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My Famous Forensics Lover -Ryohei Kimura Epilogue – Metro PD: Close to You – Review


I finally am getting around to doing this one since I did the Main, and I did the sequel (which is going to be posted later)- way to go for cosplay, cleaning room, and working out procrastination. LOL

Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue  - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc


Game: Metro PD: Close to You by Voltage Inc.
Character: Ryohei Kimura- Forensics Analyst
Type: Epilogue
Price:$1.99 CAD
Chapters: 3 Chapters, 1 ending
Rewards: 1 Picture, 1 email


Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage IncThis epilogue was pretty entertaining reading it the first time. I’ve read it like 2 or three more times after but for some reason the parts where me and Ryohei weren’t alone felt boring to me after the first time. It just felt like everyone was 3rd wheeling and ruining our date. And to be very honest the story about the granny thinking about her first love and it never happening… really depresses me. I feel like… What if that granny was alone her whole life… not being loved for that long or being lovesick for that long sounds really depressing, i hope that NEVER happens to me. I don’t want to be alone for my whole life while the man I love goes out has a family and grandkids…. I guess some people are just fated to be alone their whole lives…OMG I’m feeling super depressed now. LOL. Like people may think of her saying “Now I have something to look forward to in death” as being tragically romantic, but all I think is how now she feels like its pointless to keep on living. Maybe I’m just pessimistic but I can’t find the romance in that story. So much for a amazing date with my boyfriend, thanks for ruining the mood granny.

Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage IncMaybe other people will think differently and enjoy reading this story again, and I will because the beginning with Kuromine is pretty cute and the very first conversation totally gets my heart pumping and puts a smile on my face. And in the end Ryohei TOTALLY makes up for it in how jealous and aggressive he gets. The ending is extremely sweet and really makes up for the depressing granny part in my opinion, which is why I’ve played it a few times already (practically fast forwarding through the part with the granny) and will play it again. His reward picture is sweet too and totally makes the ending 10 times better, seeing it and putting it into context.

This story has its ups and downs but the ups make it worth the few bucks I spent for it. It’s not the greatest story ever and you’re not missing anything from the storyline that would be vital in the sequel so its totally up to you if you want to spend money on this epilogue. I do think its a good story but if you can’t afford it or want to save your money for a main story or sequel instead you’re not missing out on much.

Ryohei Kimura - Epilogue - Metro PD Close To you by Voltage Inc


Want to Play?

Get “Metro PD: Close to you” on iTunes Here.

Get “Metro PD: Close to You for on Google Play Here.

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