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Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) – Yuno Gasai – Costest Makeup Video on PINKUUKISS & Posters And Fansigns


This week I put up this video on the PINKUUKISS channel. I did a Costest of Yun0 Gasai from Future Diary/Mirai Nikki for a movie poster assignment for my directing and producing class on Friday mornings.  And honestly if i can get away with it, I will use any kind of excuse to use a cosplay for shoots and assignments for school.

I might as well Make a video of the Makeup Application in the Process =) HERE IT IS!

Here is the Final Copy of my Assignment. I finished it late at night ad it was only worth 10% so I didn’t spend so much time on it.

I also did a bunch of Fansigns for my friends on Facebooks using the knife as the Fansign!

So you can check them out by clicking here! Facebook Fansigns by OtomeJunkie!

Future Diary Mirai Nikki Assignment

Vic Mignogna Serenades me @ FanExpo 2013 Toronto

The Best Hug I've had in my life!

The Best Hug I’ve had in my life!

Hi everyone!  Its been a while! August was so full of Cosplay making and Conventions that it was so rediculusly crazy for me. I’ve fallen behind on everything, from blogging to work, to playing games etc. Although it will be super late, I still plan on posting pictures and blogs from both Atomic Lollipop and FanExpo because it was just so much fun I have to share it with everyone.  I’ve unfortunately have to catch up with the more important website stuff first before I get back to doing OtomeJunkie stuff.

However I wanted to show everyone my Highlight of the Month which was meeting Vic Mignogna at FanExpo! He signed my copy of Ouran Highschool Host Club Blu-Ray and I got to take a video and Picture with him. His panel was so awesome, and he was so sweet and nice to me and everyone there. The impression i get from him is so humble and kind and it just makes me love him even more!  So here are the short videos on that!

Enjoy them my Fellow Otomes! And be Jealous =) This weekend I will be working on a compilation video for FanExpo and one for Atomic Lollipop.

I post alot more often on facebook because it is quicker and easier for me and you can follow my instagram and twitter as well.  So please Follow and Add me, OtomeJunkie and like my facebook page on the Right there to get some instant and daily Fangirling fun!

HERE is the Video of Vic Singing to me =)

And here is the Link to the Instagram Video I made from the Pic/Videos captured as well! The lady who took the video was supposed to be taking pictures but she didnt know how to use an iPhone so took video instead. LUCKY ME! She took it when he gave me a kiss! Honestly when he grabbed my face my heart stopped HAHA! and I was on Cloud 9 the whole time afterwards =) BEST DAY EVER!


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Abridged (Parody) – SEXIEST DUB EVER

*WARNING* The Video has Quite a bit of Swearing in it… Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Sorry it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated. Various things have happened such as me working hardcore at my job, my boyfriend and be breaking up and Crunching through cosplay making for AtomicLollipop which was this past weekend – Which I will be posting on the weekend pictures and details etc.  So I’m trying to get back into the groove  and get my ass in gear to start updating again, so thanks for your Patience. I want to put a post up soon about how much I love the new Voltage Game 10 days with my devil AND Haruka the new addition to the My Forged Wedding Lineup. I have finished all these stories as of right now and they are all amazing.

ANYWAYS onto how much I f******* love this Video. I LOVE IT, it is so hilarious and Im a huuuuuuge fan of the anime series, so much so that last week I flipped out when i realized there was no new episode… I mean we just got my beautiful Rei to learn how to swim and I NEED MORE OF HIM IN MY LIFE. Seriously, he’s my 1000% favourite, not to mention his seiyuu’s voice is to die for.  BUT LETS GET BACK T THIS VIDEO.  Can I just say that not only was this parody almost make me piss myself laughing but the voice actors for everyone except Gou and Nagisa make shivers go up and down my spine. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE SEXY VOICES LIKE THIS FOR DUBS IN REAL ANIME. Haruka’s voice is so amazing that even when I listen to him reading in the beginning I melt into a gooey puddle of fangirl-nosebleeds.  I am definitely impatiently waiting for them to update with the second abridged episode.

If you have read this FIRST before watching the video then watch it right now, you are missing out! SERIOUSLY and once your done watch it again and fangirl with me!!!

Guilty Beauty Love – Tamaki Suoh Character Song – Mamoru Miyano & Vic Mignogna (With Lyrics)

I was reading Ouran High School Host Club Manga this week. Bisco-san the Mangaka of Ouran wrote in one of her side-bars that she absolutely loved Tamaki Suoh’s Character Song, and that whomever wrote the lyrics to it and made it so RIDICULOUSLY over-confidant is a genius. My first reaction was “OMG THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE SONG EVER BACK IN THE DAY!!! I NEED TO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW!” It was 3 in the morning and I was about to go to sleep but I just HAD TO get up and Listen to it.  So I found it on youtube and reminisced on how obsessed I was over this song and Tamaki in General. Although Kyoya is my favourite I am still totally in love with Tamaki and his Seiyuu – Mamoru Miyano (Who is also Tokiya Ichinose from Uta No Prince-sama)  Who is officially my favourite Seiyuu EVER.

Honestly the Lyrics in this Song are so very Tamaki that It makes me love this song even more! Bisco was so right to say that whom ever wrote these lyrics was a genius!  I will post them up at the end of this post so you can take a look =).

I also was wondering about the English version of this song.  I personally love Vic Mignogna’s version of Tamaki Suoh’s voice like I said in my review of the Ouran BluRay. In fact, he is probably the first character English dub voice i’ve ever liked almost as much as the original. (No one can live up to the love I have for Mamoru Miyano though, his voice gives me ear-gasims every time I hear it) And as I was browsing through youtube I found that he’s done a version of the song as well. I was a bit sceptical because the English versions of the opening and closing theme are horrendous but I loved Tamaki so I listened to it as well.


The lyrics that they did in the English are very close to the original lyrics and they are so over the top, and Vic does an amazing job of singing it! It just works so well that you wouldn’t even know that this was not the original version of this song. I’m at the point where I love both versions equally, and I’ve been listening the two back to back on repeat for about 2-3 days now LOL.

Mamoru Miyano  as Tamaki Suoh – GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
Tsumi wa kami ga boku wo
utsukushiku tsukutta koto
Kimi no hitomi ni utsutta boku ga
ikenai no sa
Batsu wa boku ga ai ni
mitasare sugiteru koto
Soredemo boku wa kimi wo
aishite shimau darou
The crime is that God created me beautifully
I’m wrong to be reflected in your eyes
The punishment is that, I’m overfilled with love
Nevertheless, I’ll still love you right?
Guilty Beauty Love

Tobira hiraki fumidashite
yume no sekai e irasshaimase
Kimi wo esukooto hizamadzuki
te e to kuchidzuke
Hajirau megami sae
furimuita LUCKY GUY
Tsukareta kokoro iyasu karaOpen the door, take a step forward
and welcome to the world of your dreams
I’ll escort you, kneel and kiss your hand
Even a shy goddess, looked back at the Lucky Guy
Because I’ll heal your tired heart

Tsumi wa boku ga fureru
monosubete koi ni ochite
Heart ubawareta kimi wa zenzen
warukunai sa
Batsu wa boku ga ai wo
mugendai sasageru koto
Soredemo kimi wa boku ni
furete shimau darou
GUILTY BEAUTY LOVEThe crime is that everything I touch falls in love
It’s completely not your fault
The punishment is that I infinitely offer up love
Nevertheless you’ll still touch me, right?
Guilty Beauty Love

Yoru ni ukabu tsuki ga boku
dakiyose moeru kimi wa taiyou
Futari meguri ai mabushisugi
kage wa dekinai
Jounetsu no hanataba wo
okuttara Cutie lady
Koko de wa kimi wa itsumo HeroineThe moon appearing at night is me and you,
who embraces and burns, are the sun
We meet and it’s so blindingly bright that shadows can’t form
When I deliver a bouquet of Passion, Cutie Lady
Here, you’re always a Heroine

Tsumi wa kami ga boku ni
kono kuchibiru kureta koto
Kimi wo yume e to
sasotta boku ga ikenai no sa
Batsu wa boku ni ai ga
furisosogi sugiru koto
Soredemo kimi wa boku ni hikarete
shimau darou
GUILTY BEAUTY HEARTThe crime is that God gave me a pair of lips
And I who lured you into a dream cannot follow
The punishment is that I am overflowing with love
Nevertheless, you’ll still find me charming, right?

Vic Mignogna as Tamaki Suoh GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE 

What a crime, such a beautiful crime
That God would make a star as bright as I
And I know it’s a disgrace to admire this perfect face
Reflected in your eyes
So it’s right that I suffer tonight
All the pain of all the passion inside
But my heart can not deny what I’m feeling inside
That makes me long for you
Guilty, Beauty, Love

Take my hand, take the key
You can open the door
Take a step, take a chance
Now you’ll find there’s so much more
There’s a world you dreamed of and if you’ll allow
Let me escort you there

I kneel before you, kiss your hand to
Tell you I’m a lucky guy
Look back and know that I can heal your tired heart

What a crime, such a breath-taking crime
Everything I touch can’t help but fall in love
In this cruel romantic game, there’s no way that you’re to blame
For your stolen heart
So I’ll say that the price I must pay
Is to want her in my heart forever
Just don’t take away your touch ’cause it means so much
To feel your hand in mine
Guilty, Beauty, Love

In the sky, you and I
Are floating in space
By the moon, near the sun
Locked in beautiful embrace
Heavenly bodies come together so blindingly bright
They chase away the night

What I bring you, I hope delights you
A bouquet of passion, Cutie Lady
Be sure that here with me you’ll always save the day

What a crime, such a wonderful crime
That God would choose to make such looks as mine
It was wrong but all the same, I invited and you came
Into this dream with me
So my price is to gaze in your eyes
And to feel more love than I can contain
Even so, it’s fair to say, I still found a way
To cast my spell on you
Guilty, Beauty, Love

Ouran High School Host Club – Full Season Blu Ray Set! My Prized Possession – Review



I am an OBSESSIVE Ouran Otaku. I love Ouran HighSchool Host club like a fat kid loves an all you can eat cake buffet. It’s one of the best Mangas/Animes I’ve ever read/watched/experienced in my life. Every moment is full of so much comedy – very well strategized and smart, yet typically slapstick anime style comedy! I love it to bits! I can watch it over and over and over and over… and never get sick of it! This is why I decided that it would be best if I got the BluRay so I have a copy of it somewhere. In case the world ends, and the internet explodes or there is an anime-prohibition or something. I’d still be able to cherish it – if i were alive…and have access to a BluRay player and TV… Because we all – you know- have to be ready for desperate times like that. (XD)

The quality is absolutely amazing obviously because it is in BluRay. The cover is beautiful and the art on each for the 3 BluRays are very cute! It includes all 26 episodes You have a choice between watching it in the Original Japanese audio or English Dubs. There are also English subtitles that are optional to view as well.

I prefer the Japanese version obviously because the Seiyuus are amazing and it is the original. Normally I ABSOLUTELY HATE ENGLISH DUBS. I HATE THEM SO MUCH THAT IT MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!!! However, after being curious about the english voice actors sound like I watched a couple of episodes in dub. I actually really liked the English Dubs once I got use to it. I had to get used to it because it still isn’t as good as the beautiful sound of the japanese voices. However, I don’t like Haruhi’s very low manly/girly voice, they could have used a better, more high-school sounding voice for her. Kyoya’s voice (Kyoya is my  absolute FAVOURITE!!) can be a hit or miss depending on the scene. Which was disappointing because I loved Suou’s voice a lot. It really suits the drawings and his personality. I was hoping Kyoya’s voice would have been amazing too. T_T

THE OUTTAKES IN THE EXTRA FEATURES IS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. I ALMOST PISSED MYSELF. IT WAS THAT FUNNY, THE ENGLISH VOICE ACTORS ARE SO DAMMMNNN FUNNY! This alone makes me so happy that I bought the BluRay set.  Extras also include a select number of episodes with commentary and the opening and closing songs without text.

I’m really happy that I have this BluRay set to cherish along with my Ouran Mangas. I think buying this was worth the money I paid for it and I’m excited that I can watch this over and over again in english and in japanese.  All I need now is the missing mangas, BluRays of the Live Action show, and the Live action movie to complete my collection. If you are an Ouran otaku like me then getting this BluRay will be one of the best things you’ve ever done!

Sugoi Sunday @ Anime North 2013 -Sailor Scouts, KPOP, Q&A with Umbrella & Awoi, Chii Sakurabi Concert!


OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience

3 of the 5 Handsome Members of Awoi

Alas! The last day of my beautiful wonderful con arrived. I woke up an hour later then I wanted to because I was up a little late (5am to be exact) last night doing my post for Saturday and getting ready to check out of my hotel. I wanted to make sure that I got to the Q&A session for UMBRELLA and AWOI, so after forcing myself out of bed to shower and get my cosplay ready for the last time this weekend I inhaled some breakfast and rushed over to the Doubletree hotel to line up with the hundred other fangirls to see those beautiful faced Visual K J-Rock bands before they left to go back to Japan.

4 Members of UMBRELLA

IMG_5034 IMG_5037IMG_5035 IMG_5036





The Q&A was really fun, A lot of people had questions, both thoughtful and serious and some even funny and ridiculous. Both bands were very cute, polite, and looked like they had a lot of fun interacting with the Canadian Otaku fans. There was even a beautiful Lolita Princess(not a real princess, although I thought she was so cute that in my imagination she is a princess)  who flew out from Austrailia just to see Awoi. She even asked her question in Japanese! What a smart hime-sama! There was a lot of laughter and interesting events which included a super lucky fan getting hugs from ALL of them and one member of UMBRELLA taking his shirt off! Indeed one of the most exciting parts of my weekend!

OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience leaving the Q&A I headed over to another panel called “The Canadian Voice Acting Industry” and to my surprise my childhood hero’s voices were present there! The Canadian Voice actors of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus were there. It was so nostalgic listening to them talk, especially Jupiter because she has such a distinct voice. To hear their stories about their careers and what the industry was like, was priceless. I really hope they return to the convention next year – they were so happy with this convention and how they were treated and welcomed that it came to almost a shock to them.

OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience


After this Q&A I went to go get some Onigiri at the Japanese Resturant because I was starving and then headed over to the Kpop-Shinee Fashion and Dance Panel. That was fun although it was a bit unorganized. We saw a slideshow about Shinee Fashion and Brands and then had a small dance lesson of one of their songs.

OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience



I then headed over to the Dealers room one last time to spend the last of my money! I forgot that my boyfriend wanted me to buy him some ‘Crayon Shin-Chan’ comics. I ended on buying 3-5 of that series and 1-2 of a new series I found called ‘OTOMEN’ which I thought would be good. I completely regret buying ONLY two volumes because on my way home from the con I read the first one and fell in love with it completely! IT’S SO AMAZING! The moment I finished the second volume I was heartbroken inside because I couldn’t continue reading it. (I will continue this on a different review post later on.) I also bought another new one called “The Devil and her Love Song” I bought only the first volume to try it out and I haven’t had the chance to read it yet.

OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience

OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience I rushed back to the Doubletree Hotel to line up to see the Chii Sakurabi Concert. On Friday I visited her booth and bought her CD which she signed. I listened to it that night and it was actually very good and I really liked her songs. I love concerts so I was excited to watch this one. It did not dissapoint. It was so fun and he has an amazing voice and stage presence. It was a very different atmosphere than the J-Rock concerts the day before, very cutsy Lolita style and Pop music. The energy of the audience was amazing too and we all danced in the front in unison. It was a great experience. I will try and put up as much video on this as I can although I didn’t get much because my battery died and I filled up my memory stick on the camera at this point in the day! I have become a fan of Chii because she is just so amazing.

After this I headed back to my hotel to grab my luggage and go home. The concert was the last event happening before the closing ceremonies so the convention was officially over. I miss it already, and I cant wait till next year. The galleries of all the pictures and video I took (A lot of pictures and footage!) I will put up on a later time.

OtomeJunkie's Anime North Conventions Sunday Experience I had so much fun this weekend, and I am looking forward to Fan-Expo in August. My birthday is coming up next week but I don’t think anything will ever top my favorite event every year! ANIME NORTH!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see full galleries video and more, of this and other events.

To Learn more about AnimeNorth Visit their website here.







Super Saturday @ Anime North 2013 – Club XIII Review, Photoshoot, Shopping, Sushi & UMBRELLA and AWOI Concert

Again most of my pictures are on my camera so I will post them up when I get home sunday night on a separate post. The ones that Are worth showing from my phone I’ll put here.  Also, if my spelling and grammar are terrible its because its late and I’ve had a packed crazy day.


Ice cream truck awesomeness

Saturdays at anime north are the most exciting in my opinion. There is just so much to do, in the day that your just constantly scrambling from building to building and from event to event. I woke up at 9 to get ready for cosplaying and to get to the J-idol auditions that started at 10 and ended at 12:30. Sadly I didn’t make the cut this year =( so I was kind of depressed , not only because I thought my audition was ok, but also because I missed the chance to line up for the Maid Cafe called ‘Cafe Delish’.  The ‘Cafe Delish’ Cafe at Anime north is so popular that people start lining up at 9am just to get in (the first seating starts at 12). In all my years of going to anime north I have never been to Cafe Delish because I’ve never had the chance to line up early enough to get in. So after my disappointment in my j-idol audition and the disappointment finding out that I couldn’t go to Cafe Delish I decided that I would drown my sorrows in the Dealers Room for some shopping therapy before my appointment at the ‘Club XIII’ Host Club. I was soooo excited for this host club like you do not believe. I ended up buying a very gorgeous Sephiroth poster from the artist alley.


Picture taking while waiting for Idol Auditions

I usually don’t buy posters becuase I don’t really have that much space for them, nor do I really spend time in my room other than to sleep… HOWEVER… I honestly have never seen a drawing of Sephiroth that was as sexy as this one. I was like super nosebleed fountain when I saw it. Sephiroth rivals Sheshomaru as my Sexiest Villain of all time. I personally think that Sheshoumaru is so Tsundere that it drives me absolutely wild, it also helps that he is SUPER overpowering over every single person in the Inu-Yasha Universe and that he is tall and gorgeous. Sephiroth, in the other hand,  (in my opinion) if he ever would love a woman would be a HUGE sadist teaser who would torture, torment and tease you until you beg him to take you right then and there!!! And in the poster that I bought, he has this naughty smirk on his sexy face that just…*SIGH*… portrays this kind of Sexy-Sadist-Sephiroth I have in my mind perfectly.


Patrick is dead.

So after getting that beauty of a poster I headed over to the ClubXIII Host Club for my Seating with Jun. I was SO RETARDEDLY excited for this because it was my first time going to a host club. Not only that but the Pictures on ClubXIII’s Facebook of all the hosts and butlers are gorgeous! I ended up picking Junn because in his picture he is super adorable! I didn’t know from his picture that he is super tall (well compared to me)! I always admire tall asian guys because they are so rare, like my boyfriend for example, is 5’6 but when I wear heels that he likes I always end up taller than him. I donno if it’s just me but guys who tower over me and make me feel small and dainty – which I am neither, lol. But that’s just me going on a HUGE tangent. The Host club seating was really short, only 30 min and It flew by  super fast =(, but that was because we were having so much fun and having nice conversation.  I got Junn all to myself because no one else had booked him for that particular time slot, LUCKY ME! What I liked about him is that he was so casual and made great conversation with me. He was honest and sweet and very friendly. I got to see the other hosts interact too, and I happened to catch a glimpse of Jae and another host play the POCKEY GAME! It was totally a  super MOE moment! MOE TO THE MAX, Like RENGE (from Ouran High School Host Club) kind of Moe!  I got a little piece of cake and a Tea which was satisfactory as usual from the hotel – I didn’t come for the food anyways and I doubt that anyone would ever go to a Host club for the food so it didn’t really matter if it was amazing or not.  I also interacted with Hikaru (I think it was) and Danny a little bit and they were both so funny and adorable. These hosts are all so friendly to their customers and to each other it makes such a nice environment.  We were all talking and laughing and having so much fun that it ended so quickly I couldn’t believe it. I was really sad that it was over when it did. Being a bartender/waitress for a few years, I know what It feels like to be a “hostess” especially to my regular customers at the bar who to me honest are extremely needy and demanding of attention. It was honestly really nice to be the one on the other side of the metaphorical bar so to speak – to be taken care of and waited upon as the customer instead of the ‘hostess’. Even if I end up going to a regular bar that has a male bartender I don’t tend to get the same type of treatment as when I or  my female co-workers treat our customers. To be honest these bartenders are usually older men who aren’t into anime or guys who have personalities that I can’t really relate to. So this is an experience would never forget, and I will be a repeat customer every year, and promote it myself so that it gets more popular and sticks around the convention for the long run.  Although it was super simple and casual I found it a great experience and enjoyed every minute of it.  (To learn more about Club XIII visit their Facebook page here!) 

I ended up after that doing a Photo shoot with Cosplayers Canada after that which was an amazing experience as well. the photographer was really friendly and helpful. I honestly have never done a Photo shoot before for cosplay so I felt kinda shy and nervous. It ended up a lot of fun and he ended up taking some really nice pictures of me in my ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ cosplay. I will post them up when I get them from him. There were others who complemented on my Cosplay and took pictures as well and that made me happy. I’m glad that people still recognize Utena even though it is and anime that is more than 20 years old. I will personally never get sick of it and consider it a Classic.

I also headed to the dealer’s room to see if that Sannosuke Body pillow which I regretted not buying on Friday was there and just as I expected, someone had bought it. However the lady at the booth told me that the sell a Saito one on their website so that made me super happy. I ended up getting a regular sized Sanno one which was just as amazing, so I could have Sanno AND Saito  on my bed and still have room for myself. The situation ended up better than I originally planned!

After that I ended up meeting with my good friend Derwin who I always see at Anime North and together we u=hunted down some BluRays I was wanting to buy. I ended up buying Ouran HighSchool Host Club, Claymore and ‘X TV'(in DVD). Then we ended up going to the Doubletree hotel for dinner at the sushi restaurant there. It was an amazing meal, some of the best sushi I’ve ever tasted in Toronto. Plating was beautiful and the taste of each fish was absolutely phenomenal. Even the squid sushi tasted so buttery and full of clean fresh flavour. We also had dessert  which was a Fruit Kanten with green tea ice cream which I’ve never had before and it was also top-notch. I might even go there for dinner tomorrow even though its pricy, because they really do put all other sushi restaurants I’ve been to shame.


Umbrella Guitarist Syu

And after I headed to the J-rock Concert with Awoi and Umbrella. I will cover that in a separate post because It would make this one way too long and It is almost 4am and I want to sleep so I can check out of the hotel properly and go to my cosplay panels tomorrow morning. At this point I still haven’t taken off my makeup from today because I’ve been so busy with everything. All I’ll say for now is that the concert was awesome and both bands are super talented and have great presence on stage.

IMG_8869  See? I’ve still got my cosplay makeup on.. so it will still be a while till I end up in bed. Good Night!