here are my walk-through answers to get a guaranteed happy ending:

  1. Sure
  2. Whats Wrong
  3. Tatsuro’s the one working too hard
  4. Running an errand for boss
  5. Sure
  6. thanks
  7. ugh… my head
  8. He could be the rising star of the PD
  9. Yes
  10. Why
  11. I’m Fine
  12. We live Together
  13. I wouldn’t even call her a rival
  14. tend to his wounds
  15. help him
  16. thanks
  17. Because I was Worried about him
  18. thanks for waking me up
  19. Yes
  20. Okay
  21. I love him
  22. you could at least lie
  23. can i have some sake
  24. If you have a reason I’ll forgive you
  25. you don’t have to be shy
  26. I didn’t blow up anything
  27. even if I wanted to I couldn’t
  28. don’t come any closer
  29. it’s not too late

Some small technical Errors I noticed while playing:

  • some character errors – Instead of Tatsuro says Atsumu
  • bathroom looks like museum, wrong background

I noticed it, but to me it wasn’t a big deal. Some people might be annoyed by it though.

Review Starts here! Don’t worry I will avoid the use of spoilers and try to give a thorough review without ruining it for them.

I really liked the storyline. There were a lot of twists and surprises and it was quite different from any of the other stories. In the beginning we don’t really know who the anti-protagonist is and that’s what makes this a good story. The struggles and rewards that occur in your relationship with Tatsuro really got me emotionally in this story. I loved Tatsuro’s personality more and more as I got to know him and see all different sides to his personality and the choices I was given in the story were good – Not too easy and not like insanely difficult to figure out.

When I play these types of games I always feel strongly that I should give my honest opinion in my choices the first time I play a story, instead of trying to get the happy ending right away. It’s more fun to see if my choices really lead to the happy ending or not.  The MC’s personality was great in my opinion in this story, not too submissive but not too in your face. She’s very balanced, down to earth and rational, but does get emotional. I ended up getting the happy ending on the first try.

The other character’s such as the ULTRA STUPID detective that we meet later on really, really got on my nerves! Which is supposed to happen but , MAN! DID SHE EVER GET ME MAD! I wanted to scream at both her and Tatsuro. I totally want to punch that girl in the face.  The frustration I felt actually made me enjoy the story more, and made it more exciting. For every moment I was angry or frustrated there were moments that took my breath away twice fold! Especially the special CG moments. Those were really good! Honestly the Facial expressions for Tatsuro I saw in other stories weren’t the greatest. However all the Picture rewards were really good pictures! TOTALLY TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! Sometimes I feel with some voltage games that some pictures really disappoint me but I loved every single picture in this route.  I was happy with all of them, and I thought his short and sweet emails were touching and cute.

All in all This was a great route. Still not my favourite but he gets a 3rd place, losing to Takudo (1st) and Asumu(2nd). comparing just the CG art to the other characters he gets 2nd place only losing to the gorgeous Tsundere Takudo.  Definately worth my money and one that I would enjoy to playing again!

Along with this update came an update for In ‘Your Arms Tonight’! Hope to read Genji’s soon 🙂