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My Top 5 favourite Beauty Gurus – Makeup Madness!

Want to learn about Makeup FREE? These are my Top Favourite Beauty Gurus that I follow and have learned everything from! – Youtube Beauty Channel & VLOG Channel & Twitter

Suzi has to be my favourite beauty & style guru. Her style of makeup, hair and fashion is very similar to what I like which means every tutorial that she comes out with I will watch in excitement. She has the AsianDoll/Punk/Gyaru style that I have always been into and I’ve always strived for. I get so much great information from her tutorials, and very honest opinions on products that I am interested in – She uses a lot of asian cosmetics, and also a lot of drugstore products. I’ve gone out to buy so many things that she has recommended that I have fallen in love with. I’ve been following her for a VERY long time and I haven’t even gotten close to ever getting bored with her channel. Her VLOG channel is amazing too very entertaining and she has the most darling fiancé. It’s great to watch her have fun in her every day life!

Pixiwoo – – &
Sam’s Twitter & Nic’s Twitter

Sam & Nic from Pixiwoo are honestly the most knowledgeable, most skilled, and most versatile of any makeup artist I’ve seen on Youtube. They upload several times a week, with amazing in-depth tutorials and every look in itself is unique and different from all the others. They use a wide variety of products from high-end to drugstore to fit anyones budget. They also give thorough opinions on the products that they use, and suggestions for dupes etc. They also have the most sweetest personalities! I love watching their videos!

ItsJudyTime – YouTube  & Twitter

Pinay Power! This beautiful fellow Filipino goes out of her way to do very extensive reviews and trials of requested & popular products to share with her followers which I think is the greatest thing IN THE WORLD. I see one or two every week, and these are important to me because her skin type (oily combination skin) and her skin tone (beautiful Philippine Tanned skin). Not to mention she does amazing makeup tutorials that suit my skin type & colour  and some really awesome but easy hair tutorials.

HollyAnnAereeHollyannaeree’s Blogspot & Youtube & Twitter

Holly is the Makeup Queen! She buys, owns and reviews makeup so frequently that her videos sometimes can get up to 30 min long! She is very good at voicing her opinion about products and also because she is a little more tanned, the products that she wears will complement my skin pretty well. She has a similar style in makeup and fashion as me as well and she loves neutral eye palettes and nude/slightly pink lips as much as I do. So if she’s raving about a product I will FLY OUT THE DOOR RIGHT AWAY AND GET IT! She’s got an amazing personality as well and does great up-close eye makeup tutorials.

  Jen * & Youtube & Twitter

Jen is a korean cutie with beautiful fair skin and great sense of style when it comes to makeup and clothes. She does a lot of tutorials on popular asian makeup trends and I especially love her K-Pop makeup tutorials. I also look forward to her monthly hits & misses videos because she is honest in her opinion and she has acne prone sensitive skin, which I also have trouble with.  She also uses a lot of drugstore and asian makeup which I really like to see used, and reviewed so that when I go out of my way to find and buy them I will not be disappointed or waste my money. I prefer asian makeup to Western, because it suits my skin and makeup needs better.

So those are my Top 5 Beauty Gurus from YouTube! I owe them and other gurus for teaching me about makeup. I basically went from knowing nothing about makeup to knowing so much that my friends and coworkers are fascinated by how well I do my makeup! I hope you enjoyed this article and check out these amazing gurus! You will definitely learn a great deal from them!

(*The pictures of them don’t belong to me no copyright infringement intended)