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Leone – Akame Ga Kill – Cosplay photos by Alex Rose Photography – Otakuthon Montreal

Leone Akame ga Kill Cosplay Otakuthon by OtomeJunkie 06 Here’s another Set of cosplay photos. I had these taken by the wonderful Alex Rose. Akame ga kill is one of my favourite animes and I love Leone SO MUCH! She has an amazing carefree attitude and she is super strong. I will be doing Esdeath soon as well.

I had a lot of fun in Montreal for the first time and attending Otakuthon  for the first time. I got to meet KANAME!!! I love him so much and he is just as handsome and kawaii in person as he is in all his sexy cosplay pictures. I still can’t believe I met him and stuff. It was literally a dream come true!

Leone Akame ga Kill Cosplay Otakuthon by OtomeJunkie 08 Me and Alex wandered around Chinatown and the convention centre to take a lot of these pics, with the great scenery and her amazing photography skills we had a blast together and this set turned out to be freaking AMAZING! I hope you enjoy! I shot with two other Photographers that weekend for Leone so i can’t wait to share those with you guys as well!

Check out Alex Rose Photography here!

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