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My Famous Forensics Lover -Ryohei Kimura Epilogue – Metro PD: Close to You – Review


I finally am getting around to doing this one since I did the Main, and I did the sequel (which is going to be posted later)- way to go for cosplay, cleaning room, and working out procrastination. LOL

Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue  - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc


Game: Metro PD: Close to You by Voltage Inc.
Character: Ryohei Kimura- Forensics Analyst
Type: Epilogue
Price:$1.99 CAD
Chapters: 3 Chapters, 1 ending
Rewards: 1 Picture, 1 email


Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage IncThis epilogue was pretty entertaining reading it the first time. I’ve read it like 2 or three more times after but for some reason the parts where me and Ryohei weren’t alone felt boring to me after the first time. It just felt like everyone was 3rd wheeling and ruining our date. And to be very honest the story about the granny thinking about her first love and it never happening… really depresses me. I feel like… What if that granny was alone her whole life… not being loved for that long or being lovesick for that long sounds really depressing, i hope that NEVER happens to me. I don’t want to be alone for my whole life while the man I love goes out has a family and grandkids…. I guess some people are just fated to be alone their whole lives…OMG I’m feeling super depressed now. LOL. Like people may think of her saying “Now I have something to look forward to in death” as being tragically romantic, but all I think is how now she feels like its pointless to keep on living. Maybe I’m just pessimistic but I can’t find the romance in that story. So much for a amazing date with my boyfriend, thanks for ruining the mood granny.

Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage IncMaybe other people will think differently and enjoy reading this story again, and I will because the beginning with Kuromine is pretty cute and the very first conversation totally gets my heart pumping and puts a smile on my face. And in the end Ryohei TOTALLY makes up for it in how jealous and aggressive he gets. The ending is extremely sweet and really makes up for the depressing granny part in my opinion, which is why I’ve played it a few times already (practically fast forwarding through the part with the granny) and will play it again. His reward picture is sweet too and totally makes the ending 10 times better, seeing it and putting it into context.

This story has its ups and downs but the ups make it worth the few bucks I spent for it. It’s not the greatest story ever and you’re not missing anything from the storyline that would be vital in the sequel so its totally up to you if you want to spend money on this epilogue. I do think its a good story but if you can’t afford it or want to save your money for a main story or sequel instead you’re not missing out on much.

Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc


Want to Play?

Get “Metro PD: Close to you” on iTunes Here.

Get “Metro PD: Close to You for on Google Play Here.

Hyogo Kaga – Meeting him – Her Love in the Force by Voltage Inc – Walkthrough Review

Just so you guys know I’m totally obsessed with this game. I’m so happy that we have had 2 main stories out for each character and I can’t wait to read all the rest. I’ve already read this one twice in 3 days.

GHyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage Incame: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Hyogo Kaga
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Here is the walkthrough I have put together for the Happy Ending plus all Three Secret stories. To unlock the Good Ending just play it again and try and piss him off as much as possible… LOL. I know that that works because thats what happened to me the first FEW times.

  1. Thats impossible
  2. Knock on his door
  3. That has nothing to do with this
  4. Are you sure?
  5. If I have to I will
  6. Talking like that is unnecessary
  7. I was just asked to bring it
  8. Seriously?
  9. You’re not going to desert him?
  10. I’m sorry
  11. They’re amazing, huh?
  12. Go to Kaga.
  13. Absolutely not!
  14. You’re more tired than me.
  15. That doesn’t get me down.
  16. There could be others.
  17. To search for the child.
  18. Are you hurt?

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncThere are many things that make this a winning story in my books for me if I compare this one to Goto’s story. I love Gotos story a lot and I would play it again because its super sweet but Hyogo’s story is just on another level and hits me right where it hurts – My overies. LOL. I am a hopeless “Sadistic-Masochist” if there is such a thing, which basically means I tend to act like I’m sadistic and tease guys whom I feel whom are of equal or lesser footing than me, and I tend to not give in without a good fight, however I long for a true sadist to come my way – Very much like Hyogo – who is just more sadistic enough to tame that sadistic side of me and turn me back into the masochist I am deep inside. LOL THAT SOUNDS VERY STRANGE I GUESS, but thats how I like my relationships to be.

Hyogo is also SUPER RIDICULOUSLY HOT. The hottest out of all the characters in this game, and I could put it up there to be one of my top 10 Voltage characters in terms of looks.  Pair that sexiness with his king of sadists attitude and you have a killer combo to completely obliterate my overies and send me into Fangirl heaven.

This story even though it is just the prelude to the falling in love is not without a lot of action, in both meanings of the word action. He is mean and is a big tease and puts you in very uncomfortable positions in missions and out of missions. What I love about this story is that we get to understand that – and this is important because don’t get me wrong, I HATE assholes and there is a difference between an asshole and a sadist – Hyogo is actually extremely kind at heart when it matters most even though he’s rough, rude, and teases you all the time.  Not only that, we get to struggle with our own inexperience and naivety and feel MC’s determination and growth as if it was our own. I really love that about these stories, the fact that MC is the way that she is and that she actually grows and achieves things of her own hard work and will, through action and perseverance. This is the kind of MC I can really relate to one that doesn’t just gain success in love but is empowering herself and conquering her dreams.

Hyogo’s images in this story are amazing. The first one is my favourite and when you unlock it you will understand why. It is 100% Sadistic Sexiness that made me flail around giggling and screaming. HAHA. The happy ending image is very sweet as well. His emails are short but the last one had his sadistic flare to it which made me happy. As for the Secret Stories – I LOVE THEM ALL, Dear lord he is my weakness, I would be so flustered and putty in his hands with the second and the third… AND THE FIRST ONE?!?! Not just him teasing you but Ayumu! UGH TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE.  I really wish I would be put in a situation like that one day, would be a dream come true.

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncThis story is Hands down one of the most entertaining saucy stories Ive read, and we haven’t even fallen in love with him yet. I can’t wait to tell you guys about the next one!

 Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  

Seiji Goto – Meeting him – Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc – Walkthrough Review

Seiji Goto - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncI was sick all day today so all I did was sleep, eat sushi and play games, although 90% of it was sleep. So much for the day off I was looking forward to. HOWEVER, I got to finish both of  Goto’s main stories which made me pretty happy.  I’ve included the walkthrough incase someone has trouble in getting a happy ending and all the secret stories because I didn’t get them on the first try either. So try it out, have fun with your own choices, but if you get stuck you can use this!

Game: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Seiji Goto
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Heres the walkthrough!

  1. It looks good on you.
  2. Just guess
  3. If theres anything I can do
  4. I’m Motivated!
  5. I’m visualizing todays exercise!
  6. since I’m your aide…
  7. Stare quietly
  8. want to clean your scratch?
  9. I have something to say…
  10. Theres something in my eye..
  11. If you are pleased, so am I.
  12. Five years ago…
  13. Understood.
  14. Speak calmly
  15. I’m Scared.
  16. This mission will be a success
  17. Yes
  18. Try fighting back.

Although this wasn’t a love story technically… yet. This story was amazing to play. Getting to know Seiji and basically getting to know yourself though playing MC really makes this game probably more in-depth than the others. I really feel like I can see myself doing these things and being frustrated at my progress in the academy. This story is so action packed and has a lot of hits of admiration and love beginning to grow. I loved this story as creating a great base and a great world and letting us know how amazing all of the characters in this world really are, as well as letting us know how amazing MC really is. I believe that the fact that this game isn’t just a chasing love story, but a story about a girl who has dreams and hopes and is trying to survive in a male dominated profession is already amazing in itself, and the fact that romance starts to play into it eventually just makes it even better.

Seiji Goto - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncNot to mention I literally ran around my house screaming when  Subaru from My sweet Bodyguard showed up at the academy! I’m really happy that they intertwined the stories together. I shouldn’t have been surprised considering in MSB Goto and Subaru are very close, but I guess i was wishing for it so bad that I just exploded when it actually happened! And to see how close Goto and Subaru really are made me really happy.

IMG_1246The pictures of Goto were very handsome and awesome! I love the artists for this game. Not to mention that Although this story wasn’t focused on the love aspect there are still those moments. Like this one in the picture!!! You get some amazing moments in the Secret stories! so be sure to try and unlock them all!

I really enjoyed this story, we needed something where we felt more like we were thrust into our own story one that didn’t just involve love but many other aspects of life for us a s a main character. I would definitely read it again, because it is really good =)

 Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  

Seiji Goto: Falling in love – Her love in the Force – Walkthrough and Review

Seiji Goto - Main story 2 - Her love in the Force - Voltage Inc


Here’s the walkthrough and Review for the Second Main Story which go course since I was bedridden was able to power through today as well. I mean I loved the first but like I’m all about romance so I can’t wait for  our relationship to go further.



Game: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Seiji Goto
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Walkthorugh answers for the happy ending and all secret stories:

  1. He’s unexpectedly friendly
  2. Okey!
  3. They’re a good combo
  4. I’ll pay attention
  5. Lets have Yakiniku!
  6. You can tell?!
  7. Goto
  8. Just playing with the cat
  9. The countryside is nice too
  10. Goto is acting strange
  11. disturbing you?
  12. from instructor Soma…
  13. Natsuki’s case
  14. Got it.
  15. Watch what Goto Does.
  16. Calm Down!
  17. hug him back
  18. Yes

Seiji Goto - Main story 2 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncI enjoyed this story so much because it was like basically almost exactly like a My Sweet Bodyguard story! All the bodyguards are in it. We get to go to the Prime Ministers office, although we didn’t get to meet his daughter (I think this might happen before he finds her) and the music is better than MSB and there are more amazing characters involved in this story. The MSB world just got bigger and more detailed and I honestly really like that about this story. This definitely reminds me a lot of Goto’s story in MSB but it is still very different and just as exciting and interesting. It really pulled my heart strings when he tried to push me away just like in MSB, but i really like this MC, she has more guts and spunk than most. Not only did we get to know Goto more but Subaru and all the other instructors more as well which was very heartwarming. And Kurosawa finally shows up!

Seiji Goto - Main story 2 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncThe pictures in this one are definitely amazing and better than the first main story, reason being I like romantic photos AND SHIRTLESS PHOTOS. When we got to the first picture I almost fell of my chair! We don’t just get a shirtless goto… but another Shirtless hottie in one pic!  I won’t spoil it but DAAAAMMMNNN it was hot LOL. And I loved every single Secret story! They are really little nuggets of goodness that make you squeal like a little girl haha. Its so worth it to unlock them.

In overview im glad I purchased this story. It was exciting and action packed and frustrating and heat warming as well. I did end up tearing up at the end a bit which means it did a good job at reaching me emotionally although this wasn’t really much of a sob story like my Chiaki’s proposal sequel. I totally would read it again soon and i think anyone who enjoyed Goto in MSB would love these stories!

Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  


Sorry for posting this so late! I thought I posted it up before.
In June we went to Ohio for our first US Convention. Colossal Con was literally the best con I’ve ever been to in my life. It is at a resort called The Kalahari Resort, in Stansky Ohio. Which has a indoor and outdoor watermark, a baby animal petting zoo, an arcade and mini-mall AND Zipline! So While we didn’t have anything to do during the convention we were getting drunk, swimming and petting baby tigers!

SO MUCH FUN. but see it for yourself in the videos!

I’m just finishing my last round of Finals and i will be FREE! from school anyways. And i’ve finished a lot of great anime and games lately and been to many cons, so hopefully I can take a week off of everything and just Catch up on the blog.

Look forward to it =)


Anime North 2014 Friday Vlog @ Haul Video By OtomeJunkie!

PINKUUKISS Anime North 2014 VLOG Part 1 , Emergency Room& Hotel Fiasco

Anime North if finally over! But the sweat-shopping cosplays is still happening! Theres no time to rest Colossal Con is in a week!

I am working on My Vlogs as well as a Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Cosplay Video As well as a Mirai Nikki Cosplay Music Video for a final Project that I only have 3 weeks to do…

So for now here is the Pinkuukiss Colab Vlog with me DigiRin and Lexxie =)


I shared a hotel room with them and despite the ordeal we went through bringing DigiRin to the Emergency from 11-6 AM , We had a lot of fun!

What happened was our hotel room wasn’t clean and she ended up stepping on a needle/nail embedded in the carpet and it braking of in her foot! The doctor in the hospital couldn’t take it out because it was too deep and she had to be brought around in a wheelchair all weekend, and she couldn’t wear her cosplays. WORST of all our phone in our room didn’t work , the elevators broke down in the hotel which meant she was stuck there Saturday evening till thy got fixed and the customer service managers were out of this world super RUDE and INAPPROPRIATE.  The manager had the nerve , while Digi Rin was crying at the front desk while we were talking to him about how we were being treated about the whole situation to tell her,

“You look pretty when you cry.”


Couldn’t deal with these people at all.

So the moral of this story is, NEVER STAY AT THE SHERATON HOTEL TORONT AIRPORT – NOT FOR ANIME NORTH – NEVER EVER EVER!! THEY SUCK AND ARE RUDE AND THEY ARE TRYING TO FRAME US FOR THE NEEDLE BEING IN THE ROOM WHEN IT WAS CLEARLY NOT ONE OF OURS. After she got the needle out – she had to have a 2 hour surgery for it  on the following Wednesday – She called the hotel because the needle didn’t look like a sewing needle so it couldn’t have been ours. And they told us that they went into our hotel room while we were in the hospital and HAVE PICTURES OF NEEDLES ALL OVER THE FLOOR, IN THE BATHROOM AND THE ROOM. We brought like WHAT 4-5 needles and Digirin had ALL of them with her as she was working on her costume in the hospital!!! So they must have gone out of their way, brought needles into our room planted them in there to take incriminating photos so we wouldn’t be able to sue them!


Anyways back to the better half of anime north. I had a lot of fun with them despite all this stuff happening. DigiRin was amazingly positive  the whole weekend and a lot of hilarious YOLO-ing happening  – I will have my own Vlogs from my Channel up really soon.  as well as more PinkuuKiss Vlogs from Anime North! Now I need go back to studying and sweatshopping my Colossal Con Cosplays.