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My Cute Crossdressing Bodyguard! Sora Hirosue- My Sweet Bodyguard Walkthrough Review

Introduction Screen Main Story

Introduction Screen Main Story

I was more excited to play Sora’s story more than Subaru’s so when I finished Subaru’s story. Sora’s story had some high hopes of being better than My romantic dream come true that was Subaru’s story. Sora is so adorable looking as well, and playing a side story in the GREE version with him made me really like his personality. I totally didn’t know what I was in-for.

This story was purchased through the game via iTunes. It includes 15 chapters of story and two endings – a good and a happy ending. Tour choices in the game determine how good of an ending you get. It also includes 5 pictures and 4 emails from Sora in the story.

Here is my walk-through on how I got my happy ending. Play it first and see what ending you got then you can compare it to my answers. I didn’t get the Happy ending on the first try…and you’ll understand why in my review.

  1. I’m sorry…
  2. I trust you…
  3. It was cheap
  4. Order a normal meal.
  5. Compliment him
  6. Lovers.
  7. a dress
  8. Cover for Sora
  9. I want my Bodyguard. Sora.
  10. Ask what’s Happening.
  11. Hug him
  12. I did take it seriously
  13. Thank you.
  14. Is that true?
  15. I’m sorry!
  16. Are you cleaning it?
  17. So Cute!
  18. I trust Sora
  19. Sora
  20. It’ll be Okay
  21. I have no Worries!
  22. Smile
  23. Sounds like fun!
  24. What about you?
  25. I was worried about you!
  26. Really?
  27. A dress
  28. Are you Jealous

I was so unbelievably shocked about this story. Not in a good way either. If you have read my reviews before you understand that I am PASSIONATE about how much I hate Riki’s personality from ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ and I think Sora has totally honestly and brutally TRUMPED RIKI. If you take Riki’s obnoxious cocky personality and make him a cross-dresser and make him a lot less responsible and cool you get Sora. Riki is also more handsome than Sora, and He’s not as much of a playboy as Sora believe it or not. Sora has totally been around town and he constantly has girls calling him, AND he’s constantly using his ‘charming flattering words’ on you which I think is totally disgusting. It’s like one of those guys that says something flattering to you and your thinking in your head..  “UGH if there was anyone here, even the ugliest chick in the world in my place right now – he would still be spewing the exact same BS he’s saying right now to her.”  Its funny because at least Riki seems honest, and he is brutally honest about his opinions, like when he calls me a PRUDE all the time.  Sora just feels like he’s full of BS to me.

Sora is totally reliable though, which is good and even though I think he’s full of **** all the time he can be sincere too… it’s just really hard to pick it out of the rest of the stuff he says. And I’d probably like him a lot more if there weren’t like a million girls calling him 24/7. I’m a jealous Yandere type. That stuff doesn’t swing with me. I’ll totally lose it. LOL. I guess its his hairstyle and facial expressions but when I imagine him talking I imagine Heisuke’s voice from ‘Hakuouki’. That totally makes me see hearts and stars because I love Heisuke’s cuteness.  I wouldn’t like Sora’s personality if he was really my bodyguard but I would trust him with my life.  He does a lot of amazing things in this story and he does have a really positive attitude. And he is extremely cute – but personally I love Hiro from ‘Love letter from Thief X’ More. They are similar characters but he Hiro doesn’t have as many faults in his personality as Sora does and he’s so much cuter! To be honest, Hiro doesn’t have any faults in his personality – hes the perfect fun-loving easygoing flirty guy.

The 5 pictures you get for Sora, are all very cute. I especially love the one in chapter 14 and the Happy ending picture. The happy ending picture is so Romantic! I got only 4 emails from this story which was really disappointing. I don’t know if it was because of my choices or what, because I’ve never got so little emails before. Sora’s emails are long and so cute however so I cherished reading each of them. These 4 emails from Sora beat Riki’s horde of useless emails lol.

Would I play Sora’s Main story over? Maybe, if I started dating someone or being friends with someone similar…just so I can yell at Sora in my head and blow off steam haha. I’m hoping with the Epilogue and other stories he wont be as obnoxious because like I said earlier – I liked him when I played the short story in the GREE game so we will have to see.

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