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Hyogo Kaga – Falling in love – Her Love in the Force by Voltage Inc. – Walkthrough and Review

Ahh this took me so much longer to do then it should of because I was watching the American Music Awards while re-reading the story and writing this. But here it is! Another Spicy sadistic action packed story from the wonderful people of Voltage. My favourite kind of story. Maybe I should go back and replay Kyobashi’s Story from MPD. HAHA I loved that one too, but he’s not even as close to being as hot as Kaga. If only Kaga would wear glasses like Ayumu and Kyobashi.

GHyogo Kaga - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage Incame: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Hyogo Kaga
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Here is the walkthrough for the Happy Ending and all secret stories. To get the good ending just go through the story and be as much of a jerk as possible, Its not hard considering him an Ishigami are Jerks LOL, You’re just levelling the playing field.

  1. Shrink back
  2. I’ll do my best
  3. I followed you
  4. Take Kaga’s side
  5. What do you mean?
  6. Look at him
  7. I’ve grown?
  8. Thank him
  9. Do you mind me intruding?
  10. I’m sorry.
  11. Thank you
  12. I want to help you.
  13. Follow Him
  14. thats just a rumour
  15. I trust you
  16. Eat this
  17. I can’t
  18. Cover him with your body

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncWow they really took the story to the next level. More action, more danger and more times that MC kicks ass! I enjoyed this story more than the first one because obviously my super hot instructor progressively becomes even more sadistic, teasing and affectionate than the last story. We learn more about Kaga and all the other instructors, we meet Kurosawa and Riko, and we get a lot more intimate with Kaga. The seriousness of this story and the case you are working on really got my heart going. I honestly was REALLY STRESSED with what was going on, my heart felt like it was going to rip apart and I felt abandoned and useless, and the outcome wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be. It really gets annoying when stories are really predictable especially action stories like this, but I enjoyed every chapter like a great movie and spicy love story haha.

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncKaga’s photos are phenomenal as usual. I love his angry face, and the last photo is just fabulous. They all make my heart race because he’s so hot. I can’t really say anything else about it or else I’ll just gush rainbows all over the place and won’t be able to stop. And the preview of the epilogue just kills me, he gets more sadistic and his punishments get worse and you take a trip together on top of that?!?! I WANNA READ IT SO BAD. T_T I would kill to have a boyfriend like Kaga, as disturbing as it sounds, the way he treats MC makes me go crazy, there must be something wrong with me.

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncNOT TO MENTION THE SECRET STORIES – THEY ARE ALL SPICY PEICES OF GOLD. Like moments where” I hurriedly move backwards, but Kaga approaches me slowly like a predator.” Like WOW. Men seem to be intimidated by me, so stuff doesn’t happen to me this often (and I mean happen in a good way with a hot guy that I trust and not a creepy stranger guy I have to end up beating the crap out of), nor to I let stuff like this happen to me, well,  because I’m used to being able to stand my ground and hiding my nervousness/uncomfortableness and I’m not easy to fluster. And well, when I’m the one that has to instigate by being forward and being the predator, things get boring fast in my opinion. HAHA *Sigh* Why are all the men around me and all my exes wusses?

Hyogo Kaga - Main story 2 - Falling in love - Her love in the Force - Voltage Inc

Again another story that I will most likely re-read many time and was totally worth my money.

 Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  

3 responses

  1. Reina

    I just finished reading Kaga and I must say, he’s AMAZING!!! Totally obsessed with him and this game. And about the last 2 pics in your post, I don’t remember seeing that. Can you tell me which scene that was?

    November 26, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    • OtomeJunkie!

      Yeah I freaking love kaga he’s like PERFECT. he just needs glasses… and to be real…. and mine. LOL.
      I believe those pics are from the second Secret story.

      November 26, 2014 at 10:36 pm

  2. Liddy

    thanks for the review. i hope he never wears glasses. ishigami is enough with glasses..personally i really dont have a thing for guys in glassesm prefer them this way. and not everyguy has to wear them imho. i enjoyed this route but was having some issues so your review helps thanks ^^

    January 28, 2015 at 6:33 pm

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