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(GREE) Ninja Love

Ninja Love Valentines Day Card Special! Review

Review of Gree Ninja Valentines Day Card Special Event

After really loving Gree’s Christmas Card event I was already 100% convinced that I was definitely going to buythe Valentines Day Card Special even before I read the short description of each story!

Here are the screenshots of each story blurb. Once I read each of them I bought my points to play right away because… MAN I got even ten times more excited reading Sasuke’s and Goemon’s story descriptions! 


photo-3photo-2photo-1To buy enough coins for all the stories cost me 19.99. If you are going to buy only one or 2 it is 3.99 each so it basically is the same price. You get an extra 40 coins or so if you buy the bigger package but that really can’t buy anything unless you want to wait for the next event to use those coins.

For that price it included 2 episodes for one character and an email sent to your mailbox. You don’t expend any energy reading the stories and you can re-read the stories without saving in Your diary. If I wasn’t able to re-read the stories freely I wouldn’t want to even want to spend the money on this because its so very short.

Compared to other games such as the paid version of Ninja Love and non-gree voltage games we get combos of sidestories for a cheaper price and even full main stories for 3.99.

Seems like a lot of money for so little, but considering that these types of stories never really make it to the paid version of Ninja Love and that I can re-play whenever I want I decided it was acceptable.

I played them in order they appear, Saizo, Goemon,Sasuke, Kotaro, and Hanzo. They were ALL AMAZING. Although they were short, they really got to the chase and made you really excited for the MC. There was so much romance packed into the last chapter it was written so well. And it does get very very suggestive! Especially in Sasuke’s story – things do get very Ero (erotic) – it is valentines after all!

You also experience a side of each ninja that you don’t get to see in any of all the other stories – and I’ve read them all! To experience that kind of new face of each ninja also made it completely worth buying in my opinion.

Especially Goemon’s story! Which has to be my absolute favourite out of all the valentines stories, for that reason. The side of his personality that he reveals to us made me go ABSOLUTELY CRAZY FOR HIM!

We also finally get a side story that includes Hanzo as the main character! His story was great as well and I love his character personality.

I love Kotaro’s story not only because he is ultimately my favourite character in the whole game but because he gets into a competely new level of romance in this story!

Saizo story I was happy with too, although it was the least I liked of all these stories. That’s probably only because I’m not a big Saizo fan in the first place. But I definitely enjoyed this story enough to think it was worth my money. And he definitely made me smile.

Although I loved all of them If I had to say You only could afford to buy one of these stories, I would recommend Goemon or Sasuke. They were really the best stories of the bunch!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review! See you again Tomorrow for a Walkthrough for Tatsuro from Love Letter From Thief X.

I Love Musashi Miyamoto – Fan Art of Shall We Date Ninja Love

Hi Everyone! I finally finished my fan art of Musashi from “Shall We Date: Ninja Love” and I am absolutely pleased with the result! It took me about 28 hours of Photoshop work to finish this, and this is the first time that I have used my bamboo tablet for non-work related art. I will never again try to use Photoshop with a mouse, the tablet makes it so easy and does such a better job!

The art in “Ninja Love” is beautifully done with so much detail and lots of lovely colour. Its art tops even some of the best anime and manga art out there on my opinion.

Musashi is my favourite character other than Kotaro Fuma. They are equally super handsome and have such sexy unique personalities. The CG scenes that come with Musashi’s route are my favourite of all the art especially the happy ending art. This inspired me to try to draw one for myself! This is Musashi and me (or MC but since you play the MC in the game it technically is me =P) I tried to get the passionate handsome look Musashi has in the other art into this picture – and my goodness in my opinion i think i nailed it! I coloured Musashi first and as I was trying to finish the picture I ended up stopping to stare at Musashi constantly, just captivated by it! Didn’t know that would happen with something I drew myself! LOL.


So here it is! Let me know what you all think – I don’t see much NinjaLove  Fan Art out there which is a shame. Hopefully it will inspire others to do some too. I plan to do Kotaro next and Zain from “Be My Princess”. Who else should I do?

Thanks So much for taking a look.

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