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Hyogo Kaga – Falling in love – Her Love in the Force by Voltage Inc. – Walkthrough and Review

Ahh this took me so much longer to do then it should of because I was watching the American Music Awards while re-reading the story and writing this. But here it is! Another Spicy sadistic action packed story from the wonderful people of Voltage. My favourite kind of story. Maybe I should go back and replay Kyobashi’s Story from MPD. HAHA I loved that one too, but he’s not even as close to being as hot as Kaga. If only Kaga would wear glasses like Ayumu and Kyobashi.

GHyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage Incame: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Hyogo Kaga
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Here is the walkthrough for the Happy Ending and all secret stories. To get the good ending just go through the story and be as much of a jerk as possible, Its not hard considering him an Ishigami are Jerks LOL, You’re just levelling the playing field.

  1. Shrink back
  2. I’ll do my best
  3. I followed you
  4. Take Kaga’s side
  5. What do you mean?
  6. Look at him
  7. I’ve grown?
  8. Thank him
  9. Do you mind me intruding?
  10. I’m sorry.
  11. Thank you
  12. I want to help you.
  13. Follow Him
  14. thats just a rumour
  15. I trust you
  16. Eat this
  17. I can’t
  18. Cover him with your body

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncWow they really took the story to the next level. More action, more danger and more times that MC kicks ass! I enjoyed this story more than the first one because obviously my super hot instructor progressively becomes even more sadistic, teasing and affectionate than the last story. We learn more about Kaga and all the other instructors, we meet Kurosawa and Riko, and we get a lot more intimate with Kaga. The seriousness of this story and the case you are working on really got my heart going. I honestly was REALLY STRESSED with what was going on, my heart felt like it was going to rip apart and I felt abandoned and useless, and the outcome wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be. It really gets annoying when stories are really predictable especially action stories like this, but I enjoyed every chapter like a great movie and spicy love story haha.

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncKaga’s photos are phenomenal as usual. I love his angry face, and the last photo is just fabulous. They all make my heart race because he’s so hot. I can’t really say anything else about it or else I’ll just gush rainbows all over the place and won’t be able to stop. And the preview of the epilogue just kills me, he gets more sadistic and his punishments get worse and you take a trip together on top of that?!?! I WANNA READ IT SO BAD. T_T I would kill to have a boyfriend like Kaga, as disturbing as it sounds, the way he treats MC makes me go crazy, there must be something wrong with me.

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncNOT TO MENTION THE SECRET STORIES – THEY ARE ALL SPICY PEICES OF GOLD. Like moments where” I hurriedly move backwards, but Kaga approaches me slowly like a predator.” Like WOW. Men seem to be intimidated by me, so stuff doesn’t happen to me this often (and I mean happen in a good way with a hot guy that I trust and not a creepy stranger guy I have to end up beating the crap out of), nor to I let stuff like this happen to me, well,  because I’m used to being able to stand my ground and hiding my nervousness/uncomfortableness and I’m not easy to fluster. And well, when I’m the one that has to instigate by being forward and being the predator, things get boring fast in my opinion. HAHA *Sigh* Why are all the men around me and all my exes wusses?

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage Inc

Again another story that I will most likely re-read many time and was totally worth my money.

 Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  

Hyogo Kaga – Meeting him – Her Love in the Force by Voltage Inc – Walkthrough Review

Just so you guys know I’m totally obsessed with this game. I’m so happy that we have had 2 main stories out for each character and I can’t wait to read all the rest. I’ve already read this one twice in 3 days.

GHyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage Incame: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Hyogo Kaga
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Here is the walkthrough I have put together for the Happy Ending plus all Three Secret stories. To unlock the Good Ending just play it again and try and piss him off as much as possible… LOL. I know that that works because thats what happened to me the first FEW times.

  1. Thats impossible
  2. Knock on his door
  3. That has nothing to do with this
  4. Are you sure?
  5. If I have to I will
  6. Talking like that is unnecessary
  7. I was just asked to bring it
  8. Seriously?
  9. You’re not going to desert him?
  10. I’m sorry
  11. They’re amazing, huh?
  12. Go to Kaga.
  13. Absolutely not!
  14. You’re more tired than me.
  15. That doesn’t get me down.
  16. There could be others.
  17. To search for the child.
  18. Are you hurt?

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncThere are many things that make this a winning story in my books for me if I compare this one to Goto’s story. I love Gotos story a lot and I would play it again because its super sweet but Hyogo’s story is just on another level and hits me right where it hurts – My overies. LOL. I am a hopeless “Sadistic-Masochist” if there is such a thing, which basically means I tend to act like I’m sadistic and tease guys whom I feel whom are of equal or lesser footing than me, and I tend to not give in without a good fight, however I long for a true sadist to come my way – Very much like Hyogo – who is just more sadistic enough to tame that sadistic side of me and turn me back into the masochist I am deep inside. LOL THAT SOUNDS VERY STRANGE I GUESS, but thats how I like my relationships to be.

Hyogo is also SUPER RIDICULOUSLY HOT. The hottest out of all the characters in this game, and I could put it up there to be one of my top 10 Voltage characters in terms of looks.  Pair that sexiness with his king of sadists attitude and you have a killer combo to completely obliterate my overies and send me into Fangirl heaven.

This story even though it is just the prelude to the falling in love is not without a lot of action, in both meanings of the word action. He is mean and is a big tease and puts you in very uncomfortable positions in missions and out of missions. What I love about this story is that we get to understand that – and this is important because don’t get me wrong, I HATE assholes and there is a difference between an asshole and a sadist – Hyogo is actually extremely kind at heart when it matters most even though he’s rough, rude, and teases you all the time.  Not only that, we get to struggle with our own inexperience and naivety and feel MC’s determination and growth as if it was our own. I really love that about these stories, the fact that MC is the way that she is and that she actually grows and achieves things of her own hard work and will, through action and perseverance. This is the kind of MC I can really relate to one that doesn’t just gain success in love but is empowering herself and conquering her dreams.

Hyogo’s images in this story are amazing. The first one is my favourite and when you unlock it you will understand why. It is 100% Sadistic Sexiness that made me flail around giggling and screaming. HAHA. The happy ending image is very sweet as well. His emails are short but the last one had his sadistic flare to it which made me happy. As for the Secret Stories – I LOVE THEM ALL, Dear lord he is my weakness, I would be so flustered and putty in his hands with the second and the third… AND THE FIRST ONE?!?! Not just him teasing you but Ayumu! UGH TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE.  I really wish I would be put in a situation like that one day, would be a dream come true.

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncThis story is Hands down one of the most entertaining saucy stories Ive read, and we haven’t even fallen in love with him yet. I can’t wait to tell you guys about the next one!

 Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  

Fallen for the Perfect Knight in Shining Armour– Lute Main Story – A Knight’s Devotion – Walkthrough Review

Lutes Character Info Page

Lute’s Character Info Page

Lute was my third but most anticipated character to play. I wanted to play Haku and  Ken first because well I couldn’t resist playing Haku first and I wanted to save the best for last! (since Shion and Gaia are not available yet)  Lute at first glance seems like the perfect knight, A handsome gentleman who can make any woman feel like a princess without being a complete pervert like Haku. Him and Haku are total opposites but I love both types of guys. I wanted to really see what kind of depth we would learn about Lute’s personality his flaws and what would make him seem more realistic character.

He's such a gentleman XD

He’s such a gentleman XD

I purchased this through the app on my iPhone that I got on the iTunes Appstore. It was $3.99 CAD  and includes 16 Chapters with a Happy and Good ending depending on the choices you make throughout the game. You also get 5 reward pictures and 16 emails from your knight in shining armour.

Here are my Answers for the Happy Ending. The first time I played I got the happy ending but didn’t record my answers. Then when I wanted to record the answers I had to play  4 times to get the happy ending again. It was so frustrating but I did get it finally! I did it just for the sake of doing it, because whatever ending you unlock the first time you can just go watch the other one after without redoing the whole story. I just wanted to ‘deserve’ my happy endings LOL.

  1. Lute
  2. I’d think he was a kind person
  3. Its fun having people to talk to.
  4. Your Bright red.
  5. Take lutes hand.
  6. Silently cling to him.
  7. I’m glad we’re safe.
  8. Keep staring at him
  9. There’s no such thing as a perfect person
  10. Isn’t it difficult?
  11. Lean up against Lute.
  12. Because you were nervous. right?
  13. Stay still.
  14. Maintain composure.
  15. I’m anxious without you lute.
  16. Thank you
  17. Move away from Haku
  18. Please go easy on me
  19. Tell him everyone’s worried about him.
  20. Take lutes side
  21. “I’m coming with you!”
  22. ask why
  23. Were you waiting for me?
  24. After your fight with Haku I went After you.
  25. Resign as my Protector
  26. I trust you
  27. I knew you’d come.
  28. Be honest and say your happy
  29. touch his cheek
  30. Squeeze his hands
Haku and Lute... AHH TOO PERFECT *nosebleed*

Haku and Lute… AHH TOO PERFECT, I LOVE BOTH OF YOU!! *nosebleed*

This story is my favourite out of all the stories in A Knights Devotion. However Lute and Haku are tied for First Place in characters that I love from this game. The reason why the story gets first place, Is because it’s a LOVE TRIANGLE FEST BETWEEN HAKU AND LUTE!!! KYAAAHH~~~!?!?*NOSEBLEED FOUNTAIN* To have such gorgeous, sexy guys with such polar opposite personalities fighting over you is just…like… I’ve died and gone to Otaku-Heaven!!! I feel like because they are so different I can’t choose between who I like the most.  Haku is the sweet-talking teaser who says all the wrong-yet-oh-so-right things to get my heart racing. Lute the perfect gentleman who is passionate,  respectful and spoils me and says such sweet things to make me want to melt in his arms!

The Woman-Killer-Smile

Ahh, The Woman-Killer-Smile, once you see it… it’s already too late.

Lutes personality is amazing in my opinion. Every girl wants to be treated like a princess, and Lute does just that. WHAT GIRL OUT THERE DOESN’T WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A RARE AND BEAUTIFUL DELICATE FLOWER IN BLOOM!?!?! I thought so. YEAH, You really are a princess in this story but that doesn’t stop Shion, Ken and Haku from being extremely casual with you either. I like the casual-ness in the relationship I have with Haku, but Shion and ken are both kind of really mean. Lute is so kind and gentle and always makes me feel special. Sometimes he is uptight and can be very strict but I also like that  seriousness about his personality too. He’s not super square and uptight – he still likes to show me around town and have fun and dance. He’s the right mix of serious dorkiness, sweet gentleman talk, and killer sexiness, with a smile that could sent any girls heart into convulsions and die. Seriously, his Sprite and Shion’s Sprite are weapons of mass destruction to innocent otomes everywhere. It shocks me how deadly that smile that Lute has is. I don’t think I’ve even ever met a guy in real life whose smile can top Lutes NOR a personality that makes me swoon like lutes. That in itself boggles my mind.  Men these days… if your reading this… you and your buddies need to STEP IT UP.

This face made me the happiest Otome in the world!

This face made me the happiest Otome in the world!

One thing too that I really like about this story and All the stories in A Knights Devotion is that the MC has a lot of guts in this story compared to a lot of others. She’s fun gutsy and  tomboyish too, kinda like me although she is very innocent.

His pictures are AMAZING, although I do think that the way Lute was drawn in some pictures look very different from his sprite. I dunno. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but I still love them. Especially the one in Chapter 15 I think it was… and the very first one when he has his shirt off…*DROOL* and Lute definitely has a way with words, so all of the emails written by him are also amazing. All in all, I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Lute (and Haku) in this story. In the end of this story however I was happy that me and Lute ended up together, not like in some other love triangle stories (**COUGH**Love letter from thief x***COUGH*).


I never want to be out of your sight Lute…

This is one of my favourite stories ever and I would probably play it over and over again till I get super sick of it. Two perfect guys swooning over me, in a medieval world where I’m a princess and they are handsome strong Knights.

Seriously Voltage, This was the best! Thank you!

Download “A Knight’s Devotion” for Android Devices here and Apple Devices here.

Fully in love with a Half-Hearted Knight – Shion Main Route – A Knight’s Devotion – Walkthrough Review

Shion's Info screen

Shion’s Info screen

Voltage has been torturing me with Shion since this game came out. I honestly think he is the sexiest sprite of all the knights since the beginning so I wanted to play his story first, but  couldn’t because they didn’t release him when the game first came out. So I waited patiently. Then finally the update came and I was so excited! I downloaded it right away and tried to buy it! But it bugged out, and I cried! They promised it would be fixed in 1-2 days but took a whole 4 more days of me waiting for it to be fixed. Once it was, I BOUGHT IT RIGHT AWAY.

Other than the Leafs playoff game (could you blame me, Our Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t made the playoffs in 9 years…and haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967!!!) that was going on nothing could stop me from playing this story. NOTHING.

Shion - A knight's Devotion by Voltage

We all love Husky Morning voices….<3

I bought it like the others through the game app itself on my iPhone for $3.99 CAD plus tax. It is 16 chapters long and has a good ending and happy ending. There are also 5 reward pictures of Shion. I don’t know if it was a glitch or something wrong with my email but I didn’t get any emails from the characters in this game from this story. **Update** I did get emails the second time around!

Here are the answers I chose in order to get my happy ending:

  1. I don’t know what to say…
  2. That’s a cute nickname
  3. Then I’ll go too.
  4. You can’t fool me.
  5. I dont mind camping.
  6. Leave him be.
  7. Your face is close
  8. ask him.
  9. Can we talk more
  10. It’s my fault
  11. Why?
  12. You don’t now the half of it.
  13. Shion. Help!
  14. Thank him for yesterday.
  15. The kings whereabouts
  16. Put up with it.
  17. you regret it. don’t you…
  18. of Course.
  19. Jump in the water
  20. I don’t know
  21. thanks
  22. I want you to trust me Shion.
  23. Because of what happened 5 years ago?
  24. Please save Sylvia
  25. okay
  26. I wanted to save you no matter what
  27. I’m doing this for you
  28. I wont allow it
  29. how are you?
...everything about him except his personality is so sexy...

…Seriously Voltage…You’ve brought sexiness in your games to another level with Shion…*Faint*

Shion turned out to be totally different then I expected. I kind of expected him to be super rude and super Tsundere. Instead he was just, downright lazy . He’s lazy about everything!  And even when he’s fighting and supposed to be super cool he’s still lazy. I usually like Tsundere characters because they get worked up over everything and it ends up being cute. I find it very difficult to think of lazy as cute, no matter how I try to look at the person or situation. So I was really kind of disappointed with his personality. I love to read just like the Main character and Shion so that made me happy… and the story was good when I take his personality out of the picture. And yes, because his sprite is so cute in every version of him that he did end up making my heart flutter a little here and there. That made the story a little more enjoyable for me. However, all the way and even in the last chapter of the happy ending I didn’t feel like Shion actually had feelings for me, which also really disappointed me. I’m not sure if it’s because he’ too lazy to show them… because that seemed like the case, or he’s just too hung up in his past that he still doesn’t have very strong feelings for the main character still.

ESPECIALLY when he looks like this...

…ESPECIALLY Sexy when he looks like this…

Basically this story wasn’t close to being romantic enough for me. It was just a regular story, and that was a disappointment, especially because I was so excited to play Shion at first and I was wanting to fall deeply in love with his hidden charm which in my opinion I didn’t really see any of in the story. It might be just me and my distaste to lazy lacklustre personalities – I mean it does really put me off a lot. I had a ex-boyfriend for 9 years who made me do everything for him he was so lazy – we started going out in grade 9 and he had ambitions but his laziness was far too powerful for him to get anywhere or follow his dreams or anything – which is ok in high school, but once I got into university and got older and found that he wasn’t changing, I ended up breaking up with him. He made me do everything (while he sat in front of the computer playing video games all day or slept for like 14 hours during the day) to the point where I felt more like his mom instead of his girlfriend. And to think If i married him and had to do that for the rest of my life and end up supporting him and having to push him all the time to do even small tasks – alarms started to go off in my head! It was a definite GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN situation! Anyways, that’s why I’m really put off when it comes to characters like this, who have really lazy personalities. Maybe other people like it, but I’m not sure. I am one of those active, get up and do something kind of people who are super enthusiastic with a lot of energy and I like to be around people who are also like that as well.

Oh Haku... Maybe if Shion Stared at me like that I'd fall for him more...

…Yes… a tremor of excitement! I love that you’re here too Haku! Two upset sexy men is more than enough!

I thought the picture rewards were good – I mean Shion is really hot and they portray him and the MC really well in the photos. And perhaps he was too lazy to write emails to MC and that’s why I didn’t get any, or there’s a bug somewhere in the game that stopped me from getting emails. I’ll have to play Gaia to figure that out though. Gonna do that now!

*Update* About the emails! as I was making sure of my answers the second time around,  I got emails this time and didn’t realize it till after I put up this post. I love Sylvia’s email the best. Girl knights are AWESOME. makes me want to pull an Utena and Screw being a Princess and become a Prince-Knight. When It comes to characters like Shion/Takuto etc. I think comparing them I like Takuto’s  emails more. Shion’s don’t make my overies explode but they are nice enough.

I don’t think I would play this story again. This was probably my least favourite out of this game so far. I just have to play Gaia to figure that out, and although I didn’t like Kenny’s route very much either Kenny’s is still better in my opinion, but I will talk about that when I get around to posting Kenny’s Review. Which Ironically enough…I was too lazy to do when I first read his story. (not really lazy, I was really busy with a lot of projects and work, so I was just too tired to write anything at the end of the day)

Download “A Knight’s Devotion” for Android Devices here and Apple Devices here.

Seduced by a Sexy Sweet Talking Knight! Haku Main Route – A Knights Devotion – Walkthrough Review

Haku's Main Story Info Screen

Haku’s Main Story Info Screen

I cannot describe in words how excited I was to play this game when I found out it came out in English. I am a HUGE fan of  anything of the fantasy  and medieval so knights in shining armor, elves, dragons etc. completely excite me. I love the medieval theme! While I was playing the prologue I swear the only thing I was thinking was “AWESOME, all I need is a dragon and this is going to be the BEST GAME EVER.” I got my dragon although It was not at all what I had in mind, but I did get him!

I picked Haku because to be honest, that type of guy is like kryptonite to me.  He reminds me a little bit of Riki (Love Letter from Thief X) and Subaru (My Sweet Bodyguard) in the prologue. He also reminded me a lot of Saeki (My Forged wedding) – they are both Teasing Sadists! And I absolutely love Saeki to death!

So I bought this story in the app for $3.99. It came with 16 chapters includes a Good ending and a Happy ending. The choices you make in the story decide which ending you end up getting. You also get 5 reward pictures and a whole bunch of emails from the characters sent to your email inbox.

Oh my...

Oh my…

Here is my Walkthrough for how I got my happy ending:

For some reason I ended up Missing to write down answer #17! I don’t know how I did that. AND because Voltage was mean and took away the Save option for the separate stories I have to wait till I finish Lute’s Route in order to Track back and do Haku’s route again to get that answer – or else I would have to do Lute’s from the beginning again.  So I will have to Update this Post again later – SORRY! I’m not sure if missing that one will affect your outcome but try it and see. If not let me know!

  1. …Haku.
  2. I can only do it with someone I love.
  3. Like what?
  4. That surprised me.
  5. Your lips…
  6. Fine.
  7. I’m nervous
  8. Be Startled
  9. I know.
  10. It’s missing something
  11. I can’t be selfish
  12. Didn’t you sleep?
  13. Let’s do it.
  14. You’d better be.
  15. I thought you’d get mad.
  16. Are you embarrassed?
  17. Just for  bit.
  18. Rub his head.
  19. I’m so happy.
  20. Your smile is suspicious
  21. No. That’s not it.
  22. Call out for Haku
  23. Let’s go together
  24. I believe in you! Haku!
  25. I knew you were kind. Haku.
  26. I’m happy I got to see you again.
  27. I’ll stay like this until you stop.
  28. Haku protected me.
  29. I want to stay with you.
...stop,, teasing us...


The first thing I realized when I was playing this route was that Haku is everything I was expecting and wishing Sora’s personality to be. (Sora from My Sweet Bodyguard). I was so disappointed in Sora’s story when I played it but Haku’s story was AMAZING. I know he’s a playboy, and I know he might have said what he does to many girls, but, his words are just too alluring and smooth for me to even defend myself from it. If the two ever met… Haku would look at Sora ans smile, raise his chin a bit and say, “Hmpth. You may think your smooth but I play a whole different ballgame than you.” (KYAAH  ~^///v///^~)  Also he doesn’t end up flirting with other girls in front of my face like Sora does. GRR I hated that so much!  Haku is that sexy, sweet talking knight that could make any damsel-in-distress’s loins ache even if she tried to resist him!

...I can't take it anymore...

…oh my!….

The story itself has some great plot twists in them as well. At this point I’ve already played though Ken’s route as well and part of
Lute’s route and so far I still favour Haku’s storyline the most. Even if I were given the story without the handsome and seductive Haku I still think I would have enjoyed this route the most. I feel that we get to really grow in a beautiful relationship where we understand each other quite deeply. The relationship development in this story coupled with the storyline make a great combination and bring you to an amazing climax. I also find that these stories aren’t as predictable as some of the other voltage stories I’ve read, which is nice. Although it would be more exciting if the knights weren’t so overpowering to the enemy  in fights and got a little more ‘scratched up’ in things like this. I think that’s just me comparing it to another action otome-game that I loved “Hakouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.” But that game is a whole other ballgame.


…you’re such a tease… I can’t take it anymore…

I Love Haku’s Sprite! His expressions are beautiful and his blushing expression was so cute! I was waiting for so long to see his blushing expression that when I finally saw it I was caught off-guard and I let out a little “KYAAH~” noise on the bus because it was so cute! Man, the people who regularly see me on the bus must think I’m crazy. I’M CRAZY ABOUT HIS PICTURES!  They go from super handsome , to very sexy, to comical, to emotional and more! They are amazing. His emails are so sweet as well and he doesn’t stop teasing you, and he ends up opening up to you more in the emails after a while. They compliment the story well and make my heart skip a beat!

I like this story more than Ken’s and  so far he is still winning by a nose hair over Lute. I’d have to admit also fawning over Haku every time I see him in the other stories. If I had to only buy one story right now and not be able to buy the rest It would definitely be this one!  I totally recommend this story as one of Voltage’s Best!

Download “A Knight’s Devotion” for Android Devices here and Apple Devices here.

Remember, I said I wanted a dragon! XD I LUV HIM!

Remember, I said I wanted a dragon? BEST DRAGON EVER!

NEW GAME ALERT! A Knight’s Devotion – Voltage Inc – First Impression

IMG_6490I got so excited when I saw that this game was released. Voltage in my opinion is doing amazing at bringing out games in a timely fashion. It’s honestly been hard with work and everything else to keep up with all the updates and new games which makes me happy that I’ve always got something new to play.


IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6426This is the same as any other voltage paid game. The init a download of the game is free. You can play the prologue for free as well. Then to buy a Main character story it will be $3.99 and for other stories which are not available yet for this game range from $1.99-2.99.

The Premise is almost the same as My Sweet Bodyguard – in fact it’s exactly the same just in a fantasy world. You are a normal girl till one day some guys come after you! Then you get saved by a bunch of knights and they reveal to you that you are in fact the daughter of the king – Princess of the Kingdom Rapier and the only heir to the throne!  You are summoned to the Castle but you have to Choose between the 5 Knights to escort you there.

The drawings are really good. In fact I think these sprites are the some of the best ones I’ve seen. But they also look so similar to their MSB counterparts. Ken looks almost exactly like Kaiji, and Kenshi from LLFTX (lol). My favourite sprite so far is Shion. He is pretty unique looking actually.  I would play him first but he is not available to play at the moment. Gaia also I want to play because he seems like a super sexy knight version of Katsuragi from MSB. Can I just say though, that every time I hear the name Gaia from anywhere I always think of the cartoon ‘Captain Planet’ because Whoopi Goldberg Voiced the Character Gaia in that- Its hard to take seriously anyone who has that name!

I love archer characters so I decided I’m going to start Haku’s story first. His story seems like it would be a hit or miss…because he reminds me of Riki….

The Soundtrack is not bad. It’s a bit cheesy, like the old school medieval style RPGS.  It comes in the same new format as “My Sweet Bodyguard” where there are no save points because automatically saves your spot for you. It doesn’t crash every time you switch apps or get a phone call, which is nice. What’s nice about this one is that the Reward pictures in this one you get the full picture from the original game! I was disappointed with MSB because the reward pictures were cropped version of the Japanese ones. We didn’t get the full picture like in the Japanese version of the game. So far the game has crashed once on me but it wasn’t a big deal, Other than that I haven’t had many problems with bugs or anything however I’d probably need to play the game more to really see.

I’m about halfway done Haku’s route and so far his story I find amazing. I can’t wait to finish it and do another one. So far I’m really enjoying this game, In the beginning I was kind of skeptical because it was so similar to MSB but I’m happy with what I’ve experienced so far!

Although its already April, There is a Snowstorm happening outside right now and the wind is very strong it feels like its going to break my walls apart. I am going to go hide in my bed and play the rest of this route! GOOD NIGHT!

Download “A Knight’s Devotion” for Android Devices here and Apple Devices here.

My Bodyguard, the Sexy Cool Idol – Mizuki Fujisaki – My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthrough Review

Info Screen

Info Screen

Mizuki is so Mysterious! From the other routes I learned absolutely nothing about him other than that he’s hot, he’s mellow, he’s got a wicked cute smile, and he used to be a Celebrity. I’m usually a Kaiji-type fan so I ended up doing Mizuki’s route last. But I was excited to play it still becuase he’s just so unique.

I got his route off the App through iTunes for 3.99. It includes 15 chapters and a Good and Happy Ending. The type of ending you get depends on the choices that you make in the story. You also get 5 pictures of the sexy Mizuki and 9 love emails from him! What a bargain for a lovely story with a lovely guy!

Here is what I chose in order to get my happy ending. Try the game yourself first and see if you get it! Then you can compare to mine if you like.

  1. You’re serious about your work
  2. Cry a alot
  3. Ask for another room
  4. Talk to Mizuki
  5. Put on a happy face
  6. Be really happy
  7. We’re Friends
  8. Do and say nothing
  9. Do you want to try?
  10. There is no one.
  11. It’s for you
  12. Open your eyes
  13. An oversized t-shirt
  14. Left-overcake!
  15. I came around before work
  16. I’ll come with you!
  17. Cry
  18. Call out to Katsuragi
  19. Squeeze Mizuki’s hand
  20. You can understand what he’s saying
  21. A black Bikini
  22. I’m good at breaststroke
  23. Offer my lap as a pillow.
  24. Touch his hair
  25. Be happy
  26. Bang on the wall.
  27. Throw the phone.
  28. You saved me!
  29. I only want Mizuki
  30. You gave me candy.
He's so cute in casual

He’s so cute in casual

Mizuki is so amazing and unique! He is so sexy and cute! And I’ve never met such an animal lover in any Voltage game yet! He is so adorable! It’s such an amazing aspect of his personality. I love animals (I’m a crazy cat lady, you’ll know especially if you see my pictures of my cat on instagram -MBKONLINE) He’s so laid-back that he is the type that I could feel so comfortable with. If a guy like Mizuki came into my life it would be very hard not to crush on him.

The relationship development between you and Mizuki is almost typical…at least thats kinda how my relationships in my life developed. This makes it a more realistic kind of love in my opinion. Its kinda nostalgic  for me, but none of my ex’s are even as close to being as amazing as Mizuki. They wouldn’t be my ‘exes’ if they were like Mizuki! I’m not stupid enough to let someone like that go. He gets an extra plus because of how well het gets along with animals. It’s almost like we are in a disney movie! HAHA!  The story was interesting enough too, it really enjoyed it and I thought the racest looking badguys are absolutely hilarious.

The main girl antagonist though… SHE IS A CRAZY YANDERE $*%&^*#!!!!! When I say crazy… I MEAN LIKE LUNATIC CRAZY. SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP CRAZY! I wanted to smash my phone while imagining it was her face I hated her crazy guts so much. Voltage did a good job of making me hate her, I guess its a good thing because technically that got me way more emotionally involved  in this story because I definitely didn’t want Mizuki to choose her over me. I’ve met some cray-cray girls before, and some of my friends even dated lunatics like her even though I TOLD them that she is crazy. Unfortunately this level of crazy in my world is still somewhat realistic. In fact I have a few stories that would make this girl Kuh look like a saint. Anyways, I tend to take a lot more interest in stories where there is a love triangle challenge in them. Thats just me though. However,  I definitely prefer the two-men-fighting-for-me love triangle then the latter. HAHA. I can be a crazy yandere too sometimes, just not to her extreme, in fact not even close.

These guys don't look racist at all =D

These guys don’t look racist at all =D

I LOVED Mizuki’s pictures! He’s such a pretty boy and when you have a pretty boy with a serious face holding a gun… its just… a total NOSEBLEED. You can see both his cute girly side and his manly side in his pictures which is perfect in my books. His emails are so sweet and cute, and he always talk so much about animals it makes me die of over heating. He’s got a golden happy ending email that I love. I liked the  email better than the happy ending picture actually.

I would play this one again because Mizuki is like my dream boyfriend in every way. Strong, sweet, sexy and cute loves animals and has just the right amount of romance in him to make me totally obsessed over him. Un-realisticly perfect but hey- thats why we play these games right!

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