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My Jealous Blushing Lover – Ryohei Kimura Sequel – Metro PD: CLose to You – Review

Ryohei Kimura - Sequel - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc So many great action packed stories have come out these past few days! I can barely keep up! I’ve fallen behind on my cosplays and all my anime – I’m so addicted. HAHA. We are Jumping from yesterdays detective stories to another detective story from the game “Metro PD: Close to You”. I don’t usually post walkthroughs to these games because once you finish reading them once you are free to read any of the endings. Thats why I simply just try and enjoy the story as much as I want and make decisions the way I want them to. I won’t have to replay them if I actually make bad choices. I’m still sad when I get normal endings though, and I do get them often in this game. I didn’t this time around though. Although I did go back to read the normal ending so I could get the reward picture. It was a great ending as well.

IMG_1378Ryohei Kimura - Sequel - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc Game: Metro PD: Close to You by Voltage Inc.
Character: Ryohei Kimura- Forensics analyst
Type: Sequel
Price:$2.99 CAD
Chapters: 5 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures + 4 emails


I love how Ryohei is so kind and reassuring. Even though he is shy he really is the rock there for MC to lean on and find support in. He is so cute when he blushes too. Although I was a bit disappointed because when voltage posted on Facebook about this story being a Love triangle I thought it would be a more exciting love triangle and more part of the forefront of this story then what  actually happened. The action that happens in this story is really good considering how short this story is.

If you’ve read my Review on Ryohei’s main story you will remember that I mentioned that when I played that story I could really relate to Ryohei and I felt like I was in his shoes the whole time. MC was there to be my rock, comfort me and set me free. Well it has switched back in this story again.  I am just like the insecure MC in which the kind and comforting Ryohei comes and becomes my rock and encourages and supports me forward through this emotional and difficult case. He really steps it up and becomes an amazing boyfriend. And it really touches my heart and I wish I had someone to support me in the way that he does.

Ryohei Kimura - Sequel - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc Also, a flustered and jealous Ryohei is the CUTEST thing ever. I can’t help but feel that my sadistic tendencies might surface when I’m with a guy so shy and earnest. I have to watch myself because I really might turn into Kyobashi x_x. And I do prefer the more aggressive Kyobashi/Kaga/Chiaki types but also having a pure hearted lover isn’t bad at all. Sure it might not be as exciting (because my idea of exciting is torture to most others) but It’s reassuring and affectionate and as long as the love is there I wouldn’t even second guess falling in love with a guy like Ryohei. Even though he’s not as aggressive, he is still strong and I still feel like a man like him can protect my heart and love me as much as I would love him.

His pictures are quite cute although I would like more pictures integrating MC into them, like a little more romantic pictures, but MPD’s style is more of the portrait type anyways, but as always he’s too handsome for words and they end up being Very cute. We get a very romantic one for the happy ending, and it comes with such an amazing moment that I wish i could share with you guys but  I don’t like spoiling the picture for everyone or the ending. But this Happy ending was so sweet (and even the normal ending) I really felt my heart swell like crazy.


Ryohei Kimura - Sequel - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc Want to Play?
Get “Metro PD: Close to you” on iTunes Here.

Get “Metro PD: Close to You for on Google Play Here.  

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