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New Game: My Sweet Bodyguard by Voltage (Paid Version) – First Impression!

Main Menu

Main Menu

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GAME!!! Well I guess it wasn’t long… probably a period of 2 months but indeed it felt like an eternity! When I found out that It was released I wasted no time in downloading it. I’ve been playing the GREE version of the game for about 3 weeks, and was completely frustrated with the gameplay. I never really got far in the story because of the number of missions, and love passes I had to do/use. I concluded that doing all that work all day just to get a tiny bit further in the story without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money was not worth it at all. I also feel the same for the GREE version of Be My Princess. So I stopped playing and waited patiently like many others, in agony for this version to come out.

So here’s what I’ve figured out so far. Like all other Voltage Paid games, the initial download of the APP from the AppStore is free. You can play the prologue for free to meet the characters, get a first impression of them as well as get an idea of the premise of the story. In order to go further in the story you have to pick a character and each characters story (like in all other Paid Voltage apps) are $3.99 CAD or USD.

In Summary the story is similar to the GREE version of the game but not exactly the same (at least from what I remember). You are a normal college girl  in Japan whose mother and father has passed away some time ago. Suddenly while you are minding your own business some guy pulls a gun on you and tries to kidnap you! You get save by these eccentric group of bodyguards and they whisk you away to the Prime Minister’s residence. As if you weren’t going through enough craziness in one day, you find out that your father in reality was not dead but has been searching for you since you were young – that man who is your father is the PRIME MINISTER!!! And because you are his daughter there are people trying to kidnap you to use you as bait to get your newly found father to resign. So in order to keep you safe you have to choose a bodyguard to watch you 24/7. Now who will it be?


So far you can play 3 characters in the game Sora, Kaiji, and Subaru. The other stories for Mizuki and Katsuragi are not available yet. Goto in the GREE version are not even there on the character selection screen. It’s disappointing  because I was playing Goto in the GREE version. As I’ve gone along in Kaiji’s story  (whom I picked first) in this game, they didn’t mention or show Goto at all, so I’m guessing he might not even be in this version.

There are BIG changes in the Layout in this game compared to all the other Voltage Games I’ve played. Everything looks different. The Main Menu, Character Selection Screen, even the game play subtitles are different. The graphics are much smoother and sharper than any other Voltage game up to date (you don’t get that rugged white outline on the sprites that is very noticeable in some games). The subtitle text does not block out so much of the screen as it used to in the older Voltage games, and you can choose to darken the text background if you want to see the subs better. One thing that was definitely BIG improvement in my opinion – You can Switch screens to other apps etc without the game crashing and you having to load the game again! I found that really annoying especially when I would be playing and people would call me and I haven’t saved for a while. The game also automatically saves itself without you having to physically click on a save button.

The Subtitles are different & the Sprites integrate smoother into the background

There are a few downsides to the new layout though. The way it is set up, and the fact that it automatically saves, makes it so that you can only play one character at a time. This means it will delete the progress you’ve done with a previous character if you haven’t finished the story. I guess I can get over that, because Shall we date: Ninja Love was like that as well. Also, for the life of me, I have no clue where I go to see the Gallery of Reward Pictures!! After like 15 minutes of clicking on things I still can’t figure it out!  If anyone knows please Comment and tell me? It’s probably right under my nose somewhere… but if there is no option I will be REALLY sad, I loved taking those pictures and putting them on my phone backgrounds and fangirling every time I unlock my phone.

So far I’ve done 3/4 of the way through my route with Kaiji and I’m enjoying the storyline so far. I will update with a Walkthrough & Review for his route tomorrow.  So far, other than the fact that Goto has disappeared and the fact that I cannot find the gallery to download the pictures, I’m pretty happy with this paid version of  My Sweet BodyGuard. I will most likely play  and play every single update there is out there because it is definitely a lot better in my opinion than the GREE version.

Tatsuro Togoshi My Handsome Detective! Love Letter From Thief X – Walkthrough Review


I was extremely excited with the latest update to finally get to complete my full set of stories and finally play Tatsuro’s Main Story and Takudo’s Epilogue which is reviewed here.  Having completed all the thieves stories and encountered Tatsuro in every story, I thought it was going to be really interesting to find out how exactly this love story played out.

Bascally, Tatsuro Togoshi  is the your childhood friend whom is the detective in charge of catching the band of thieves called The Black Foxes. He is also madly in love with you and has been since you were children. The kicker is, like in the other characters stories you end up being forced to become a thief and join The Black  Foxes! So I thought, ‘How will I be able to fall in love and be with Tatsuro in this story if he’s trying to catch me put me in jail?”  Interesting huh =)

All in all I am very pleased with this story and I will get into detail after The walk-through. I suggest that you only use the walk-through if you are having problems getting the happy ending which wasn’t very hard for me (not like Riki’s that one was hard for me). Its a lot more fun to give the honest answers that you feel deep in your heart and find out what kind of ending you are rewarded with after.

Here are my walk-through answers to get a guaranteed happy ending:

  1. Sure
  2. Whats Wrong
  3. Tatsuro’s the one working too hard
  4. Running an errand for boss
  5. Sure
  6. thanks
  7. ugh… my head
  8. He could be the rising star of the PD
  9. Yes
  10. Why
  11. I’m Fine
  12. We live Together
  13. I wouldn’t even call her a rival
  14. tend to his wounds
  15. help him
  16. thanks
  17. Because I was Worried about him
  18. thanks for waking me up
  19. Yes
  20. Okay
  21. I love him
  22. you could at least lie
  23. can i have some sake
  24. If you have a reason I’ll forgive you
  25. you don’t have to be shy
  26. I didn’t blow up anything
  27. even if I wanted to I couldn’t
  28. don’t come any closer
  29. it’s not too late

Some small technical Errors I noticed while playing:

  • some character errors – Instead of Tatsuro says Atsumu
  • bathroom looks like museum, wrong background

I noticed it, but to me it wasn’t a big deal. Some people might be annoyed by it though.

Review Starts here! Don’t worry I will avoid the use of spoilers and try to give a thorough review without ruining it for them.

I really liked the storyline. There were a lot of twists and surprises and it was quite different from any of the other stories. In the beginning we don’t really know who the anti-protagonist is and that’s what makes this a good story. The struggles and rewards that occur in your relationship with Tatsuro really got me emotionally in this story. I loved Tatsuro’s personality more and more as I got to know him and see all different sides to his personality and the choices I was given in the story were good – Not too easy and not like insanely difficult to figure out.

When I play these types of games I always feel strongly that I should give my honest opinion in my choices the first time I play a story, instead of trying to get the happy ending right away. It’s more fun to see if my choices really lead to the happy ending or not.  The MC’s personality was great in my opinion in this story, not too submissive but not too in your face. She’s very balanced, down to earth and rational, but does get emotional. I ended up getting the happy ending on the first try.

The other character’s such as the ULTRA STUPID detective that we meet later on really, really got on my nerves! Which is supposed to happen but , MAN! DID SHE EVER GET ME MAD! I wanted to scream at both her and Tatsuro. I totally want to punch that girl in the face.  The frustration I felt actually made me enjoy the story more, and made it more exciting. For every moment I was angry or frustrated there were moments that took my breath away twice fold! Especially the special CG moments. Those were really good! Honestly the Facial expressions for Tatsuro I saw in other stories weren’t the greatest. However all the Picture rewards were really good pictures! TOTALLY TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! Sometimes I feel with some voltage games that some pictures really disappoint me but I loved every single picture in this route.  I was happy with all of them, and I thought his short and sweet emails were touching and cute.

All in all This was a great route. Still not my favourite but he gets a 3rd place, losing to Takudo (1st) and Asumu(2nd). comparing just the CG art to the other characters he gets 2nd place only losing to the gorgeous Tsundere Takudo.  Definately worth my money and one that I would enjoy to playing again!

Along with this update came an update for In ‘Your Arms Tonight’! Hope to read Genji’s soon 🙂