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The Ryoichi Hirose Special! Seduced In The Sleepless City – Review

Aphotofter watching that video of Ryoichi last night (in this post), and this morning ….and several other times throughout the day – I decided to open up the game ‘Seduced in the Sleepless City‘ again and play it again. as I was going through the specials page I realized that there was a new Ryoichi Hirose Special that I totally didn’t realize was there before!  I got super excited and bought it right away! Here is the review for this special!

This special includes 3 Chapters with one ending. there is no choices you have to make in this special so you just have to read along like a normal visual novel. it comes with one email and one CG.

I completely understood why Ryoichi was voted in Japan the most popular of all voltage characters (at least that’s what I think that video was for. They had a vote last year for all the characters to battle in popularity) He is the most realistic, and has the sexiest personality because he’s such a tease. And you completely see all this and more in this short story.  Even though I wasn’t able to make this story my own by being able to make outcome changing choices in it, I felt very satisfied about how the main characters role in this story was so crucial to a happy ending. She is truly the heroine in this story other than a supporting character.

Also Ryoichi teases you so much more than any character I’ve played other than Goemon from Shall We Date: Ninja Love. He loves to be affectionate and make out in public and is so suggestive and sexy even in public. It totally excites me and is more like the more passionate relationships we have here in North American Culture. But at the same time he is super romantic, which is something that I find North American culture has completely killed, to replace solely with sex.

Combining the romance, sexiness and the fact that the heroine saves the day it makes it a #1 ranked Special! The CG was great, a beautiful and passionate picture that I was very happy to receive and the email was sweet and sexy!

“I’ll thank you with my body later. Look forward to it!”

That line should totally be enough to make you want to get this!  It was totally worth it if you are a Ryoichi Fan!


Ryoichi Hirose – Voltage Official Video! I’ve Died and Gone to HEAVEN!

An angel came down from heaven and posted this video  on Facebook that is on Voltage’s Official Youtube Channel! I DIED WHEN I WATCHED IT! Hirose is one of my favourite characters in Seduced in the Sleepless City. In fact i think he is my favourite character! Him and Satsuki Kitaoji are a very close match in my books – but anyway, back to the video.

Everything in this video is PERFECT. I’ve always longed to see these characters in the games in animation, with voices and everything and this video answered my prayers!

His voice is PERFECT!

The drawing was PERFECT!

They picked the perfect lines for him to say in this to completely KNOCK ME OUT.

And the last bit where he says “You’re not going to sleep tonight. I love You”  I swear I completely died of blood loss because I couldn’t stop my nose from bleeding! 

Seriously, Voltage needs to come out with more videos like this!

For anyone who hasn’t played Ryoichi’s Route yet, then you’re missing out! I will put up a walkthrough & review in the next few days for you all, after I’ve watched this video for the 1 millionth time…. If only i could change Siri’s voice to his on my phone… or just implant his voice somehow in my head so when i play and read it….ahh i can only dream~~

To Download Voltage’s Seduced in the Sleepless City 
for iPhone & iPod Touch and iPad

for Android from GooglePlay