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My Starry Skied Romance – Ryohei Kimura Main Story – Metro PD:Close to You – Review

Ryohei Kimura Metro PD Close To You Main Story Voltage IncI’m Gonna try and get out of my rut and post some reviews! There have been some amazing stories coming out non-stop and my wallet is hurting as I rush to read them all! Here is one that I’ve been waiting for! My Mysterious Megane cutie from the Forensics department of the MPD.


Ryohei Kimura Metro PD Close To You Main Story Voltage IncGame: Metro PD: Close to You by Voltage Inc.
Character: Ryohei Kimura
Type: Main Story
Price:$3.99 CAD
Chapters: 14 Chapters + 2 Endings (Happy, Normal)
Rewards: 6 Pictures + Emails (16 emails – different one for each of the endings)

Ryohei Kimura Metro PD Close To You Main Story Voltage IncI really felt drawn into this route. At first through I felt the relationship between Ryohei was progressing extremely slow however in chapter 4-5ish we start to learn more about Ryohei and we understand why. What I really really liked about this story was that Ryohei is very similar to me in many ways. I put up walls and have been burned because of my kindness that I’m extremely afraid to get vulnerable and close to people. And hearing him say things and act the way he does with MC is so awfully familiar to me. The reason I loved this story was because I could imagine myself in his shoes more than MC. And every time MC said something or comforted him I felt like she was saying it to me and comforting me. Ryohei Kimura Metro PD Close To You Main Story Voltage IncAs I am re-reading this right now I’ve gotten to a point where MC confronts Ryohei about his feelings and I couldn’t help but feel like she was directly talking to me and confronting me – I understood exactly how devastated, lonely and hurt Ryohei is feeling and I just broke out crying.  I really was happy and meloncholy at the end of this story because I felt because he found happiness with MC and was completely set free, that I wish that hopefully an MC will come by and do the same for me, even though I know that like Ryohei ever since last year I’ve been pretty much been keeping my walls up with everyone and not letting anyone in.  I cried obviously because I’m a huge baby but also because at the end I really felt like I needed an MC like this one in my life and despite the relatioRyohei Kimura Metro PD Close To You Main Story Voltage Incnships I’ve been in I’ve never had someone like her to really and truly understand the burdens and pains I’ve had in my past. This story is a first to ever make me feel like that. HAHA what a strange feeling to feel more like the Male character and fall in love with MC. So strange!


I really loved the drawings for Ryohei but I felt like its so completely different than his sprite. I guess because you aren’t really supposed to recognize him as Kimura without his glasses but he CG’s felt really different to me. I love his sprite though and his blushing face really gets to me. Ryohei is so earnest so his personality and his sprite are really really super adorable.

Also as in all other stories other than Hanai’s I love how independent and strong MC is in his story. Those characters I can relate to more than the quiet princess types who always need to be saved.

Ryohei Kimura Metro PD Close To You Main Story Voltage IncFor the emails I felt like I got a lot of them! They are all from all the different characters in the game, I’m pretty sure I got emails from all of them. And it made me feel like the whole unit and Nomura really loved me which was really nice. 🙂 Also one thing I want to point out in this story is that unlike all the other stories where you’re basically hiding your relationship from everyone the whole gang is trying to set you up with Kimura behind your back – It’s quite refreshing and comical how it all plays out.

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