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My First And Forever Love Kaiji Akizuki My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthough Review

Information Screen for Kaiji

Information Screen for Kaiji

I chose to do Kaiji first because I knew that he was MC’s Childhood friends and I tend to love those type of stories (like Prince Gle from ‘Be my Princess’ and Tatsuro from ‘Love Letter from Thief X’). From what I gathered from the GREE version and from the prologue he is super fun to be around!

I bought this story on the iTunes Appstore for $3.99. It includes 15 chapters in the story, 5 pictures and 10 emails (at least to my knowledge). There are two endings (a Good and a Happy Ending) to the story depending on the choices you make in the game.

Here is my Walkthrough – there are different ways you can get the happy ending so try it for yourself first:

  1. This is all new to me!
  2. Sorry for making you come
  3. Im trying my best
  4. Agree with him
  5. Do you want to sleep on the bed?
  6. Okey
  7. Talk about Judo
  8. I can see why you like living alone.
  9. Do I look okay?
  10. Play Make Believe.
  11. Is my beauty making you nervous?
  12. Subaru! Be careful!
  13. I understand enough!
  14. Take Kaiji’s hankie.
  15. I’m sorry…
  16. Did you compliment me?
  17. is your foot ok?
  18. We were talking about you.
  19. Can we go?
  20. Stare at Kaiji.
  21. Ask him to repeat it.
  22. This is really creepy
  23. You look really buff!
  24. Are you joking?
  25. I don’t remember…
  26. Okey
  27. Im fine.
  28. Step in fromt of Kaiji

I just love Kaiji’s personality! He is so fun to be with, he could not only be a great boyfriend but a great guy best friend too! of course I would never settle for having an awesome guy like Kaiji as just a friend though. He has a pretty realistic personality which is good and it totally helps that he’s super hot and super strong! His sprite however majority of the time looks kinda angry and big-eyed lol, which kinda puts me off but, the Reward Pictures of him are AWESOME and he looks so SUPER COOL! They are drawn really well, and make me feel all giddy inside. HAHA.

The story was great, I was super funny and light hearted story. I really liked how Kaiji’s and MC’s relationship blossomed on this story too, it was so natural like they were totally destined to be together. the pace of the story was good and the Side Characters like Mariko and The Triple Flower Sisters are ridiculously funny. I also like how MC is really bold character in this story, she’s cool and nice but when stuff goes down she becomes really brave.

I got 5 Pictures from this story, Im not sure if there are more that I missed because of the layout it doesnt show me if I have missed any, They are ALL AWESOME, and kaiji looks so super cool in them. I want to point out though that they aren’t the usual size images that are great for Phone wallpapers anymore. Thats a bit disappointing. I love fangirling over these pictures they are that good in my opinion. The 10 emails that I got were very short, but cute. Kaiji doesn’t seem like the person to leave love extravagant messages anyways. He’s a ‘doer’ not a talker, so I wasn’t really surprised.

For my first ‘My Sweet Bodyguard’ story I really liked and enjoyed this one. I would play it again later on and I think if anyone enjoys “childhood friend” type stories they will really enjoy this one.  I’m torn between playing Subaru (who seems SUPER cool but a lot like Riki to make me feel uncomfortable) and Sora..whom I played with in the GREE version for a event in which I totally loved his personality! He reminds me so much of Hiro from ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ – bubbly and super fun!

New Game: My Sweet Bodyguard by Voltage (Paid Version) – First Impression!

Main Menu

Main Menu

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GAME!!! Well I guess it wasn’t long… probably a period of 2 months but indeed it felt like an eternity! When I found out that It was released I wasted no time in downloading it. I’ve been playing the GREE version of the game for about 3 weeks, and was completely frustrated with the gameplay. I never really got far in the story because of the number of missions, and love passes I had to do/use. I concluded that doing all that work all day just to get a tiny bit further in the story without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money was not worth it at all. I also feel the same for the GREE version of Be My Princess. So I stopped playing and waited patiently like many others, in agony for this version to come out.

So here’s what I’ve figured out so far. Like all other Voltage Paid games, the initial download of the APP from the AppStore is free. You can play the prologue for free to meet the characters, get a first impression of them as well as get an idea of the premise of the story. In order to go further in the story you have to pick a character and each characters story (like in all other Paid Voltage apps) are $3.99 CAD or USD.

In Summary the story is similar to the GREE version of the game but not exactly the same (at least from what I remember). You are a normal college girl  in Japan whose mother and father has passed away some time ago. Suddenly while you are minding your own business some guy pulls a gun on you and tries to kidnap you! You get save by these eccentric group of bodyguards and they whisk you away to the Prime Minister’s residence. As if you weren’t going through enough craziness in one day, you find out that your father in reality was not dead but has been searching for you since you were young – that man who is your father is the PRIME MINISTER!!! And because you are his daughter there are people trying to kidnap you to use you as bait to get your newly found father to resign. So in order to keep you safe you have to choose a bodyguard to watch you 24/7. Now who will it be?


So far you can play 3 characters in the game Sora, Kaiji, and Subaru. The other stories for Mizuki and Katsuragi are not available yet. Goto in the GREE version are not even there on the character selection screen. It’s disappointing  because I was playing Goto in the GREE version. As I’ve gone along in Kaiji’s story  (whom I picked first) in this game, they didn’t mention or show Goto at all, so I’m guessing he might not even be in this version.

There are BIG changes in the Layout in this game compared to all the other Voltage Games I’ve played. Everything looks different. The Main Menu, Character Selection Screen, even the game play subtitles are different. The graphics are much smoother and sharper than any other Voltage game up to date (you don’t get that rugged white outline on the sprites that is very noticeable in some games). The subtitle text does not block out so much of the screen as it used to in the older Voltage games, and you can choose to darken the text background if you want to see the subs better. One thing that was definitely BIG improvement in my opinion – You can Switch screens to other apps etc without the game crashing and you having to load the game again! I found that really annoying especially when I would be playing and people would call me and I haven’t saved for a while. The game also automatically saves itself without you having to physically click on a save button.

The Subtitles are different & the Sprites integrate smoother into the background

There are a few downsides to the new layout though. The way it is set up, and the fact that it automatically saves, makes it so that you can only play one character at a time. This means it will delete the progress you’ve done with a previous character if you haven’t finished the story. I guess I can get over that, because Shall we date: Ninja Love was like that as well. Also, for the life of me, I have no clue where I go to see the Gallery of Reward Pictures!! After like 15 minutes of clicking on things I still can’t figure it out!  If anyone knows please Comment and tell me? It’s probably right under my nose somewhere… but if there is no option I will be REALLY sad, I loved taking those pictures and putting them on my phone backgrounds and fangirling every time I unlock my phone.

So far I’ve done 3/4 of the way through my route with Kaiji and I’m enjoying the storyline so far. I will update with a Walkthrough & Review for his route tomorrow.  So far, other than the fact that Goto has disappeared and the fact that I cannot find the gallery to download the pictures, I’m pretty happy with this paid version of  My Sweet BodyGuard. I will most likely play  and play every single update there is out there because it is definitely a lot better in my opinion than the GREE version.