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(GREE) Be My Princess

Im so happy Noobabble Shared this amazing Valentines Day Event Story with us! ITS SO GOOD! I love Joshua and how he’s so cute and akward, he makes me feel giddy and nervous inside XD. Thank you Noobabble!



Joshua’s up first since he was requested first! And twice! \o/ I don’t know what name to choose to refer to the heroine by, so for now she’s just “the heroine” //shot. Joshua was just so precious in this route ajekfdnhkjegsd

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Be My Princess by Voltage Otome Game Review & Walkthrough Lists


Princes from Front left to back right. Prince Wilfred, Prince Joshua, Prince Edward, Prince Keith, Prince Roberto, Prince Glen

         Hello Everyone! I finally have the time to do a review on this game. The Japanese Otome Game  “Be My Princess” that I bought in the Apple App Store. This is the Voltage paid version, not the Gree version, The Gree version is initially free HOWEVER there are many restrictions, including how many chapters you can read everyday, unless you pay big money for the princess points to unlock things. But i will rant about version on a different day.

This game Is the third voltage game I purchased. Wasn’t a big fan of Voltage games because I am always comparing all Otome Games to  the one that got me hooked “Shall We Date: Ninja Love” which is still my all time favourite and on a different level than any other!  However after playing Prince Joshua’s story, the first story I played in this game, I WAS OBSESSED AND COMPLETELY HOOKED. The personalities of each Prince in every story made my heart go crazy. The story of all of them aren’t boring but not so outrageous that its unbelievable or on imaginable. It was written pretty well for a Otome Game. Put that ALL TOGETHER with the fact that every woman has a little girl inside them that wishes she was a princess and found a prince charming to sweep them off their feet – and you’ve got a KNOCKOUT WIN.

For the Purpose of a Thorough Review I will go through everything in more detail – NO SPOILERS:

Price: You can download the game for free off the App store and play the Prologue to get to know the base storyline and experience a teasing taste  all the Princes’ personalities before you purchase them. This is good because having to buy each Princes’ story for $3.99 you don’t want to waste your money. This is standard for all Voltage games.

Characters: They’re all HOT. They are drawn well and each has a  unique personality.

  • Roberto is very friendly, casual and flirty and I’ve had a crush on him in every one of the guys stories. He makes you wish you picked him whenever you see him.
  • Joshua starts up Stuck-up and naive, and kind of a Square cuz hes all about following rules and laws, but as you get t know him you’ll see a childish, fun and extremely sweet side to him. Hes got a hint of Tsundere in him.
  • Keith is FULL ON TSUNDERE (tsundere=Characters that are ruthless, forceful, mean, and rude to people, especially to the people they like). He’s pushy, in your face, and even when he shows affection, it’s very forceful and almost childish.  I love this about him! I honestly didn’t like Tsundere characters till I played Voltage games.  They get me so excited!
  • Edward is the typical knight in shining armor, that totally sweeps you off your feet – at least he did with me. He’s so romantic and kind I could have died of an overdose. It would be a very happy death.
  • Wilfred is very carefree, whimsical and kind…and…he has blonde hair and blue eyes…
  • Glen is the youngest. He’s a handsome man who is somewhat tsundere as well but is hardworking and gets jealous easily, and can be very romantic too. Out of all of them I felt that I loved his personality and storyline the most. It’s probably because he’s a hot-blooded younger man (only like 2-3 years younger than the MC, im not a pedo ok)

Story:  Having played a good number of Voltage games the main story for all the characters as well as the sequels that have come out so far are the best I’ve played. They are exciting story lines, that keep your heart on its edge at all times. Like I said earlier, Glens story is my favourite, followed by Joshua and Keith…maybe because they are all tsundere characters and i like the challenge, who knows. Each story is very different so purchasing them all did not disappoint me. It is written decently, and there aren’t many mistakes in the coding or dialogue (there are a few, but that’s expected from Japanese translated games into English)

Main Character: I loved the Main Character’s personality in this one. Shes got her head on straight, is logical, smart and not a pushover. I hate games where the main character is a pushover – The “Western” version of this game called  “Princes Proposal” the main character is a sissy. Even when she is treated bad she kinda just sits back and takes it. No one wants that, even if they are like that in real life. Personally, as someone who grew up in western culture, I think the women here are especially upfront and don’t take crap from anyone. We are brought up as equals, and want to be treated as such.

Drawings: Out of all the Voltage games, I find this one to have the best graphics and art. The character designs are good. Not only are the Princes’ handsome their butlers are too! And the art for the Special Scenes is second best only to Solmare’s “Shall we date: Ninja Love”. Nothing can even compare to having as good art as NinjaLove , but this is the closest I’ve seen in my opinion. To be honest as well, I can’t play games like this or even watch anime if I don’t like the art. No matter how good the storyline is, if the art sucks I can’t tolerate it.

OVERALL: This is by far my favorite of the Voltage games. It almost hits on par with Solmare’s Ninja Love, but lacks the ‘Adultness’ for lack of a better work that NinjaLove has. OK. I like a bit of Eroge (perverted-ness) – All girls do. This game gets a tiny bit suggestive but leaves a lot to be desired in that department. Not that I want hentai, it would be misplaced I think in this kind of game and inappropriate, but NinjaLove had just the right amount of spice!   Never-the-less this game I have no problem playing over and over again. It’s  like a really good movie I’ll never get sick of it.

And I CANT WAIT for Be My Princess 2 to come out in English!!! Hope to see that in the App Store soon!