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Seiji Goto – Meeting him – Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc – Walkthrough Review

Seiji Goto - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncI was sick all day today so all I did was sleep, eat sushi and play games, although 90% of it was sleep. So much for the day off I was looking forward to. HOWEVER, I got to finish both of  Goto’s main stories which made me pretty happy.  I’ve included the walkthrough incase someone has trouble in getting a happy ending and all the secret stories because I didn’t get them on the first try either. So try it out, have fun with your own choices, but if you get stuck you can use this!

Game: Her love in the Force by Voltage Inc.
Character: Seiji Goto
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 10 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 3 Pictures, 3 secret stories +4 emails

Heres the walkthrough!

  1. It looks good on you.
  2. Just guess
  3. If theres anything I can do
  4. I’m Motivated!
  5. I’m visualizing todays exercise!
  6. since I’m your aide…
  7. Stare quietly
  8. want to clean your scratch?
  9. I have something to say…
  10. Theres something in my eye..
  11. If you are pleased, so am I.
  12. Five years ago…
  13. Understood.
  14. Speak calmly
  15. I’m Scared.
  16. This mission will be a success
  17. Yes
  18. Try fighting back.

Although this wasn’t a love story technically… yet. This story was amazing to play. Getting to know Seiji and basically getting to know yourself though playing MC really makes this game probably more in-depth than the others. I really feel like I can see myself doing these things and being frustrated at my progress in the academy. This story is so action packed and has a lot of hits of admiration and love beginning to grow. I loved this story as creating a great base and a great world and letting us know how amazing all of the characters in this world really are, as well as letting us know how amazing MC really is. I believe that the fact that this game isn’t just a chasing love story, but a story about a girl who has dreams and hopes and is trying to survive in a male dominated profession is already amazing in itself, and the fact that romance starts to play into it eventually just makes it even better.

Seiji Goto - Main story 1 - Her love in the Force - Voltage IncNot to mention I literally ran around my house screaming when  Subaru from My sweet Bodyguard showed up at the academy! I’m really happy that they intertwined the stories together. I shouldn’t have been surprised considering in MSB Goto and Subaru are very close, but I guess i was wishing for it so bad that I just exploded when it actually happened! And to see how close Goto and Subaru really are made me really happy.

IMG_1246The pictures of Goto were very handsome and awesome! I love the artists for this game. Not to mention that Although this story wasn’t focused on the love aspect there are still those moments. Like this one in the picture!!! You get some amazing moments in the Secret stories! so be sure to try and unlock them all!

I really enjoyed this story, we needed something where we felt more like we were thrust into our own story one that didn’t just involve love but many other aspects of life for us a s a main character. I would definitely read it again, because it is really good =)

 Wanna play? Heres the links! 
Get it for Google Play here!
Get it from the iTunes App store Here!  

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  1. Donat

    Hey umm I’m having trouble to unlock the 3rd secret story. Some walktrough says that I have to unlock both ending so i did it. But the 3rd secret story is still locked (lol sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand) can you help me? :’

    July 5, 2015 at 10:47 pm

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