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Before 12 O’Clock Harajuku Fashion Party & Pop! Goes The World! KPop Party! VLOG & Haul

On May 3rd I went to another Pop!Goes The World! KPop Party. I was honestly looking forward to it the whole of April , since the last one. This one had a Harajuku Fashion Party called “Before 12 O’clock that was scheduled before the Party. I ended up going to both because I really wanted to know more about Japanese Fashion especially Lolita fashion. I really enjoyed them both! The Kpop party was like the first one- TOTALLY AMAZING. This was the first time I was able to dance in a huge crowd to PSY’s Gentleman… which has grown on me since it first came out ( I wasn’t a fan when I first saw the video but now I love it…) and they still played the most amazing music! I can’t wait till the next one! You can Check out my blogpost for my first Pop!GoesTheWorld! Experience here =)

Here is the video I Made with the footage I got from my iPhone.

This is the Outfit of the day and Face of the day for me that day.

Face of the Day Outfit of the dayI went for a J-Rocker Funk style with mostly forever21 stuff I bought each for under $10.

With my Coach Poppy mini crossover and my Crazy Yellow Reeboks.

For my face of the day I was inspired by the iconic K-POP super thick black eyeliner style with cherry stained lips. =)

I put my hair in curly pigtails to add +5 to cuteness factor as well. ^^~

I have been a very curious outsider to lolita style fashion. I really think its cute and I admire it a lot however I’ve never owned anything lolita before, or dressed lolita before. That is probably because when it comes to time and money my main priority is cosplaying my favourite characters instead of cosplaying lolita style. I usually find that those styles and fashions are hard to find and when I do find them they are very expensive, like dresses from $100 up to like $300 and more! So this was an exciting event for me especially because there were people trading and selling their older dresses at the event.

Everyone was wearing such beautiful and fun Lolita outfits. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place other than Anime North where there were so many people dressed in Lolita. There were a few tables selling art accessories, bags and more.  There was also some Key Canadian Lolita’s being interviewed about their style, which was really cool and quite a few music and dancing numbers!

I had a lot of fun and I ended up buying quite a few items from the trading tables! These girls were selling their old dresses and stuff for so cheap I couldn’t resist! I was so happy to buy my first Lolita stuff.

Utena Wig





I bought a wig for $25 which was good because It was a really nice wig and a great price and it inspired me to do a Utena Cosplay! Hopefully I’ll have that done by AnimeNorth.





Lolita style Fashion Skirt





I bought this Skirt for $5…. I WAS SO EXCITED EVERYTHING WAS SO CHEAP!!!






Shawl Lolita Style Fashion





I bought this Shawl for $10.






Lolita style Sailor Dress Fashion


And I bought this dress for $10.

The girls who were selling these items I think were making space to buy new stuff so I made a note to myself to always go to trade/sell events so that  can get more amazing stuff for reasonable prices. The next one I think will be at Anime North. So that’s an add to the list of the million things im going to spend money on at Anime North! HAHA.




For Additional Pictures from this event, Visit my Facebook Page here! Pop!Goes The world!

Here I am modelling like the poster for the next event. Someone should Hire me. I’m hella Good!!!

The next Pop! Goes The World K-Pop Party will be on Saturday June 1st – Here is the Facebook event!  And It will be right on time for my birthday! So It’ll be a big party for me!

Girls Night Out! Pop Goes The World! Toronto’s Monthly K-Pop Lightstick Party!

Pop! Goes the World! YG vs SM LIGHTSTICK PARTY! Poster.

Pop! Goes the World! YG vs SM LIGHTSTICK PARTY! Poster.

My best friend in the world invited me to an event on Facebook called “Pop! Goes the World! YG vs SM LIGHTSTICK PARTY!”. The moment I saw it and read the description I immediately wanted to go!  Here is the Facebook page for this past party. I got there after 11 so I paid a $15 cover to get in but it was totally worth it. I went and met up with some old high school friends whom I haven’t seen in a while so I was so excited to go! I ended up not staying long because I had to work early the next morning but it ended up being the BEST club experience ever for me. I really love K-Pop and J-Pop music, and I find it amazing to dance to. Overall it was a great experience and I will probably be pushing to try to go every month!

The people there were amazing, I met some amazing new friends and I recognized a lot of people from Anime North. I also as a girl was worried going without guy friends to back me up, but I had no problem with creeper guys who tried to take advantage of me, dance or touch me weirdly – That never happens in a regular club! I always get harassed, and I believe that is just one of those things that happens to every girl when they go clubbing. I was so happy that I could be comfortable and dance and meet amazing non creeper guys and super fun girls!

K-Pop is such amazing music to dance to. It was so fun! I love K-pop because the bands are usually great singers, great dancers and the beats are amazing. They had come crazy lights going on and everyone had glow-sticks to wave around! Pink for SM fans and Blue for YG fans. A lot of people including me were wearing either blue or pink to support their favourite Record label. I love SM because I’m a huge fan of Boa! I also like DBSK(TVXQ) and Girls Generation… and I love wearing PINK!  They also had two big screens that showed the music videos of every song so we got to see our favourite bands as well as dance and sing to them!

 Heres a really quick video I made of what video I shot at the Party with my iPhone. 

As for drinks I don’t really know about the prices and stuff because I only had one drink all night! I ended up having a Shochu shot which was only $3.50 with my gals. It was fun. I think this was the only time I enjoyed clubbing so much that I didn’t even have to get hammered to have so much fun! That really says a lot! HAHA. They also had Prizes for the best dressed for each Pink and Blue people as well as performances from 2 dance crews. The performances were ok. The Dj’s were really good though, They played so many of my favourite songs. Even Bubble Pop by Hyuna! Her voice is so annoying in the song but it’s so catchy and cute that I can’t help but like it. Its my guilty pleasure song.

As for my outfit of course I went all out and wore all pink reds and coral. When people say “dress up” or “costumes” or “dress code” I always get super excited and go overboard. I came late so I wasnt able to do the costume contest but when I saw the winners I totally should have. I would have won, i was wearing the most pink in the whole place haha.
Everything I should note (other than my shoes Those were on sale for $19.99 at Call Me Spring) I bought last year in different stores but each item was 10$ or less before tax.
I bought the Neon Pink Tank Top at Stitches outlet for $3 before tax.
I bought the Mesh looking top at Urban Outfitters for $10 before tax. It was on sale from $40 regular price.
I bought the skirt at Bluenotes (I think) for $10 before tax.
The Earrings, bracelets and the tights were all from and all together was $8 before tax.
I painted my nails pink too.
On my Right I had OPI’s Italian Love Affair
With Zoya’s Anthea on my Pointer Finger.
On the left was Zoya’s Anthea with Essie’s Lovie Dovie on the Pointer.
I did a rushed job haha! Thats why its so messy. I usually rush and just let it dry then go to bed. When I wake up in the morning I shower and  the extra nail-polish that is on my skin will flake off easily after I shower.
Im not good at taking mirror phone pictures so sorry if my pictures suck.
Next month it happens on May 3rd I will most likely bring my Nikon to take some wicked pictures. I cant wait!
If you are in the Toronto Area and love KPOP  please come and join me and party there as well!
There is also a Harajuku Fashion Party Beforehand!
Here are pics of the Posters for the next event on May 3rd 2013!

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Anime – Rave Review! NO SPOILERS.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (not my picture btw)

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (not my picture btw)

I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with watching anime for a while now. It’s been a while since I have found something that I was easily able to obsess with, such as “Fruits Basket”, “Ouran HighSchool Host Club”,  “NANA” etc.  I been leaning towards more Asian Dramas and such. I came across this anime while looking at Otome-game videos (my current obsession as you can tell by all my other blog posts) and decided to watch it because it was based on a very popular game. I also wanted to watch it because the drawings looked amazing and knowing its an adaptation of a game there would be a ‘reverse harem’ theme somehow imbedded into it.

I would probably call that decision one of the BEST DECISIONS IN MY LIFE!

After 2 episodes and learning about all the male characters and such I completely fell in love! I love how this anime is funny and action packed. Every character is beautiful, handsome and easy to fall in love with. The drawings are amazing and the male characters all have unique and amazingly adorable personalities. I am a big fan of period anime as well, ones with ninja and samurai, swords and chivalry. the ideas of Honor, Chivalry ,and sword fights and the famous Shinsengumi all are so interesting in my opinion. This is loosely inspired by real events in that very crucial time in japan’s history. It reminds me of Rourouni Kenshin, but instead of one sexy cute samurai there are SO MANY OF THEM! It’s not like i don’t like High school anime – I love Fruits Basket and Ouran and Skip Beat and School Rumble – but adding the element of lives being lost and a revolution talking place makes the Romance part of it so much more exciting! However, I wouldn’t even consider this a Romance anime… The romance I’m talking about is about ME (the Viewer) falling in love with the characters! I think this was the whole goal of the writers of this anime – to make the viewer fall in love with the characters by using Chizuru (the girl protagonist) as a catalyst to showcase the amazing personalities of each Male Character WITHOUT developing an actual romantic relationship with her.

My favourite character has to be Saito Hajime. He is the whole package! Understated, mysterious and yet very talkative and so serious. I love his hair and his coolness in personality and yet how awkward he is when it comes to women it’s so cute! Sexy, cool and cute all at the same time!

Also can I say that the voice actors in this anime have the SEXIEST VOICES EVER!!! Kazama and Souji’s voices make me melt! Saito’s voice actor is also very good and suits his character very well. I also end up having daydreams about Sannan-san. I have a thing for glasses and long hair, and his kind voice…it makes me so bitter when he gets upset to hear his voice say mean things!

Chizuru as a main character does kind of put me off because she is so innocent and helpless. I’m more into the more feminist and independent female characters, but that may be perhaps because I grew up in North America and had some very strong and independent and amazing female figures to raise me. I try to be girly but it just doesn’t really work lol. Chizuru really doesn’t do anything on her own and completely relies on the guys for help, I guess she tries, but is never really successful.

The plot in my opinion is very fast paced and written well. We get a good amount of character development and plot development and action. Now that I’ve been playing the game  ‘Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom’ the story is extremely similar to the game’s story. Exactly the same in fact (Hijikata’s route) – the only difference being that there are different tangents in the game that change the story and who you end up with depending on your choices. The drawings are to die for! Even the fight scenes are drawn in great detail! Lately anime has gotten better but I found for a while, the style of popular anime was too simple in style of drawing and colour. I’m glad that detailed drawings and such are making a comeback =)

This particular anime is a definite ‘BUY’ in my opinion. Once AnimeNorth comes around I will be looking to buy a BluRay/DVD set of this. I like it that much. I liked it so much I went straight to watching the second season… Hakuouki: Hekkestu-roku… which I will review later because… well…everything does a 360 from there…and many  hearts are broken…including mine!

My Loving Pompous Prince! Joshua Lieben Sequel – Be My Princess – Walkthrough Review

Introduction Screen

Joshua’s Sequel Introduction Screen

Prince Joshua was the first route I’ve played in this game and until I played Glenn’s story ( which was the last one i played) was my absolute favorite. I was very excited to play a route with him again.

The sequel is $3.99 on the iTunes App Store and includes 8 chapters split into two stories. Depending on your choices in the stories each has a ‘Good’ and a ‘Happy’ ending. If you get the happy ending for the second story you are rewarded with a 1 chapter epilogue. you also get 6 emails from the characters and 4 reward pictures.

Here is my Walkthrough for how I got my happy endings. Play it once first and see if you can do it on your own, it’s more exciting that way.

Princess training:

  1. Prince Joshua
  2. Think about it
  3. no it’s a good thing.
  4. east
  5. I’m sorry
  6. go left towards the sound of the footsteps
  7. say how you feel
  8. slap him

Royal Legend:

  1. is he on holiday
  2. be brave and turn around
  3. What if it wasn’t just for fun
  4. hug him

I love both stories in this sequel. They both were written well and has so much of Joshua and Jan’s amazing personalities in them to make me satisfied. Out of the two stories I especially liked the Princess training. I could really feel the desperation and the frustration that MC was feeling in the situation she was in during that story. She definitely reminds me of myself, because I’m somewhat of a reckless Rock Lee type – no pain, no gain, and if I’m still able to stand then I’m not trying hard enough.

The Joshua I fell in Love with hasn't changed at all!

The Joshua I fell in Love with hasn’t changed at all!

I also love the fact that Joshua is so strict with her most of the time, then has like rushes of love and affection that come out of him. He’s so the perfect type that I like. He’s so awkward and cute especially when he’s being serious and uptight. Then he does a complete 360 at times and is so sexy and affectionate. Having the two drastic sides of him makes both sides extra special when you get to see it. I was constantly going from him making me frustrated to him alleviating my frustration… Almost like I feel like a drug addict, constantly going from the High i get from prince Joshua’s love… Then to almost misery and withdrawal when he’s being curt and hard on me. It’s frustrating…BUT I CRAVE HIM! lol

And Jan… Jan is so perfect that It makes each story ten times better! He is definitely my favourite butler! I haven’t even been talking about the stories much in this review, only fangirling lol.


The reward pictures are amazing as usual and made me feel so fuzzy and giddy inside! they always make prince Joshua’s pictures breathtaking in my opinion, his character is just so sexy! I cherish every one of the 6 emails I received. they hold so much feeling from Jan, Joshua, and even Roberto!! I will leave it at that and let your imagination go wild ha ha!

This is definitely a great sequel and I think it has taken it’s place as my favorite! Please let me know what you think about it. I’d love to know so comment below!

My Top 5 favourite Beauty Gurus – Makeup Madness!

Want to learn about Makeup FREE? These are my Top Favourite Beauty Gurus that I follow and have learned everything from! – Youtube Beauty Channel & VLOG Channel & Twitter

Suzi has to be my favourite beauty & style guru. Her style of makeup, hair and fashion is very similar to what I like which means every tutorial that she comes out with I will watch in excitement. She has the AsianDoll/Punk/Gyaru style that I have always been into and I’ve always strived for. I get so much great information from her tutorials, and very honest opinions on products that I am interested in – She uses a lot of asian cosmetics, and also a lot of drugstore products. I’ve gone out to buy so many things that she has recommended that I have fallen in love with. I’ve been following her for a VERY long time and I haven’t even gotten close to ever getting bored with her channel. Her VLOG channel is amazing too very entertaining and she has the most darling fiancé. It’s great to watch her have fun in her every day life!

Pixiwoo – – &
Sam’s Twitter & Nic’s Twitter

Sam & Nic from Pixiwoo are honestly the most knowledgeable, most skilled, and most versatile of any makeup artist I’ve seen on Youtube. They upload several times a week, with amazing in-depth tutorials and every look in itself is unique and different from all the others. They use a wide variety of products from high-end to drugstore to fit anyones budget. They also give thorough opinions on the products that they use, and suggestions for dupes etc. They also have the most sweetest personalities! I love watching their videos!

ItsJudyTime – YouTube  & Twitter

Pinay Power! This beautiful fellow Filipino goes out of her way to do very extensive reviews and trials of requested & popular products to share with her followers which I think is the greatest thing IN THE WORLD. I see one or two every week, and these are important to me because her skin type (oily combination skin) and her skin tone (beautiful Philippine Tanned skin). Not to mention she does amazing makeup tutorials that suit my skin type & colour  and some really awesome but easy hair tutorials.

HollyAnnAereeHollyannaeree’s Blogspot & Youtube & Twitter

Holly is the Makeup Queen! She buys, owns and reviews makeup so frequently that her videos sometimes can get up to 30 min long! She is very good at voicing her opinion about products and also because she is a little more tanned, the products that she wears will complement my skin pretty well. She has a similar style in makeup and fashion as me as well and she loves neutral eye palettes and nude/slightly pink lips as much as I do. So if she’s raving about a product I will FLY OUT THE DOOR RIGHT AWAY AND GET IT! She’s got an amazing personality as well and does great up-close eye makeup tutorials.

  Jen * & Youtube & Twitter

Jen is a korean cutie with beautiful fair skin and great sense of style when it comes to makeup and clothes. She does a lot of tutorials on popular asian makeup trends and I especially love her K-Pop makeup tutorials. I also look forward to her monthly hits & misses videos because she is honest in her opinion and she has acne prone sensitive skin, which I also have trouble with.  She also uses a lot of drugstore and asian makeup which I really like to see used, and reviewed so that when I go out of my way to find and buy them I will not be disappointed or waste my money. I prefer asian makeup to Western, because it suits my skin and makeup needs better.

So those are my Top 5 Beauty Gurus from YouTube! I owe them and other gurus for teaching me about makeup. I basically went from knowing nothing about makeup to knowing so much that my friends and coworkers are fascinated by how well I do my makeup! I hope you enjoyed this article and check out these amazing gurus! You will definitely learn a great deal from them!

(*The pictures of them don’t belong to me no copyright infringement intended)

Winterlicious Family Lunch at Canoe Adventure (Review) & Outfit of the day =)

In Toronto every January there is ‘Winterlicious’ which is a culinary celebration of sorts that happens all around the city. Basically many Fine dining upscale restaurants that are normally too pricy for the average person to eat at have ‘Prix Fixe’ Menus at a discount. Me and my sister decided to treat my parents to a family Luncheon at Oliver & Bonacini’s Canoe. It was a great deal! For $25 a person, we got to have a 3 coarse meal in one of the nicest upscale restaurants in the city.

Before the Restaurant Review I just wanted to share some awesome things as we were making our way downtown.


It was quite cold outside today and since we were taking Transit and walking i decided that I would need to bundle up a bit.

So here is my Outfit Of the Day:

  • Oversized Teal Scarf – Forever 21
  • Royal Blue knit Sweater – Forever21
  • Grey Pinstripe Shorts –  got from HongKong
  • Baby Thermal Leggings(under the Navy ones) – American Apparel (Keeps me very warm! and I got them for $5 Each!!!)
  • Cable Knit Navy Leggings – Forever21
  • Teal 1 Button Blazer (not shown) – Forever 21

I also wore some cute and girly suede boots with a ruffle and bot on the top which weren’t shown in the picture but looked very chic! Unfortunately  I didn’t realise till later that one of the heel pads for the  was worn down which made my feet unstable and made my ankle hurt quite badly. That was a super fail =(

Other than that I’m proud of my winterized outfit. I didn’t feel cold which is GREAT because I usually always feel cold and I loved the blue especially in the wintertime – It really helps pick up my mood. I hate boring dreadful colours in winter so i always try to be extra colourful.


There happened to be this Ad on the train on the way to Union Station.

I noticed the Girl before the text. and the first thing I thought was VULCAN. I guess I truly am a huge nerd to think that a serious advertisement about depression like this is comical.

I ended up taking a picture for instagram stating:

“Your unhappy because its hard life being accepted as a half #vulcan half human. Those feelings are normal.#nerd #startrek”

This was an ad geared towards Spock. He does have a hard time with his feelings. especially because his human side and vulcan sides are constantly battling inside his mind. And what better way to get his attention than to put a pretty vulcan lady there to catch his eye.


While we were waiting at union station to meet up with my sister I ended up buying a Honey Vanilla Tea Latte from Second Cup. I’ve never tried it before, and I was very happy I got it.

It was the best Latte I’ve ever had in my life! I usually get my Lattes with soy and this one definitely tastes amazing with soy =) I am in love!

We Finally got to Canoe!

It’s located in the TD Building on 66 Wellington St. W on the 54th floor. I’ve never really been in such a high sky rise before to be honest. The elevators travel so fast! In 5 seconds my ears popped twice and we went from the lobby to the 42nd floor. It’s such an elegant restaurant but casual enough so that everyone feels laid back and comfortable. I thought the fact that the restaurant  was in a building was kind of awkward but once we got in and I saw the view I understood why.  I’m very happy we chose to go at lunchtime so we could see everything in the beautiful daylight.



Here is what I ended up getting from the wonderful menu:

Sheep's Milk Quark

Sheep’s Milk Quark with Baby Greens, Beet Reduction & Crisps

Maple Braised Willowgrove Pork

Maple Braised Willowgrove Pork with Orcchiette, Crackling, Kale and Oak Gouda

Spiced Chocolate Panna Cotta with Marshmallow & Graham Cracker Crumb

Spiced Chocolate Panna Cotta with Marshmallow & Graham Cracker Crumb

Everything that we all ate was just heavenly! 

My Cheese appetizer was creamy and light and airy. It was not heavy an went well with the different vegetable chips that accommodated it. The beet Reduction was sweet and it was plated beautifully.

My Pork Pasta was portioned out perfectly. Not too much pasta, and a good amount of creamy and tender pork. Everything in this dish complimented each other and was cooked perfectly. I almost never order pasta at restaurants because they tend to overcook the pasta till mushy – I’M VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT MY PASTA! But this definitely was the best pasta I’ve ever eaten.

The Chocolate Dessert was a perfect texture and taste. It wasn’t too sweet and the sauce and marshmallows were on another level!

For $25 before tax for all that, plus the great view from the top floor and the beautiful scenery it was well worth that money. Not to mention very pleasant and efficient service. I would have paid  more than $50 easily for all that. What a bargain! 

It may be too late to make a reservation for whats left of winterlicious this year but i completely recommend that everyone look into it for next year, as well as this years summerlicious! You will not be disappointed!

For more information on Winterlicious click here! 

For more information on Oliver & Bonacini Canoe  click here!