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Prince Keith’s Domineering Love! Be My Princess Sequel – Walkthough & Review!


The Ultimate Arrogant Prince Keith, I loved the way he was so overly Tsundere in his Main Story, Its a rollercoaster of super upsetting moments and super charged Romance! I hoped that this Sequel would be just as exciting as the Main Story.

Just like the others, this sequel I bought on the iTunes app store for 3.99. It includes 2 seperate stories and is altogether 8 chapters with a Bonus Epilogue if you get happy endings for the stories. There are two endings for each story; a Good and Happy. And you are are rewarded with 4 VERY HANDSOME pictures and 6 emails.

Here is the Happy Ending Walkthorugh! if you have a hard time doing it on your own. (I didn’t get a happy ending first time I did Princess training)

Princess Training

  1. That probably wont do anything
  2. Place hand on Keith’s
  3. This is going to be fun!
  4. It’s alright
  5. Ask Prince Keith to do it
  6. What are you two doing here?
  7. Prince Keith
  8. I cant Take that

Royal Legend

  1. Respond
  2. Are there two people who made it?
  3. Bow Towards Mr Kanemasa
  4. Ask about the photos

Princess training was good, It’s so FRUSTRATING having to deal with Keith’s attitude towards other people sometimes that it drives me INSANE! My boyfriend (who isn’t a prince obviously) can be just as arrogant and rude sometimes to people that it brought back some really bad real life situations in my mind as well.  But like Keith to me hes full of so much love and passion that can make me completely forgive and forget his shortcomings. This story turned out to be really exciting! I’m very happy that the writers of this story chose to give Keith a good challenge with those orphan kids, it made it very fun and amusing living through Keith’s and the kids arguments. Makes a girl fall in love with him all over again!

Royal Legend was ok in my opinion – I did like Princess Training a bit more. It was also super frustrating having to deal with the arguments of two very stubborn people and having to me in the middle of it trying to think rationally and trying to make progress. I liked how it tied into how me and prince Keith first met. But other than that, i guess it was because we were learning about someone else romance I thought it was kinda boring. It’s nice, but I’d rather honestly read a story about my relationship with my prince instead of someone elses. HAHA, that makes me sound really selfish  but that’s pretty much how I felt.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures given in this sequel. Maybe its because Prince Keith is so tall dark and handsome with his super lovely green eyes…they do an excellent job of capturing Keiths essence, and fitting the pictures in each of the stories. The emails I got were AMAZING, especially the last one we got for Princess Training…”To tell you the truth I can’t wait to meet our first child.”  – OMG this made me drown in a sea of hearts that were flowing out of my eyes!

I might play this one again, It was worth my money alone my just the pictures and the feeling of going through the story once. Trying to play it again so soon to make the walkthrough made it kind of boring though, so it isn’t the best stories of all time. It’s one of those story types that get boring once you know the outcomes. But I still liked it and I hope you do too.

Happy Valentines Day Fanart!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you are all doing well and are full of lots of love! Not just for your mate but for your friends and family too!

Fanart for my BF

Fanart for my BF

Today’s Fanart is of me and my Boyfriend. Technically I guess it counts as an original work but I’m a huge fan of him so I like calling it Fanart! I decided to make one for him about a week and a half ago and got really excited and spent a lot of nights staying up colouring it. I’m pleased with the result, and I am actually on the way to get it printed and framed right now so I can give it to him tonight

I probably spent 14 hours on this drawing, with both of their hair being the most time consuming part – probably 5 hours for each characters hair alone. I’m happy the way it turned out so I hope he likes it and I hope you’ll like it as well! I added the text so that I could put this version on the Blog, but the one I printed at Black’s and framed has no text. Im contemplating if i should sign it on the front or on the back or on the whites of the frame. We will see. I was worried how it would turn out in a 8×10 print but im super happy the way it printed too =) Plus 8×10 prints are on sale for a Dollar Each! It was totally fate for me to do this for him =)

Here is the picture Framed and everything! Will be giving it to him in a few hours , I know he doesnt look at my blog at all so its safe to post without ruining the surprise! Have a great day Everyone~

Happy Valentines Day !