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In Your Arms Tonight

The F1 Love Gamble! Noel Aijima Spinoff ‘Notes From The Race’ Review (Seduced in the Sleepless City)

photo(2)I finally got around to reading this story even though I bought it right when it came out! I’m not a big Noel fan at first but this story might have changed my mind…

This special was bought on the iTunes App store for $2.99CAD. It’s purely a Visual novel story so there are no choices to be made in this story. It is 3 episodes long and you get one Reward Picture and there is only one ending.

I was on the Fence about how much I liked Noel’s personality in his main story (at least that’s what I remembered, I’ve played it only once and a few weeks ago). But his relationship and his attitude and personality towards MC in this has improved. He’s very casual laid back and he teases her a lot in this story. He becomes very bold and places a huge wager in this story that could end his career for the sake of defending MC! What a great story, I found it very pleasant and exciting and there was a big climax in my opinion. And even after the climax Noel keeps your heart on the edge till the very end of the story! It’s almost disappointing they ended it like that because your just left wanting so much more!

The picture on the other hand I wasn’t a big fan of. It could have had more emotion on Noel’s face, but I find a lot of the art in this particular game not as good as the ones in ‘Be My Princess’ or ‘My Forged Wedding’ anyway so I wasn’t surprised.

I like this story enough to be playing it again randomly when I have time. Its short, exciting, and sweet. Noel gets a huge part of my heart dedicated to him because of his story. I hope you like it too!

My Secret Hotel King! Ginnosuke Oguri’s Main Story – In Your Arms Tonight Walkthrough & Review

Ginnosuke's  Character Info Screen

Ginnosuke’s Character Info Screen

I found the update for this game up last night, and I haven’t played this game much compared to the others so I decided it would be next on my list to play. I didn’t see this character at all in any of the other route I played so I was wondering who he was lol.

I bought this story from the iTunes Appstore for 3.99. There are 17 Chapters in this story and your choices result in 2 different endings; Happy Ending and Super Happy Ending. You get 3 Reward Pictures for good progress and emailed 9 times from the character.

Here is the Super Happy Ending walkthrough I came up with. You can use it if when you play it the first time you mess up and don’t get it – Like I did. Apparently Ginnosuke didn’t like my Smart Aleck remarks the first time around…

  1.  I know your right
  2. I get the feeling your making fun of me
  3. I know but..
  4. I was trying to be helpful
  5. That doesn’t make me happy
  6. I tried to tell you
  7. That’s not why I…
  8. I wasn’t waiting for someone to talk to me
  9. I guess you only realize at times like this
  10. It shows that im healthy
  11. Yeah Maybe
  12. Im sure they’ll like them
  13. with Ebihara’s brother?
  14. um…
  15. Don’ be so selfish
  16. Of course not
  17. You can cook Koichi?
  18. I Don’t know
  19. I’m not jealous but
  20. really?
  21. you should have said so
  22. we’re fine now
  23. Sorry, I’m working
  24. Your right
  25. Tell Ai to Stop him
  26. Really?
  27. Really, id like you to come with me.
  28. I was serious
  29. Sit down next to him
  30. ask about the charm
  31. what about some other time
  32. What do I have to resent you for?

GinnosukeThis is the 3rd Route of this game that I played. I find that parts of each route for all the characters are very similar but then again considering the story premise it’s very difficult to really make the story really dramatically different. I loved the super happy ending of this route, and it was kind of hard to achieve for me. I didn’t like some of the Choices that I had to make in order to get that happy ending to be honest. My personality is much more upfront and offensive then this MC’s I guess. I got pretty emotionally frustrated in this game in general for all routes. I guess the idea of dealing with the guilt of cheating on my husband even if he cheats on me is very hard on my heart. I’m terrible when it comes to guilt, and I hate that feeling a lot. So, this story did a very good job of getting me emotionally involved and really into the story. Ginnosuke himself, I don’t find him handsome to be honest. It’s the hair and under-eye bags lol. He looks quite handsome with glasses however, but it wasn’t like an, “OMG I LOVE IT WHEN I LOOK AT YOU” kind of thing like I have with Prince Ren, Takudo, Prince Edward, or Kotaro. In fact all the characters in this game look so similar… lol.


He looks better like this…

I did enjoy playing this route somewhat and at points it was really exciting and there’s a lot of drama. Would I play it again? No , I don’t think so. this would be one of those games that unless I was really bored and I was sick of all the other routes of games that I love playing I might play… But then again I might just go out and do shopping instead.. LOL. Out of the three routes, Kippei’s route is still my favourite, his personality is still so very cute.