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Blake Belladonna Cosplay with Don Dolce Photography – RWBY – Unplugged Expo

Blake Belladonna RWBY Cosplay Unplugged Expo 06Here is another shoot set I got recently by my good friend Don Dolce Photography.  These were taken at “Unplugged Expo A weekend of Awesome 3” in Toronto in September. I was so busy with school at the time because my semesters go straight through summer and are 4 months long so my final performances were basically all on the week before. Me being terrible at memorizing scripts and such had to put all my effort and 100% of my time that I had out of school and work into practicing and memorizing. So basically I had 4 days (outside of work shifts) to make this cosplay.

Considering that I had no clue whatsoever how I would even tackle Blake’s weapon “Gambol Shroud” I was beyond STRESSED. I looked up a bunch of tutorials and with lots of blood sweat and tears managed to pull it together by Thursday afternoon and start painting it. I ended up putting the details on the boots as well.  That left Friday after my work shift to run over to fabric land to pick up one or two missing items for my cosplay (I had purchased all my fabric for blake earlier in the year) and to start and finish all the sewing. I got home and mentally prepared myself for self-sweatshop-torture and started my costume at 7pm-ish, scared out of my mind that I wouldn’t be able to finish it even if i stayed up all night. I ended up finishing at 9am as happy as a clam got an hour of sleep, got up at 10 got the costume on, packed and rushed over to the con for Noon. I ended up doing my makeup on the Subway ride there. HAHA. Truly a miracle.

Blake Belladonna RWBY Cosplay Unplugged Expo 04

Hanging out with my RBWY Group was truly fun! Ruby was Digirin Cosplay, Weiss was Joyride and Yang was Bamzy Cosplay. I will put up pictures of our group shots that were shot my Alex O Niell Photography soon.

Back to this shoot, We shot this at a beautiful location called Osgoode Hall which is right next to Toronto City Hall. And with the help of my friend Kronicle Cosplay being Don’s assistant with the lighting they took these beautiful breathtaking pictures. I am still in awe with how amazing these pictures are and how much I was happy about how this cosplay turned out despite literally rushing through it overnight.

For more on Don Dolce Photography Visit his website here
and his Facebook page here 

For more information as well as WIP on cosplay and more like my Page here for updates!

OtomeJunkie Featured on the Cosplayers Canada Blog for AnimeNorth! YAY for Utena Tenjou Cosplay

OtomeJunkie Utena Tenjou Revolutionary Girl Utena Cosplay Costume

I got Photographed by a very talented Photographer from ASPhotography during Anime North and I happened to go on his blog Today to find my Picture up! Its a very beautiful picture and I am very happy for him to share it with everyone. His blog features Cosplayers from around NorthAmerica. I had a lot of fun posing for the camera and stuff and his pictures are very good. He will be sending me 2 pictures as well of my cosplay later on and I will post them up when I get them but for now please check out his blog for my feature =)

“Utena Tenjo from Revolutionary Girl Utena by the amazing Otome Junkie”