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My Fairytale Prince – Roberto Sequel Walkthrough & Review – Be My Princess

Roberto is such a  true fairytale prince, which is why when his  sequel came out  alongside Glen’s I decided to play his first! I was quite frustrated in the main story because it took him a long time to reveal his true feelings so I was curious on how different our relationship would be in the sequel (I say ‘our’ because i am the main character after all ^^) Like all other Sequels in  the non-gree version of Be My Princess this was 3.99 for 8 chapters of Roberto-love plus an epilogue. The 8 chapters are split into 2 stories,with 2 character pictures each and 7 emails altogether. There are 2 endings for each story; A good ending and a Happy ending.

Here is my Walkthrough on how I achieved happy endings for both stories. Play it once first with your own choices (because it’s a lot of fun that way!) and see if you get it. If you don’t you can follow the walkthrough.

Princess Training:

  1. Explain
  2. Sit down and eat
  3. Reach out and grab it
  4. Get a hold of yourself
  5. Talk about the photo in the archive
  6. Worry
  7. It’s dangerous you need to leave
  8. Peek inside

Royal Legend:

  1. I’m sure there’s a way to open it
  2. It’s about the music box…
  3. I understand
  4. You’ll break it doing that.

Roberto is so easygoing and casual and yet he’s still very passionate and sensitive to little things. I love this about his character, and how he’s just radiating his love to you all the time. If I was allergic to romance, I would definitely die of anaphylactic shock from Roberto.

The first story is my favourite of the two, in my opinion it has the most action and danger in all the stories I’ve read in the game, and that includes main stories as well. It started out a bit slow but really picked up and kept me on the edge. The ending of this story was beautiful, but I thought they could have been more creative in the final picture in this story. It was a bit of a disappointment for me.

Royal Legend  was a bit slow, because its more of an emotional story about his past and his mother. It’s great to have these stories too but  maybe if they put it before the action packed story I would have enjoyed it more. I liked it because it really shows Roberto’s sensitive side. And the last picture was my favourite of all the pictures.

I found the sequel as a whole decent. The first one being super awesome, and the second one a little slow but still very heartfelt and touching. The pictures were ok but a little too similar to each other in my opinion. I did really like the last one though. The Emails I got were good,but sometimes I feel that  Roberto is too romantic to be realistic sometimes…maybe I’m just completely jaded from all the horrible men I’ve interacted with. It almost makes me upset when I think about how unromantic real men are. So he does give me mixed feelings. However, I will read this story again and I do really like Roberto because he is truly the fairytale prince I’ve always dreamt about.

My Handsome Young Prince! Glen Casiraghi Sequel – Be my Princess – Walkthrough Review


I WAS SO EXCITED! Glen is my Favourite character out of all the characters in Voltage’s Be My Princess, So when I found out that this came out I BOUGHT IT RIGHT AWAY. Like all the other Be My Princess sequels this one cost $3.99 CAD in the iTunes app-store,  and includes 8 chapters split into two stories with a bonus Epilogue at the end if you get the happy ending. For each Story there is 2 endings; a Good, and a Happy Ending. And for Each story you get 2 Reward Pictures  and 7 emails sent to your inbox.

Walk-through for Prince Glen’s Sequel for Happy Endings:
(I suggest trying to use your own judgement first to see what result you get – It’s so much more fun that way! Then if you end up not getting the happy end try the walk though)

Princess Training

  1. I really think its necessary
  2. Follow Glen’s Relatives
  3. Go to take his hand
  4. Is there something you’d like to eat?
  5. Thanks Glen
  6. She said it for our sake
  7. Of course not!
  8. There’s lots of things I want to say

Royal Legend

  1. That’s awful Glen
  2. Cut in
  3. We should stop pressing him
  4. Alan

The Princess Training story was really good! Especially with the shocker of what happened between the MC, Wilfred and Glen in the middle! That totally got me off my seat and running around all excited (in my head of course, I try hard to keep my composure to not look like a weirdo while playing these games – ITS HARD but I manage) This story really confirmed everything I loved about Glen’s personality and character in the main story to here. He really is the Perfect Man in my opinion, Just the right amount of Tsundere, and Sweetness and Confidence. I totally got scared and stressed out trying to figure out the solution to their problem and I kinda got it but wasn’t sure till they confirmed it in the end. But that thing with Wilfred totally knocked me off my feet, I still am excited over all that HAHA.  I did like Royal Legend better but this story was still top-notch.

Talk about Irony and Karma in Royal Legend! It reminded me so much of the time in Hana Yori Dango when  Tsukushi and Tsubasa went though the exact same thing, except Tsubasa was SO RIDICULOUSLY MEAN TO HER. I was really happy about how this played out, and how Glen totally took this in stride. As his Fiancé I felt so frustrated and sad and in the end I ended up so happy – this story really got to me GOOD.  In Hana Yori Dango, Tsubasa totally made me want to PUNCH HIM OUT and I knew that because Glen was such a Tsundere too It might turn out like that. It definitely would if it was Prince Keith. He’s totally hard to handle – even in his own Epilogue.

Yu in both stories was more of an annoyance here then in the main story. I liked him in the main story. I’m not sure if they wanted to portray it that way, or it’s just me in my head thinking that he should just give up. I think one reason though that I love glen stories so much is because I like the interaction between Yu, Glen and Alan. Also how Glen gets Jealous of everyone! I love Alan so much! he is the most adorable kid ever!

I hope that wasnt too much of spoilers and more of a huge tease to all of you who want to get it. I loved both stories and they both didn’t disappoint. I’m VERY happy with Glen’s CG art, it’s very passionate and romantic and make him look so handsome all the time! Also, the emails totally make me wish my boyfriend read them all so that he knew how to email me love letters! I get so jealous if the MC when I read them! A MAN AS PERFECT AND ROMANTIC AS GLEN is as likely to find as a unicorn in your backyard though. But one can still dream! I will play them again because the were that good =)  and I’m very happy I got my moneys worth. So far this is my favourite of the 4 Sequels I have purchased. I can’t wait for Edward’s and Joshua’s to come out.