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The F1 Love Gamble! Noel Aijima Spinoff ‘Notes From The Race’ Review (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

photo(2)I finally got around to reading this story even though I bought it right when it came out! I’m not a big Noel fan at first but this story might have changed my mind…

This special was bought on the iTunes App store for $2.99CAD. It’s purely a Visual novel story so there are no choices to be made in this story. It is 3 episodes long and you get one Reward Picture and there is only one ending.

I was on the Fence about how much I liked Noel’s personality in his main story (at least that’s what I remembered, I’ve played it only once and a few weeks ago). But his relationship and his attitude and personality towards MC in this has improved. He’s very casual laid back and he teases her a lot in this story. He becomes very bold and places a huge wager in this story that could end his career for the sake of defending MC! What a great story, I found it very pleasant and exciting and there was a big climax in my opinion. And even after the climax Noel keeps your heart on the edge till the very end of the story! It’s almost disappointing they ended it like that because your just left wanting so much more!

The picture on the other hand I wasn’t a big fan of. It could have had more emotion on Noel’s face, but I find a lot of the art in this particular game not as good as the ones in ‘Be My Princess’ or ‘My Forged Wedding’ anyway so I wasn’t surprised.

I like this story enough to be playing it again randomly when I have time. Its short, exciting, and sweet. Noel gets a huge part of my heart dedicated to him because of his story. I hope you like it too!