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I’ve Fallen For A Legendary Ninja – Shall We Date: Ninja Love – Hattori Hanzo Main Story – Walkthrough Review

Shall We Date Ninja Love - Hattori Hanzo Main Story

Poor Hanzo… Goemon is so Blunt.

I was so excited that this finally came out! I have played this story in December of 2012 when it game out in the GREE version and loved it but because of the nature of GREE version i would not be able to play it again without going through a lot of annoying hassles etc. So i decided to wait until they came out with the story in the paid app version.

I bought this story in the ‘Shall we Date: Ninja Love’ app (which I bought previously for 4.99 CAD from the apple appstore) for $3.99 CAD. Hanzo’s story is 7 Chapters long includes 3 reward pictures and no in-app emails. His story starts AFTER the end of the war against Nobunaga, which would be the ending of all other main character stories. So is Hanzo stealing you all to himself after the war is said and done?! If you haven’t played Ninja Love previously I think it would make sense to play one of the other characters main story first so you understand exactly what’s going on. It’s not necessary but it helps.

I think there are two endings to this story (because there are two endings in the GREE version which was exactly the same) – A Happy ending and Normal ending.  Unlike a lot of voltage game questions the answers in this game sometimes aren’t as obvious. The nice thing about this game is when you pick the correct answer it gives you a sign that its correct! A sparkle animation and a cute sparkle sound.  Honestly If it weren’t for that I’d probably never get the Happy ending in any of the stories!

Here are the answers I chose in order to get a happy ending.

  1. You should get angry.
  2. You’re not scary
  3. I’m naked !
  4. You’re like an older brother
  5. I can’t Leave you here.
  6. She’s a wonderful woman. (*not right answer)
Shall We Date Ninja Love - Hattori Hanzo Main Story

Hanzo buries his feelings because of the danger he fears he will bring me

I have played this story already, through the GREE version of ‘ShallWeDate: NinjaLove’. I HATE GREE, because it goes so slow through the story that it would take me months to finish! I cannot stand it so I ended up having to buying riceballs and passports going through this route and ended up probably paying $30 just to go through this route only once! Yeah I’m crazy, but I love Hanzo and this story was so exciting. And That DAMN GREE, once I finished I could not replay it without going through that horror again! So I’ve been waiting patiently for NNT Solomare to come out with the update to this paid version of the game. Finally after 6 months of waiting they released it Yesterday! I bought it so that I could replay it whenever I feel like it.

Although this story is only half as long as the other main character stories there is no shortage of action and romance in it. This is why I like NinjaLove – Add an element of death and war to a story and it makes it 100 times more romantic.  It takes you on a wilder rollercoaster than any other type of more realistic story out there. The story is written well and has all the elements of all the other Ninja Love stories in it.

Shall We Date Ninja Love - Hattori Hanzo Main Story

It makes me want him even more!

Hanzo is just super amazing! He is a Legendary Ninja and is so overly polite and strict when it comes to you. He is the total opposite of Goemon who is a ladies man. In fact you are included in his missions because he is unsocialable and scary looking! However he is so sweet and caring although he is very good at restraining his feelings. I could not help but feel an extreme feeling of lonliness at times in this story because he would restrain himself so much from showing his feelings to me. Once he shows his cute side though, it makes me feel hungry for more. By the (happy) ending his change in personality towards you and him fully showing his feelings for you is incredibly… HOT! XD I can’t believe someone who is so reserved and disciplined could be the way he was at the end. Kind of reminds me of Kotaro who is my favourite character.  It’s so hot I want to melt into a puddle of MOE! (There’s my inner Renge trying to come out)

He has 3 reward pictures and again they are the same as in the Gree version. They are all very good as in all Ninja Love pictures; no game has come close to having as beautiful pictures as ninja love. My favourite is the first, you get to see Hanzo’s beautiful smile, which really does make my heart flutter. Again the last picture as I probably tweeted before, is good as well. Hanzo looks very sexy in it but the MC has such a stupid smile that it kind of throws the whole picture off. It is kind of disappointing.

Shall We Date Ninja Love - Hattori Hanzo Main Story

This definitely…

Shall We Date Ninja Love - Hattori Hanzo Main Story

Is the Best side of Hanzo!

I really enjoyed this story the second time around. Even more so because now I can play it over and over again without GREE taking hundreds of dollars from my wallet!  I definitely would play this story again and recommend it to anyone who enjoyed playing the other Ninja Love Stories.

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My Quiet Sweet Ren Shibasaki! Main Story Walkthrough & Review – My forged Wedding

Ren Shibasaki My forged Wedding - Information Screen

Information Screen for Ren Shibasaki’s Main Story

I couldn’t wait to share this Walkthrough and Review to all of you! It was my excuse to get to play it again! My Favourite Voltage Character and Route of all games so far is Ren Shibasaki – and this goes for ALL of Ren’s Routes, they are all equally good!

Like all other Voltage main stories I bought this one for  $3.99 CAD. This included 15 chapters of the story, 6 Reward Pictures, and 15 emails. There are two different endings. You are able to get  the “Happy Ending” or a “SUPER Happy Ending” depending on your choices as the main character in the story.

Walkthrough for My  Super Happy Ending: (there are other ways to get the Super happy ending too, so try it on your own first! see if you get it.)

  1. Wait for him to look away
  2. Have Him Carry it
  3. ‘Do you hate me?’
  4. Chop the onion
  5. hide under the blanket
  6. Hold his arm
  7. ‘Are you sure you want to lie?’
  8. Turn your face
  9. Morning Sweetie
  10. Ren’s policy
  11. apologize profusely
  12. Give the seat to Ren
  13. Thanks
  14. I don’t know either
  15. Dont say anything
  16. Thank you for waiting for me
  17. “Of course I’ll go”
  18. “thank you for helping my fiancé”
  19. I want you to prioritize yourself
  20. Tell the truth
  21. talk to ren
  22. squeeze his hand
  23. just smile
  24. you don’t  trust me?”
  25.  why are you asking this
  26. stand in front of ren
  27. did the best to smile
  28. I don’t let him know
Ren's Adorable Smile!

Ren’s Adorable Smile!

AHH REN! This route is my favourite Route of any Voltage game OF ALL TIME. This was the first route I played of this game and it made me fall in love with this particular game! This game is tied with Be My Princess as my favourite Voltage game. It was a sweet story right from the beginning and Ren totally captured my heart with his quiet and sweet personality of his. There are only two Character routes that ever made me actually cry, even through the second or third time playing. Ren Shibasaki’ s route and Kotaro Fuma’s Route from “Shall We date: Ninja Love.” This story IS THAT GOOD, that not only it made me so emotionally involved enough to actually outright uncontrollably cry my eyes out, but I enjoyed this story so much that even the second and third time through it was as exciting as the very first time.  Like one of those classic movies that each of us  love so much that we have watched 30-40 times already but never get sick of it! 

Ren is PERFECT. The way he is drawn, his personality, the way he treats MC, his shortcomings and his strengths – they all speak to me in ways that no other character has before. The way the story plays out in my mind is so vivid, and exciting, it was well written, thoughtful and exciting.  His Sprite’s emotions are all so cute and sexy, and go along with his personality so well, and it just adds so much to the story. The reward pictures are AMAZING, some of Voltage’s best art I’ve seen and they show MC’s relationship with Ren perfectly, and all of Ren’s cute expressions perfectly. My heart literally starts dancing every time I look at those pictures. AND THE EMAILS HE SENDS YOU!!!! Ren is just so full of love and… if there was a man out there like him in every way i would hop on a plane to search for him! That is how AMAZING Ren and his Route are! I’m so excited I can’t even write a proper review on it, other than just saying,”PLAY IT NOW! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIE FOREVER!” lol.

Ren's Cute "I hate broccoli' look!

Ren’s Cute “I hate broccoli’ look!

This Route I will definitely play it again, if not tomorrow and the next day and next day. I might not even ever get sick of it. We will see with time, but this is definitely one of my favourite of all time. HANDS DOWN.

I will need to make time to draw some beautiful fanart of Ren soon!