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Happy Valentines Day Fanart!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you are all doing well and are full of lots of love! Not just for your mate but for your friends and family too!

Fanart for my BF

Fanart for my BF

Today’s Fanart is of me and my Boyfriend. Technically I guess it counts as an original work but I’m a huge fan of him so I like calling it Fanart! I decided to make one for him about a week and a half ago and got really excited and spent a lot of nights staying up colouring it. I’m pleased with the result, and I am actually on the way to get it printed and framed right now so I can give it to him tonight

I probably spent 14 hours on this drawing, with both of their hair being the most time consuming part – probably 5 hours for each characters hair alone. I’m happy the way it turned out so I hope he likes it and I hope you’ll like it as well! I added the text so that I could put this version on the Blog, but the one I printed at Black’s and framed has no text. Im contemplating if i should sign it on the front or on the back or on the whites of the frame. We will see. I was worried how it would turn out in a 8×10 print but im super happy the way it printed too =) Plus 8×10 prints are on sale for a Dollar Each! It was totally fate for me to do this for him =)

Here is the picture Framed and everything! Will be giving it to him in a few hours , I know he doesnt look at my blog at all so its safe to post without ruining the surprise! Have a great day Everyone~

Happy Valentines Day !