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Saeki, Shun & I , The Overly Charming Family – Takamasa Saeki Main Story – My forged Wedding Season 2 – Walk through Review

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

kawaii! they’re fighting over who I love more!

I love My forged Wedding so I was really excited to find out that Season 2 Stories were starting to be available! One thing I wasn’t expecting is that each story is about you and your beloved Fiancé, and a child living together! Now this made me weary a little bit because I was hoping for another romance story, not a family story. Also, to be honest as I am physically getting older but am yet to experience the change in maturity that has accompanied most other people I know my age to settle down and start a family. So, a story about starting a family is something I can’t really relate to, and in all honestly frightens me. I had played Yamato’s story already, but although I enjoyed the story I was still frightened to start this one, (and I was still frightened after this one to start Rens!) I thought  – as I do as well in my real life relationship when people ask me about marriage and children – “Why would we ruin such an amazing and exciting thing we have going on by bringing on such burden and responsibility as having a child…?” Frankly my boyfriend agrees although he seems to be thinking about it in the back of his mind sometimes.

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

He is so considerate and kind, Saeki =)

My Forged Wedding Season 2 Stories are available in the original “My Forged Wedding” app that can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The story is found under third tab in the Sequel’s Section named “Season 2- Main Story”. I bought it for $3.99 CAD and it includes 15 Chapters of Story with two endings – Super Happy Ending and Happy Ending. You also get 6 reward pictures and I received 13 emails in my inbox from Saeki and other Characters in this story.

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

KAWAII!! I’ll spend all night with you then!


Here is my Walkthrough to the Super Happy Ending. This is just one way to get the Super happy ending, so Try it on your own first for fun and if you have trouble then you can try using my answers. It’s so much more fun playing it and seeing the ending you got then just following a walkthrough right from the get go.



  1. I’m fine
  2. I hope I will be…
  3. Should we ask for advise at LI?
  4. I won’t!
  5. Why dont you want to go to Paris
  6. I think hes cute.
  7. Are you going out. Saeki?
  8. Want to talk?
  9. Is it weird?
  10. Shun, he’s not mad.
  11. It’s hard being a child actor.
  12. You’re like Saeki, Shun,
  13. You did a good job.
  14. MAybe I’ll get in.
  15. Say ‘Ahhh!’
  16. About Shun…
  17. I’m Sorry.
  18. I have to go find him!
  19. Shun?
  20. I was so worried
  21. Speechless, you say nothing.
  22. Lie and say you’re his aunt.
  23. What’s it about?
  24. I couldnt stop reading it
  25. Hay, they’re not my taste!
  26. Duck…
  27. Maybe I should call him.
  28. Has Chiharu called you?
Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

Then lets make a baby! Saeki XD

So like I said in the beginning I wasn’t sure If i was going to relate or actually even like this kind of story. And in fact when it started Saeki actually has the same kind of mentality as me when it comes to a Family. He prefer’s it be just the two of us. Children isn’t his specialty. And this is what triggered a revelation in me on why I like Saeki so much.  I like him because (other than his terrible fashion sense) He is Exactly like me!! In almost every way and it made me like him even more. The way he emails/talks and puts “~” and “♪‏” and the way that he is so overly sweet and romantic and perverted. And how he’s always wanting to make out with MC. LOL.

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

This is exactly something that I would say!

I’M SO LIKE THAT WITH MY BOYFRIEND. EXACTLY LIKE THAT! I’m always trying to convince my boyfriend to kiss or make out hahaha and I think It kinda annoys him. It’s exactly like MC and Saeki! And Saeki seems to get very jealous of the cute Shun and how he take up all of MC’s time and seems to interrupt their alone time.  I kind of feel that way about my boyfriends dog =_=*. I love Tofu (the dog) too but he always takes up my space in bed and he get spoiled a lot more than I do.

Anyways back to the story. As I had to take care and get to know Shun he really grew on me. I thought by the middle, if only having a kid was really like this, maybe I wouldn’t be so put off about having kids. And the story really grew on me. It helped that me and Shun had a good relationship unlike the other stories I’ve played that involved children such as Yamato’s Season Two and Chihaya’s Sequel. Shun didn’t make me want to rip my hair out and scream and burn the house down like those kids did.

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story


It turned out be a very heartfelt beautiful sentimental story which I ended up loving. Because Saeki and I(as in Real life me)  are on the same mindset I could relate to him and I really felt like I was growing inside just like he was in this story. This story definitely hit a home run with me and at points I was really crying, or laughing. It was very emotional and heartwarming story and I think it was so perfect. If I were to have a family I really hope to have a Boy lie Shun… and a Husband like Saeki – or perhaps a husband like MC since I am so much like Saeki LOL. That doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

You’re dialogue is like heaven Saeki…

I loved every one of the emails I received from Saeki in this story. He is a whiter after all I guess. He is so romantic and cute and writes his emails like how I write my text messages to my boyfriend!  It’s nice to receive those kind of messages once in a while instead of write them. My boyfriend isn’t as ridiculously romantic like Saeki and I, he does send me cute text messages once on a while but nothing too elaborate or overly romantic. The pictures though, I wasn’t wowed with. They are alright but, I don’t agree with the way they draw Saeki in his pictures. His Sprite is so handsome and I love every single one of his expressions but I feel like this pictures (this goes for all his pictures in all his stories) look like they were drawn by someone very different and they don’t do him justice at all. In my creative imagination he can be drawn in a much more handsome way. Now I feel compelled to draw him so I can prove my point.

Saeki Takamasa & Shun My Forged Wedding Season 2 Main Story

Shun is so Cheeky I love how cute he is!

This story was amazing and totally blew my expectations out of the water. I loved playing Mommy with Saeki as the Dad and I would definitely play this story over again because of the heart-warming moments in it. Ren’s Story came out last Night and although Ren is my Favourite character, I thought as i finished this story that it would be very very hard to top such a good story as this one because this one is excellent. However Ren’s story had a huge surprise that I wasn’t expecting at all that totally blew his story right out of this universe…

Check out  My Forged Wedding foriPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Here  and for Android Devices here.

My Cute & Passionate Lawyer -Takao Maruyama Sequel Epilogue #1 – My Forged Wedding – Review

Information Screen

Information Screen

I loved Takao’s Sequel. It really showed a great sexy side of him. So When I was about to sleep last night and I saw that this was on my updates list I had to get it right away.

This was bought on iTunes for $1.99 directly through the My Forged Wedding App.  It included 2 Chapters of Takao Yumminess and features only the Super Happy Ending. You can also make some choices in the story which will decide Takao’s immediate reaction to what choice you made. You also get a Reward Picture and 2 emails from Takao.

I loved this story so much.  Because I saw the update right before I was about to pass out at like 3am I ended up falling asleep trying to read the first chapter of it. I ended up going to work the next day and reading it on the bus on the way home. If you were on that bus with me you would probably think like “WTF is this girl doing?” I couldn’t help but smile (a huge creepy smile) and giggle on the whole way home reading this story staring at my phone. It totally would have looked weird to other people.

Again we see whole new sides of Takao in this story. His possessive and jealous side and his passionate and bold side. I love those sides of Takao’s personality! He has just the right amount of those traits in him to make a girl feel amazing and special. Mix that with his adorable awkward side that we also see a lot of in this story and it’s hard for any woman to resist.

After Reading this I HAD to play it ASAP.

After Reading this I HAD to play it ASAP.

I think every woman wants a man to be a bit possessive and jealous once in a while, but it’s EXTREMELY hard men to get it perfectly right.  For example: My boyfriend NEVER gets jealous. At least that’s what it appears like…if some guy hits on me, he laughs it off. If friends jokes around about stealing me away he jokes back and says stuff like “Go Ahead she’s all yours”. It’s nice that he’s easygoing but SO BORING that he doesn’t get jealous. My coworker’s boyfriend  (we are bartenders by the way) is so possessive that even today at work a customer got scared away by him. The three of them were having a conversation  having a smoke and the customer said asked her something very mildly provocative in front of him. Her Boyfriend waited for her to go back in the bar, and said to the customer, in a stern yet calm voice “If you say anything like that to my girlfriend again, I’ll *$&%^ing kill you.” HAHAHA. That customer ran back inside paid his bill and jetted. It’s great that he gets riled up because he’s that crazy for her, but its just scary when he goes overboard like this over  little things.  Takao in this story is the perfect kind of jealous – just enough to make you feel good but not too much for him to be labeled as a crazy possessive psycho =) . We don’t have to worry about him going to jail over killing a man because he looked at you funny.

Oh My Takao?! What a Bold Teaser!

Oh My Takao?! What a Bold Teaser!

The picture we get is quite sexy too! I love sexy pictures (muahahaha!) and I think this one is amazing and sweet too. He also writes such sweet emails. I couldn’t help but smile and feel my heart flutter when I read both of them. Overall this story was great and it put Takao higher on my favourite characters list! The more stories I read of his, the more I fall in love with him! 

Check out  My Forged Wedding for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Here  and for Android Devices here.


I’m Lovesick for Yuta Kajima – Sequel Walkthrough Review – My forged Wedding


I love My forged Wedding Stories. With the quality of the stories that are coming out lately for this game, it is easily topping my list of my Favourite Otome Game EVER. They are the most realistic and all characters are amazing, and although the main stories for all the characters are good, every sequel has stepped up the game and is just so much more amazing. That is why I had very high expectations of this story. I put off doing Yuta’s main story for so long when I first played this game. At first I thought Yuta wasn’t my type, because comedians are so cheesy and he seems totally not the type of guy I am in to. However, I FREAKING LOVED YUTA when I played his Main story! He is so sweet and amazing and the story was absolutely amazing!

I bought this sequel off the iTunes Appstore for $3.99 CAD. Sequels include 10 Chapters of the story and have 2 endings – a Happy Ending and a Super Happy Ending. Which ending you get depends on how well you choose to play the game. It also includes 4 Pictures and 9 emails (I thought there would be 10, but if there are I’m missing one).

Here is the Walkthough I came up with when I played and got the Super Happy Ending. There are other ways to get it so try it out, maybe you’ll be a good match for Yuta! If not there’s you can always use this.

  1. Go to the Couch
  2. It’s a Gauge on your popularity
  3. I do
  4. Fold the laundry myself
  5. What kind of naughty?
  6. Kiss him
  7. Ask him
  8. Remain quiet
  9. Is a long-distance relationship okay?
  10. It was fun.
  11. Green room
  12. It was all thanks to you.
  13. I met Lily at the bar.
  14. Be positive.
  15. Stay as is.
  16. Blush and look down
  17. Tell him.
  18. Feed him.

I cried.

This story was SO GOOD that it messed me up. My heart broke, and although my heart was broken and I was hurting inside for Yuta and I was so SAD and HAPPY at the same time… I was moved to tears… IT MESSED ME UP. I want to explain things more in-depth on how much I think that this is probably the BEST OTOME GAME STORY I’VE EVER PLAYED.

Ren was is my favourite because he’s so amazing – too amazingly perfect to be realistic to be honest. And that’s why I fell for Ren, because he is so ideally perfect and every little girl wishes to find a Prince Charming to fall in love with, He is so dreamy and his stories are like being in a Fairytale. Yuta on the other hand (who is now winning as my favourite character because of this story) is the most realistic of all the characters. I can actually see myself dating and having a relationship with someone like Yuta. He is everything I’ve wanted in a husband, he is warm, funny, cheerful, and considerate. He takes care of you, admires you, but gives you space to grow and be independent. He is honest and loving and strong in such subtle ways. He works so hard and reaches for his dreams relentlessly with conviction. He’s the type of person that you can completely admire. And I think the reason why I like Yuta so much is because his relationship with MC is the type of ideal relationship I’ve always wanted as well and It’s very similar to the kind of relationship I have with my own boyfriend.

I love how in this story is a battle for both of them in the relationship as individuals trying to make it work. I love how the story is about the conflict between their dreams of staying together forever, but also their individual dreams of pursuing their career aspirations. This is totally down earth and relatable to me and many people my age. In North American culture the housewife isn’t even a standard anymore. Women are just as dependable, intelligent and independent and should be allowed to pursue their own independent dreams as well, to grow as a person and become successful. We are capable of taking the bull by the horns and making a difference in the world as much as men. So, as much as I love Yamato for example, and how well he treats MC, the fact that he doesn’t approve of her having a job is just depressing to me. To know that Yuta is so supportive to what MC wants even when it conflicts with this own dreams just makes my heart feel so much for him. I think if we switched this around to Yamato, he would probably wouldn’t understand the situation or the way MC feels the way Yuta does. This was the deciding factor for me that made Yuta my ultimate favourite.

As a woman living in North America this struggle is the norm for me. I know I want to show the world my capabilities and to achieve my dreams and share my individual success with the one I love, and I want whomever my partner is to understand that and be supportive. I want him to also reach for his dreams and work hard and through each of our successes inspire each other to become better people. So that when we have children they can be proud of both of their parents and be inspired to be great people too. But, especially in North America, time is a Luxury, and its a constant battle for two individuals to put both their relationship and their career first. And that’s probably why I ended up crying when I felt them struggling. It’s so frustrating and I really feel like I was in MC’s shoes in this one. I loved the ending even though in certain opinions it is bitter and sad even though IT IS actually a happy ending. I have a feeling some people might even hate the ending.

The Pictures we got in this story were amazing and the second one is ESPECIALLY sexy. I never would have thought I would come across a picture LIKE THAT of Yuta! That alone made it worth it already to buy this story LOL. And the emails from Yuta, a lot of them made my heart ache too. It was like my actual boyfriend was sending me messages and it made me so happy. I think I actually appreciate my boyfriend more actually after this story and Yamato’s sequel epilogue. He not a romantic prince that can say extravagant words to sweep me off my feet. However, he does so many of the little things that Yuta does to make me happy!

Anyways I’m not here to boast about how amazing my boyfriend is, BUT about how amazing YUTA is! This story is the best and my absolute favourite and I think any girl who has dreams and aspirations of her own will like this. Do yourself a favour, and skip that coffee today that you buy every day, and save that $2 to buy this story. It will be much more fulfilling than that coffee and you can reread it whenever you want! It’s worth it!

DAMN that was long. I promise tomorrows will be shorter! Doing the New ‘Be My Princess’ Special!

To Download “My Forged Wedding” click Here For your Apple Device and Here for your Android device.

My Sneaky Yamato! My Forged Wedding – Sequel Epilogue Review

IMG_5117I’m not much of a Yamato fan. I mean, I like him and he’s cute but i guess the best way to put it is – he’s not my type. in My opinion his Main story was good, but it wasn’t life-changing for me. His Sequel was good and I enjoyed playing it but it didn’t wow me. I found out that one of my friends LOVES Yamato like how I LOVE REN (KYAA~ REN<3) , and I couldn’t really relate to it. I bought this Epilogue because I was still longing for that story of Yamato that completely sweeps me off my feet. And…

I’ve Finally Found it!

This sequel epilogue was $1.99 on the iTunes Appstore. It Includes 3 Chapters and you can make a few choices in the story . However, this story has only one ending so those choices only change the characters immediate reaction and does not affect the whole story.  It also comes with one Picture, and one email.

This has to be the one of the BEST short stories EVER, it rival’s Ren’s Main Story Sequel where he totally blew my mind when he dressed…(INSERT SPOILER HERE)…. and OMG! That was so AWESOME! I still dream about that… BUT THIS! This is every girls DREAM! I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but I’ll say a few things about why I liked this story. The way Yamato acted in this story was so sexy, he’s such a tease in so many ways. And the surprise at the end was so heart warming. Yamato is just SO SWEET! Someone has gotta get my boyfriend to do something like this, I would die of happiness. It would be surreal.

Anyways, Im starting to babble like an insane woman so i’ll leave it like that. Ya’ll gotta read this one! Its just SO GOOD.  Not to mention his picture is sexy and the email is just as amazing. 

To Download “My Forged Wedding” click Here For your Apple Device and Here for your Android device.

My Quiet Sweet Ren Shibasaki! Main Story Walkthrough & Review – My forged Wedding

Ren Shibasaki My forged Wedding - Information Screen

Information Screen for Ren Shibasaki’s Main Story

I couldn’t wait to share this Walkthrough and Review to all of you! It was my excuse to get to play it again! My Favourite Voltage Character and Route of all games so far is Ren Shibasaki – and this goes for ALL of Ren’s Routes, they are all equally good!

Like all other Voltage main stories I bought this one for  $3.99 CAD. This included 15 chapters of the story, 6 Reward Pictures, and 15 emails. There are two different endings. You are able to get  the “Happy Ending” or a “SUPER Happy Ending” depending on your choices as the main character in the story.

Walkthrough for My  Super Happy Ending: (there are other ways to get the Super happy ending too, so try it on your own first! see if you get it.)

  1. Wait for him to look away
  2. Have Him Carry it
  3. ‘Do you hate me?’
  4. Chop the onion
  5. hide under the blanket
  6. Hold his arm
  7. ‘Are you sure you want to lie?’
  8. Turn your face
  9. Morning Sweetie
  10. Ren’s policy
  11. apologize profusely
  12. Give the seat to Ren
  13. Thanks
  14. I don’t know either
  15. Dont say anything
  16. Thank you for waiting for me
  17. “Of course I’ll go”
  18. “thank you for helping my fiancé”
  19. I want you to prioritize yourself
  20. Tell the truth
  21. talk to ren
  22. squeeze his hand
  23. just smile
  24. you don’t  trust me?”
  25.  why are you asking this
  26. stand in front of ren
  27. did the best to smile
  28. I don’t let him know
Ren's Adorable Smile!

Ren’s Adorable Smile!

AHH REN! This route is my favourite Route of any Voltage game OF ALL TIME. This was the first route I played of this game and it made me fall in love with this particular game! This game is tied with Be My Princess as my favourite Voltage game. It was a sweet story right from the beginning and Ren totally captured my heart with his quiet and sweet personality of his. There are only two Character routes that ever made me actually cry, even through the second or third time playing. Ren Shibasaki’ s route and Kotaro Fuma’s Route from “Shall We date: Ninja Love.” This story IS THAT GOOD, that not only it made me so emotionally involved enough to actually outright uncontrollably cry my eyes out, but I enjoyed this story so much that even the second and third time through it was as exciting as the very first time.  Like one of those classic movies that each of us  love so much that we have watched 30-40 times already but never get sick of it! 

Ren is PERFECT. The way he is drawn, his personality, the way he treats MC, his shortcomings and his strengths – they all speak to me in ways that no other character has before. The way the story plays out in my mind is so vivid, and exciting, it was well written, thoughtful and exciting.  His Sprite’s emotions are all so cute and sexy, and go along with his personality so well, and it just adds so much to the story. The reward pictures are AMAZING, some of Voltage’s best art I’ve seen and they show MC’s relationship with Ren perfectly, and all of Ren’s cute expressions perfectly. My heart literally starts dancing every time I look at those pictures. AND THE EMAILS HE SENDS YOU!!!! Ren is just so full of love and… if there was a man out there like him in every way i would hop on a plane to search for him! That is how AMAZING Ren and his Route are! I’m so excited I can’t even write a proper review on it, other than just saying,”PLAY IT NOW! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIE FOREVER!” lol.

Ren's Cute "I hate broccoli' look!

Ren’s Cute “I hate broccoli’ look!

This Route I will definitely play it again, if not tomorrow and the next day and next day. I might not even ever get sick of it. We will see with time, but this is definitely one of my favourite of all time. HANDS DOWN.

I will need to make time to draw some beautiful fanart of Ren soon!