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Seduced by a Sexy Sweet Talking Knight! Haku Main Route – A Knights Devotion – Walkthrough Review

Haku's Main Story Info Screen

Haku’s Main Story Info Screen

I cannot describe in words how excited I was to play this game when I found out it came out in English. I am a HUGE fan of  anything of the fantasy  and medieval so knights in shining armor, elves, dragons etc. completely excite me. I love the medieval theme! While I was playing the prologue I swear the only thing I was thinking was “AWESOME, all I need is a dragon and this is going to be the BEST GAME EVER.” I got my dragon although It was not at all what I had in mind, but I did get him!

I picked Haku because to be honest, that type of guy is like kryptonite to me.  He reminds me a little bit of Riki (Love Letter from Thief X) and Subaru (My Sweet Bodyguard) in the prologue. He also reminded me a lot of Saeki (My Forged wedding) – they are both Teasing Sadists! And I absolutely love Saeki to death!

So I bought this story in the app for $3.99. It came with 16 chapters includes a Good ending and a Happy ending. The choices you make in the story decide which ending you end up getting. You also get 5 reward pictures and a whole bunch of emails from the characters sent to your email inbox.

Oh my...

Oh my…

Here is my Walkthrough for how I got my happy ending:

For some reason I ended up Missing to write down answer #17! I don’t know how I did that. AND because Voltage was mean and took away the Save option for the separate stories I have to wait till I finish Lute’s Route in order to Track back and do Haku’s route again to get that answer – or else I would have to do Lute’s from the beginning again.  So I will have to Update this Post again later – SORRY! I’m not sure if missing that one will affect your outcome but try it and see. If not let me know!

  1. …Haku.
  2. I can only do it with someone I love.
  3. Like what?
  4. That surprised me.
  5. Your lips…
  6. Fine.
  7. I’m nervous
  8. Be Startled
  9. I know.
  10. It’s missing something
  11. I can’t be selfish
  12. Didn’t you sleep?
  13. Let’s do it.
  14. You’d better be.
  15. I thought you’d get mad.
  16. Are you embarrassed?
  17. Just for  bit.
  18. Rub his head.
  19. I’m so happy.
  20. Your smile is suspicious
  21. No. That’s not it.
  22. Call out for Haku
  23. Let’s go together
  24. I believe in you! Haku!
  25. I knew you were kind. Haku.
  26. I’m happy I got to see you again.
  27. I’ll stay like this until you stop.
  28. Haku protected me.
  29. I want to stay with you.
...stop,, teasing us...


The first thing I realized when I was playing this route was that Haku is everything I was expecting and wishing Sora’s personality to be. (Sora from My Sweet Bodyguard). I was so disappointed in Sora’s story when I played it but Haku’s story was AMAZING. I know he’s a playboy, and I know he might have said what he does to many girls, but, his words are just too alluring and smooth for me to even defend myself from it. If the two ever met… Haku would look at Sora ans smile, raise his chin a bit and say, “Hmpth. You may think your smooth but I play a whole different ballgame than you.” (KYAAH  ~^///v///^~)  Also he doesn’t end up flirting with other girls in front of my face like Sora does. GRR I hated that so much!  Haku is that sexy, sweet talking knight that could make any damsel-in-distress’s loins ache even if she tried to resist him!

...I can't take it anymore...

…oh my!….

The story itself has some great plot twists in them as well. At this point I’ve already played though Ken’s route as well and part of
Lute’s route and so far I still favour Haku’s storyline the most. Even if I were given the story without the handsome and seductive Haku I still think I would have enjoyed this route the most. I feel that we get to really grow in a beautiful relationship where we understand each other quite deeply. The relationship development in this story coupled with the storyline make a great combination and bring you to an amazing climax. I also find that these stories aren’t as predictable as some of the other voltage stories I’ve read, which is nice. Although it would be more exciting if the knights weren’t so overpowering to the enemy  in fights and got a little more ‘scratched up’ in things like this. I think that’s just me comparing it to another action otome-game that I loved “Hakouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.” But that game is a whole other ballgame.


…you’re such a tease… I can’t take it anymore…

I Love Haku’s Sprite! His expressions are beautiful and his blushing expression was so cute! I was waiting for so long to see his blushing expression that when I finally saw it I was caught off-guard and I let out a little “KYAAH~” noise on the bus because it was so cute! Man, the people who regularly see me on the bus must think I’m crazy. I’M CRAZY ABOUT HIS PICTURES!  They go from super handsome , to very sexy, to comical, to emotional and more! They are amazing. His emails are so sweet as well and he doesn’t stop teasing you, and he ends up opening up to you more in the emails after a while. They compliment the story well and make my heart skip a beat!

I like this story more than Ken’s and  so far he is still winning by a nose hair over Lute. I’d have to admit also fawning over Haku every time I see him in the other stories. If I had to only buy one story right now and not be able to buy the rest It would definitely be this one!  I totally recommend this story as one of Voltage’s Best!

Download “A Knight’s Devotion” for Android Devices here and Apple Devices here.

Remember, I said I wanted a dragon! XD I LUV HIM!

Remember, I said I wanted a dragon? BEST DRAGON EVER!


NEW GAME ALERT! A Knight’s Devotion – Voltage Inc – First Impression

IMG_6490I got so excited when I saw that this game was released. Voltage in my opinion is doing amazing at bringing out games in a timely fashion. It’s honestly been hard with work and everything else to keep up with all the updates and new games which makes me happy that I’ve always got something new to play.


IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6425 IMG_6426This is the same as any other voltage paid game. The init a download of the game is free. You can play the prologue for free as well. Then to buy a Main character story it will be $3.99 and for other stories which are not available yet for this game range from $1.99-2.99.

The Premise is almost the same as My Sweet Bodyguard – in fact it’s exactly the same just in a fantasy world. You are a normal girl till one day some guys come after you! Then you get saved by a bunch of knights and they reveal to you that you are in fact the daughter of the king – Princess of the Kingdom Rapier and the only heir to the throne!  You are summoned to the Castle but you have to Choose between the 5 Knights to escort you there.

The drawings are really good. In fact I think these sprites are the some of the best ones I’ve seen. But they also look so similar to their MSB counterparts. Ken looks almost exactly like Kaiji, and Kenshi from LLFTX (lol). My favourite sprite so far is Shion. He is pretty unique looking actually.  I would play him first but he is not available to play at the moment. Gaia also I want to play because he seems like a super sexy knight version of Katsuragi from MSB. Can I just say though, that every time I hear the name Gaia from anywhere I always think of the cartoon ‘Captain Planet’ because Whoopi Goldberg Voiced the Character Gaia in that- Its hard to take seriously anyone who has that name!

I love archer characters so I decided I’m going to start Haku’s story first. His story seems like it would be a hit or miss…because he reminds me of Riki….

The Soundtrack is not bad. It’s a bit cheesy, like the old school medieval style RPGS.  It comes in the same new format as “My Sweet Bodyguard” where there are no save points because automatically saves your spot for you. It doesn’t crash every time you switch apps or get a phone call, which is nice. What’s nice about this one is that the Reward pictures in this one you get the full picture from the original game! I was disappointed with MSB because the reward pictures were cropped version of the Japanese ones. We didn’t get the full picture like in the Japanese version of the game. So far the game has crashed once on me but it wasn’t a big deal, Other than that I haven’t had many problems with bugs or anything however I’d probably need to play the game more to really see.

I’m about halfway done Haku’s route and so far his story I find amazing. I can’t wait to finish it and do another one. So far I’m really enjoying this game, In the beginning I was kind of skeptical because it was so similar to MSB but I’m happy with what I’ve experienced so far!

Although its already April, There is a Snowstorm happening outside right now and the wind is very strong it feels like its going to break my walls apart. I am going to go hide in my bed and play the rest of this route! GOOD NIGHT!

Download “A Knight’s Devotion” for Android Devices here and Apple Devices here.

My Bodyguard, the Sexy Cool Idol – Mizuki Fujisaki – My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthrough Review

Info Screen

Info Screen

Mizuki is so Mysterious! From the other routes I learned absolutely nothing about him other than that he’s hot, he’s mellow, he’s got a wicked cute smile, and he used to be a Celebrity. I’m usually a Kaiji-type fan so I ended up doing Mizuki’s route last. But I was excited to play it still becuase he’s just so unique.

I got his route off the App through iTunes for 3.99. It includes 15 chapters and a Good and Happy Ending. The type of ending you get depends on the choices that you make in the story. You also get 5 pictures of the sexy Mizuki and 9 love emails from him! What a bargain for a lovely story with a lovely guy!

Here is what I chose in order to get my happy ending. Try the game yourself first and see if you get it! Then you can compare to mine if you like.

  1. You’re serious about your work
  2. Cry a alot
  3. Ask for another room
  4. Talk to Mizuki
  5. Put on a happy face
  6. Be really happy
  7. We’re Friends
  8. Do and say nothing
  9. Do you want to try?
  10. There is no one.
  11. It’s for you
  12. Open your eyes
  13. An oversized t-shirt
  14. Left-overcake!
  15. I came around before work
  16. I’ll come with you!
  17. Cry
  18. Call out to Katsuragi
  19. Squeeze Mizuki’s hand
  20. You can understand what he’s saying
  21. A black Bikini
  22. I’m good at breaststroke
  23. Offer my lap as a pillow.
  24. Touch his hair
  25. Be happy
  26. Bang on the wall.
  27. Throw the phone.
  28. You saved me!
  29. I only want Mizuki
  30. You gave me candy.
He's so cute in casual

He’s so cute in casual

Mizuki is so amazing and unique! He is so sexy and cute! And I’ve never met such an animal lover in any Voltage game yet! He is so adorable! It’s such an amazing aspect of his personality. I love animals (I’m a crazy cat lady, you’ll know especially if you see my pictures of my cat on instagram -MBKONLINE) He’s so laid-back that he is the type that I could feel so comfortable with. If a guy like Mizuki came into my life it would be very hard not to crush on him.

The relationship development between you and Mizuki is almost typical…at least thats kinda how my relationships in my life developed. This makes it a more realistic kind of love in my opinion. Its kinda nostalgic  for me, but none of my ex’s are even as close to being as amazing as Mizuki. They wouldn’t be my ‘exes’ if they were like Mizuki! I’m not stupid enough to let someone like that go. He gets an extra plus because of how well het gets along with animals. It’s almost like we are in a disney movie! HAHA!  The story was interesting enough too, it really enjoyed it and I thought the racest looking badguys are absolutely hilarious.

The main girl antagonist though… SHE IS A CRAZY YANDERE $*%&^*#!!!!! When I say crazy… I MEAN LIKE LUNATIC CRAZY. SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP CRAZY! I wanted to smash my phone while imagining it was her face I hated her crazy guts so much. Voltage did a good job of making me hate her, I guess its a good thing because technically that got me way more emotionally involved  in this story because I definitely didn’t want Mizuki to choose her over me. I’ve met some cray-cray girls before, and some of my friends even dated lunatics like her even though I TOLD them that she is crazy. Unfortunately this level of crazy in my world is still somewhat realistic. In fact I have a few stories that would make this girl Kuh look like a saint. Anyways, I tend to take a lot more interest in stories where there is a love triangle challenge in them. Thats just me though. However,  I definitely prefer the two-men-fighting-for-me love triangle then the latter. HAHA. I can be a crazy yandere too sometimes, just not to her extreme, in fact not even close.

These guys don't look racist at all =D

These guys don’t look racist at all =D

I LOVED Mizuki’s pictures! He’s such a pretty boy and when you have a pretty boy with a serious face holding a gun… its just… a total NOSEBLEED. You can see both his cute girly side and his manly side in his pictures which is perfect in my books. His emails are so sweet and cute, and he always talk so much about animals it makes me die of over heating. He’s got a golden happy ending email that I love. I liked the  email better than the happy ending picture actually.

I would play this one again because Mizuki is like my dream boyfriend in every way. Strong, sweet, sexy and cute loves animals and has just the right amount of romance in him to make me totally obsessed over him. Un-realisticly perfect but hey- thats why we play these games right!

Get My Sweet Bodyguard for iPod/iphone/ipad here and for Android Devices/Google Play Here.

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My Strong Rugged Geeky Chief – Daichi Katsuragi – My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthrough Review

Daichi Katsuragi Info Screen

Daichi Katsuragi Info Screen

I was waiting patiently to play Katsuragi because, well, he seems so serious, strong, and reliable… and he has such a cheesy smile. I really honestly was so curious what kind of guy he really is, because I really couldn’t tell from what recognizance i’ve done from the other stories in this game. I’m not usually into older men but for such a handsome face I’m willing to try anything.

Like all others I bought this Main Story through the ‘My Sweet bodyguard’ App I downloaded off the app store. It was $3.99 for the story. The story contains 15 chapters and two endings – Good and Happy Ending. The ending you get depends on how compatible of a mate you are to Daichi by the choices you make in the story. You also get 5 pictures of your super hunky bodyguard to ogle at and 10 emails from him to read and fawn over at work when you are bored and don’t want to clean dishes…. at least thats what I do…My co-workers think I’m so weird for playing anime dating games…I try to keep it on the DL at work.

Here is how I was able to get my Happy Ending on the first shot! (Hurrah for me, Daichi and me are perfect for each other!)

  1. Lovers
  2. Nothing gets past you!
  3. Its really funny!
  4. Katsuragi saved me.
  5. Are you bad with women?
  6. Green Tea
  7. I’ll hold an umbrella for you
  8. Try harder
  9. Pretend you didnt hear
  10. Don’t leave me
  11. You’re right…
  12. Only Katsuragi can hug me.
  13. I can drink more,
  14. Pretend to be asleep.
  15. The man who attacked me with the car?
  16. Refuse.
  17. I’ll go.
  18. Sneak a peak.
  19. Apologize
  20. Look outside
  21. Plead with the man
  22. I’m worried about Midori
  23. I’m going too
  24. Run to Midori
  25. You’re not boring me!
  26. thank you
  27. They fought with sabers.
  28. I’m staying here.
LOL, Kosugi is THE BEST and so is Chief's Cheesy Smile

LOL, Kosugi is THE BEST and so is Chief’s Cheesy Smile

I have to say right from the beginning I loved this story. Why? Because Kosugi started belting out Whitney Houstons “ANNNNNNDDD IIIIIII WIILLLLLL ALLLWAAAAAYYYSSS LOOOOOOOVEE YOOOOU” From the movie ‘The Bodyguard’ I instantly could not breathe I was laughing so loud and hard. She even magically changes instantly into a different outfit every time she sings it! IT KILLS ME EVERY TIME. I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler and if It ruins the surprise for ya’ll I’m sorry. Its just so damn hilarious I had to share it. And yes, I am old enough to have watched and loved this movie (which came out in 1992 btw) and thats why I find it so funny. Watch it by the way, its great for an old movie where they kiss funny and wear really retro 90’s fashion. Despite that, it is such a good love story.

Anyways lets get back to my love story with Daichi. On the outside he is so Serious, Strong and responsible. But because he’s so awkward and geeky when it comes to women it makes him so adorable. Almost like the ’40 Year Old Virgin’ (from the movie of the same name), except younger, and way hotter and way more successful. I’m pretty sure Daichi’s not a virgin either, but he is so innocent for a big burly man and it just makes me feel like I want to eat him up and corrupt him…LOL. Yes, It sounds perverted, its because I am, and don’t deny that you are too! You play the same games as I do!

Me giving attitude to the ridiculous looking bad guy...

Me giving attitude to the ridiculous looking bad guy…

He turns out to be such a sweet guy that you really cant help falling in love with him. I like that the MC in this story is more persistent and forward with her pursuit of Daichi then she is in most other characters stories. Usually it just kinda happens and you end up falling in love. I feel in this story she’s a little more like… ok I fell in love with him, I want to make him mine! Not that much forward but you can tell the difference between the other stories.

I’m a bit disappointed with the pictures, the first one looks exactly like just his sprite.  But the the Happy ending pictures and the ones where you are in the picture are decent. He writes such cute sweet emails too! Even though he’s awkward sometimes his feelings for you really come through to touch your heart. Thats what makes this story really amazing.

Subaru & Kaiji’s route still are my favourites, but Katsuragi despite him not being my type gets a competitive bronze metal. He’s so awesome and his route is just FANTASTIC.  I’d definitely reread this over and over again.

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My Cute Crossdressing Bodyguard! Sora Hirosue- My Sweet Bodyguard Walkthrough Review

Introduction Screen Main Story

Introduction Screen Main Story

I was more excited to play Sora’s story more than Subaru’s so when I finished Subaru’s story. Sora’s story had some high hopes of being better than My romantic dream come true that was Subaru’s story. Sora is so adorable looking as well, and playing a side story in the GREE version with him made me really like his personality. I totally didn’t know what I was in-for.

This story was purchased through the game via iTunes. It includes 15 chapters of story and two endings – a good and a happy ending. Tour choices in the game determine how good of an ending you get. It also includes 5 pictures and 4 emails from Sora in the story.

Here is my walk-through on how I got my happy ending. Play it first and see what ending you got then you can compare it to my answers. I didn’t get the Happy ending on the first try…and you’ll understand why in my review.

  1. I’m sorry…
  2. I trust you…
  3. It was cheap
  4. Order a normal meal.
  5. Compliment him
  6. Lovers.
  7. a dress
  8. Cover for Sora
  9. I want my Bodyguard. Sora.
  10. Ask what’s Happening.
  11. Hug him
  12. I did take it seriously
  13. Thank you.
  14. Is that true?
  15. I’m sorry!
  16. Are you cleaning it?
  17. So Cute!
  18. I trust Sora
  19. Sora
  20. It’ll be Okay
  21. I have no Worries!
  22. Smile
  23. Sounds like fun!
  24. What about you?
  25. I was worried about you!
  26. Really?
  27. A dress
  28. Are you Jealous

I was so unbelievably shocked about this story. Not in a good way either. If you have read my reviews before you understand that I am PASSIONATE about how much I hate Riki’s personality from ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ and I think Sora has totally honestly and brutally TRUMPED RIKI. If you take Riki’s obnoxious cocky personality and make him a cross-dresser and make him a lot less responsible and cool you get Sora. Riki is also more handsome than Sora, and He’s not as much of a playboy as Sora believe it or not. Sora has totally been around town and he constantly has girls calling him, AND he’s constantly using his ‘charming flattering words’ on you which I think is totally disgusting. It’s like one of those guys that says something flattering to you and your thinking in your head..  “UGH if there was anyone here, even the ugliest chick in the world in my place right now – he would still be spewing the exact same BS he’s saying right now to her.”  Its funny because at least Riki seems honest, and he is brutally honest about his opinions, like when he calls me a PRUDE all the time.  Sora just feels like he’s full of BS to me.

Sora is totally reliable though, which is good and even though I think he’s full of **** all the time he can be sincere too… it’s just really hard to pick it out of the rest of the stuff he says. And I’d probably like him a lot more if there weren’t like a million girls calling him 24/7. I’m a jealous Yandere type. That stuff doesn’t swing with me. I’ll totally lose it. LOL. I guess its his hairstyle and facial expressions but when I imagine him talking I imagine Heisuke’s voice from ‘Hakuouki’. That totally makes me see hearts and stars because I love Heisuke’s cuteness.  I wouldn’t like Sora’s personality if he was really my bodyguard but I would trust him with my life.  He does a lot of amazing things in this story and he does have a really positive attitude. And he is extremely cute – but personally I love Hiro from ‘Love letter from Thief X’ More. They are similar characters but he Hiro doesn’t have as many faults in his personality as Sora does and he’s so much cuter! To be honest, Hiro doesn’t have any faults in his personality – hes the perfect fun-loving easygoing flirty guy.

The 5 pictures you get for Sora, are all very cute. I especially love the one in chapter 14 and the Happy ending picture. The happy ending picture is so Romantic! I got only 4 emails from this story which was really disappointing. I don’t know if it was because of my choices or what, because I’ve never got so little emails before. Sora’s emails are long and so cute however so I cherished reading each of them. These 4 emails from Sora beat Riki’s horde of useless emails lol.

Would I play Sora’s Main story over? Maybe, if I started dating someone or being friends with someone similar…just so I can yell at Sora in my head and blow off steam haha. I’m hoping with the Epilogue and other stories he wont be as obnoxious because like I said earlier – I liked him when I played the short story in the GREE game so we will have to see.

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My Sexy Strong Man-Wife !? Subaru Ichiyanagi – My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthrough Review

Main Story Info Screen

Main Story Info Screen

I was having a huge debate inside my head on who’s story to pick after i finished Kaiji’s. One one hand there is Subaru who seems like hes super cool and has potential to be a great story and totally be super sexy and take my heart away.. but he totally reminded me of hoe much I liked Riki before I played his story, which made me scared. On the other hand there is Sora who reminds me of Hiro obviously becuase he crossdresses and is really bubbly. I thought I would like him more then Subaru because he was so adorable and I played a side story in the GREE version with him and I loved him there. He was super sweet! However I thought hiro’s story was a bit flat so I was scared that I would be disappointed with this one as well.

I ended up picking Subaru first, hoping that I wouldnt end up trashing my room in anger becuase it would turn out like Riki’s story. I’m so glad I did this story. Subaru doesnt even compare to Riki he is so amazing.

Like all other voltage stories I bought this one for $3.99 and it comes with 15 Episodes a Good ending and a Happy ending. The type of ending you get depends on the choices you make in the game. It also features 5 Reward Pictures and 5 emails that you get from your chosen character.

To be honest I don’t know if its even necessary to walkthrough this new style of game anymore. Once you finish the story and get whichever ending you get (I’ve always only got the good ending frost with all three of these) when you go to choose a character again you can just go click on the ending you didn’t get and watch it without replaying the whole thing again. It’s convenient… but I like to work for my happy endings, so I’ve got mixed feelings about that.

Here it is!

  1. How long have you been a bodyguard?
  2. I’m not crying!
  3. Happily give him the bags.
  4. Yes, sir!
  5. That’s great!
  6. Tell him it is delicious.
  7. I’m Surprised.
  8. You’d have made a good prince
  9. You always get mad at me.
  10. Apologize.
  11.  Ask if he’s lonely
  12. Thank you.
  13. The item near your hand.
  14. I’m nervous…
  15. Your home is amazing!
  16. Do I look cute?
  17. of course!
  18. I want to stay at Subaru’s.
  19. I’m fine…
  20. yes…
  21. Thanks, Everyone!
  22. My life is in Danger.
  23. Of course he doesn’t!
  24. You’re always ready for anything.
  25. I have to do it.
  26. Okey.
  27. Cut the Green!
  28. Where did you go?

Subaru Ichiyanagi SuitSo, I cant decide which story or Character  I like more, Kaiji or Subaru. They are both super awesome and such different personalities. Subaru is like the dream husband – Sexy, clean, sweet and its such a bonus he’s so good at all the girly things! That totally kills me – its like having a super manly sexy metrosexual guy as a husband who loves to clean. (And its not a creepy compulsive excessive clean like Takao from My forged Wedding) I’d need someone who is neat as my partner… I am like Saeki (from My forged Wedding) I am literally a tornado that has a gift/talent of making a room messy in no time flat! It’s subconscious and  unintentional, but for some reason I cant stop myself from doing it LOL. Subaru has such an amazing personality. He is definitely a very strong alpha-male figure but he has such a cute/girly side to him too. In fact I’m pretty sure he is more girly than Sora even though he doesn’t cross-dress haha. I really cant say anything bad about him at all. Although he can be very cocky, it is fun giving him retorts and he’s fun to joke around with.



The story was great in this one as usual. There is lots of action and excitement. The MC is quite brave in this story too which I like. I’m not a fan of playing extremely passive characters. the confession is one of my favourites as well, it has the right amount of emotion to touch your heart without being overwhelming. It was such a happy moment for me, and I especially loved the happy ending. The good ending was pretty good too.

I got only 5 Emails from this story which is the Shortest number of emails I’ve gotten from a main story. I loved them all though, you can see how much of a great guy Subaru is in the emails he sends. The pictures are good they make him look very handsome and they are drawn really well.  But I especially loved the Happy Ending picture and the picture we get in Episode 3. Episode 3’s picture is so cute and the Happy Ending Picture is drool worthy and extra spicy!

I love this outfit on Subaru too - Really sexy

I love this outfit on Subaru too – Really sexy

Kaiji wins because he is realistically more my type, but Subaru is so damn amazing! I would definately play this story again when I have a chance.

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My First And Forever Love Kaiji Akizuki My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthough Review

Information Screen for Kaiji

Information Screen for Kaiji

I chose to do Kaiji first because I knew that he was MC’s Childhood friends and I tend to love those type of stories (like Prince Gle from ‘Be my Princess’ and Tatsuro from ‘Love Letter from Thief X’). From what I gathered from the GREE version and from the prologue he is super fun to be around!

I bought this story on the iTunes Appstore for $3.99. It includes 15 chapters in the story, 5 pictures and 10 emails (at least to my knowledge). There are two endings (a Good and a Happy Ending) to the story depending on the choices you make in the game.

Here is my Walkthrough – there are different ways you can get the happy ending so try it for yourself first:

  1. This is all new to me!
  2. Sorry for making you come
  3. Im trying my best
  4. Agree with him
  5. Do you want to sleep on the bed?
  6. Okey
  7. Talk about Judo
  8. I can see why you like living alone.
  9. Do I look okay?
  10. Play Make Believe.
  11. Is my beauty making you nervous?
  12. Subaru! Be careful!
  13. I understand enough!
  14. Take Kaiji’s hankie.
  15. I’m sorry…
  16. Did you compliment me?
  17. is your foot ok?
  18. We were talking about you.
  19. Can we go?
  20. Stare at Kaiji.
  21. Ask him to repeat it.
  22. This is really creepy
  23. You look really buff!
  24. Are you joking?
  25. I don’t remember…
  26. Okey
  27. Im fine.
  28. Step in fromt of Kaiji

I just love Kaiji’s personality! He is so fun to be with, he could not only be a great boyfriend but a great guy best friend too! of course I would never settle for having an awesome guy like Kaiji as just a friend though. He has a pretty realistic personality which is good and it totally helps that he’s super hot and super strong! His sprite however majority of the time looks kinda angry and big-eyed lol, which kinda puts me off but, the Reward Pictures of him are AWESOME and he looks so SUPER COOL! They are drawn really well, and make me feel all giddy inside. HAHA.

The story was great, I was super funny and light hearted story. I really liked how Kaiji’s and MC’s relationship blossomed on this story too, it was so natural like they were totally destined to be together. the pace of the story was good and the Side Characters like Mariko and The Triple Flower Sisters are ridiculously funny. I also like how MC is really bold character in this story, she’s cool and nice but when stuff goes down she becomes really brave.

I got 5 Pictures from this story, Im not sure if there are more that I missed because of the layout it doesnt show me if I have missed any, They are ALL AWESOME, and kaiji looks so super cool in them. I want to point out though that they aren’t the usual size images that are great for Phone wallpapers anymore. Thats a bit disappointing. I love fangirling over these pictures they are that good in my opinion. The 10 emails that I got were very short, but cute. Kaiji doesn’t seem like the person to leave love extravagant messages anyways. He’s a ‘doer’ not a talker, so I wasn’t really surprised.

For my first ‘My Sweet Bodyguard’ story I really liked and enjoyed this one. I would play it again later on and I think if anyone enjoys “childhood friend” type stories they will really enjoy this one.  I’m torn between playing Subaru (who seems SUPER cool but a lot like Riki to make me feel uncomfortable) and Sora..whom I played with in the GREE version for a event in which I totally loved his personality! He reminds me so much of Hiro from ‘Love Letter from Thief X’ – bubbly and super fun!