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Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage inc. New Game Review! OtomeJunkie APPROVES!

Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage incI HAD TO SHARE THIS GAME I REALLY DID. When Voltage shared the video on their youtube channel for this game I was not only excited because of the magic element but excited because some of the main characters looks like Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss!! When It actually came out this week I was so excited I downloaded it right away and played it right away! I NEVER EXPECTED THIS GAME TO BE LIKE THIS!!!!

Lets go through the basics quickly before I vomit out all my rainbow feels from all the excitement I have bottled up. Here is the opening movie.

SERIOUSLY AMAZING HUH. You get the hint from it that that this story is going to be a little more risqué than the previous games…   Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage inc

Price and Layout: The Layout is unique but follows similar structure as “Metro PD: Close To You” I guess we will be looking at unique layouts for every game that comes out from now on. The theme and colours are so beautiful! Prices are as follows.

$3.99 CAD for Main Stories (12 chapters Plus 2 endings), includes 4 reward images.

$1.99 for Epilogues (3 chapters) includes one reward image

$2.99 (7 Chapters plus 2 endings) includes 3 reward images

Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage inc

One thing that has been updated in this versions layout is that there is a rewind button! This makes me happy because I love going back and immediately rereading things and I don’t like having to quit the story and having to start the chapter again to re-read. ESPECIALLY goes for this story and how it is because, Well I’ll get to that later. One thing about this game though, that it easily crashes when you try to multitask and jump to other apps. Not every single time like first gen Voltage apps but more so than the Second gen. But you’ll want to ignore everything else when you play this game anyways so it’s nothing really to worry about.

Music: I was moved with the quality of music that Voltage came out with for “Serendipity Next Door” Which topped my favourite Voltage game of all time when it came out. And because of that I was a bit disappointed in the music for “Metro PD” – it was good, just not my style. This games music tops all the others! I love it so much that I will leave the app open in my purse when I’m not playing and let the music play for me to listen to! The theme is very Asian inspired and every version of it they have in the game gives me so many beautiful feels! It totally makes game play even better and helps me get more emotionally involved in the story!

Characters/Art: Welcome to the most unique of characters in a voltage game. The sprites and the character designs are otherworldly are beautiful in every way! They all have many different forms: Human, Full Ayakashi ,and Casual Ayakashi. Each of them looking similar to their respective traditional Ayakashi stereotypes we see in animes – The characters I always fall in love with! Miyabi - Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage inc

Miyabi: Kitsune Fox Demon =) HE REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF MY BELOVED TOMOE FROM KAMISAMA KISS! I love Miyabi! He is a typical Sneaky fox and is cocky and pushy! He is like a demon version of Shinobu from Serendipity next door whom is my favourite character of all time. He’s extremely forward and pushy and VERY perverted!!

Chikage -Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage incChikage: Tengu Crow Demon – Is a sexy kind version of Kurama from Kamisama Kiss. He is beautiful with his thick black hair, quiet and peaceful, he has this detached feeling to him and he never smiles. Although he is introverted he is a gentleman when it comes to treating women. =) Polar opposite of Miyabi.

Shinra -Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage incShinra: Oni Demon – Shinra seems to be the token younger character of the group. He is passionate, cute, easy to agitate and very easily excitable. He really gets strung along by the others sometimes and gets teased a lot.

Yukinojo - Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage incYukinojo: Snow Spirit – Very kind and intelligent. He is never aggressive although he does kindly scold the others and acts most like the adult out of everyone. He is mysterious and for some reason knows a lot about the human world, unlike the others. It is hinted that he knows a lot about women, but how and why is a complete mystery.

Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage inc KougaKyoga: Wolf Demon – Same as our favourite wolf demon from InuYasha. Unlike his InuYasha counterpart this sexy wolf is older taller and looks like he has a lot of swag. He seems to be a lady’s man, and he refers to himself as hot-blooded in every sense of the word… His curly hair and his sexy goatee DRIVE ME CRAZY. I LOVE HOE SEXY HE IS! XD

Samon Enchanted in the Moonlight by Voltage incSamon: Zashiki-warashi House Spirit – (Not included in the love interest list HOWEVER he seems likely that he will be added in later) Very kind and calm Priest of the shrine that your family own, you’ve known him the longest. He is always smiling and cheerful and very reliable and sweet. He is the most responsible of the bunch and takes care of you really well. He is the picture perfect cute best friend who lives next door. The type of guy I would love to marry. ~^_^~

Plot and Story: As of right now I’ve played Miyabi’s Main, Epilogue and Sequel and his are the only ones that are available at the moment. But OH MY GOD IS THIS STORY REALLY GOOD. I cannot say for the rest of the stories but Miyabi’s story in particular is VERY RACY!! – Something that has never been done in Voltage games before. According to the prologue you (as the main character) possess special blood that the demon world need to gain special powers and these Ayakashi have been sent to take you as a bride and bear a child! Already the plot has to do with sex! And I thought this was going to be another innocent and sweet voltage game but OH,HOHO~ I was pleasantly mistaken. Although it doesn’t get too graphic in nature, the main character gets into many sexual situations! The story is ultimately about love and romance yes, but adding in this extra spiciness as well as the danger of death at your door makes this game the BEST VOLTAGE GAME IVE EVER PLAYED. I’ve been kind of wishing for a long time that voltage would take a step in the direction that Solmare has done in “Ninja Love” and “Ninja Destiny”, without overdoing it AND MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED IN THIS GAME. It has just the right amount of sexiness in this game without overdoing it at all, and story wise everything fits in and makes sense. It also has been an emotional rollercoaster so far, on which I’ve felt so much love for Miyabi and felt my heart broken and cried. So in every other aspect to be honest this game delivers well.

I’ve played all of Miyabi’s routes twice already, back to back in one day. LOL. The only other time that has ever happened EVER was with Shinobu Narita in Serendipity Next Door. Get the game here On Google Play  and here for iTunes App Store.  

13 responses

  1. jam

    It’s Kyoga not Kouga 🙂

    June 26, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    • OtomeJunkie!

      Ahh thanks haha

      June 26, 2014 at 11:59 pm

  2. Love this review ^^. Might want t add that the plot is VERY similiar to Black Bird manga, but that might not stop players to send tones of money on this good game. Your review basically sums everything i thought up while playing Miyabi’s route. I just wished they release Chikage as well, but heh.

    June 27, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    • Jessica

      Yes!!! i was thinking that while reading this review xD i still wanna play it though lol i have to pay this game now hehe

      February 10, 2015 at 10:38 pm

  3. Your review made me want to play this game…and wow you were right!! What a great game. Miyabi is awesome, and I can’t wait to play all the other guys too. I won’t be able to give Voltage my money fast enough!

    June 30, 2014 at 1:25 pm

  4. Eden

    You know it’s funny, as soon as I saw Miyagi I though the same thing. His appearance very much reminded me of Tomoe and I just love the song that plays when they first me under the red moon. Do you know if they will come out with a OST? Or if one is a already out? I have Google and have not found anything

    July 6, 2014 at 4:11 am

    • OtomeJunkie!

      I was looking for it today actually and there is none yet.

      July 6, 2014 at 4:14 am

  5. Eden

    Wah!!!!! 😦 Hopefully one will be out soon…
    LOVE that under the red moon song *^_^*

    July 8, 2014 at 1:35 pm

  6. RY

    Can you recommend any other otome games similar to how good this was? This was my first otome game. I love miyabi’s story!

    Btw, yukinojo’s story was released and it’s very laid back compared to miyabi’s. I can’t say I wasn’t surprised but I felt a bit disappointed considering how miyabi’s story kept me on the edge of my seat a lot lol.

    November 15, 2014 at 12:47 am

    • OtomeJunkie!

      I was surprised because i thought most of the stories would be like miyabi’s but turns out the rest are more like voltages standard less Spicy stories. HAHA I loved Miyabi’s spiciness…HMMMM… My Forged Wedding is still one of my All time favourites, And Kissed by the baddest bidder is really good too – Its pretty exciting. TBH I love all of voltages games but those are my favourites. If you want something more “spicy” check out Forbidden Romance Office Secrets, the story is shorter and not as detailed as Voltages stories but it is pretty spicy LOL. Also MY favourite Forbidden romance game is “Men of Yoshiwara” the sprites move when they talk, the actual storyline is just as good if not better than voltages games and it can get pretty spicy too LOL. Its probably my favourite iPhone game of all time so far. Plus I’m totally into edo period stuff. Too bad the two games that came after this one weren’t as good.

      November 16, 2014 at 12:22 pm

  7. Haruka

    So girls! I wanted ur opinion about something very delicate! I totally understand that this is a game, it’s a fantasy, with fictional characters and all, in order to entertain us. BUT as much as I enjoyed miaybi’s story, one thing kept bothering me: his pushy way even though the mc hated him at first and always denied his advances can or cannot be considered an attempt of rape? A friend of mine told me that there are many girls that are raped but since they couldn’t bring themselves to push the guy away and even ended up letting out some moaning (even though they clearly didn’t want it) they kept considering themselves as not victims, but the ones to be blamed for (which is totally an absurd!!!! No means NO!!!). Now, if that were to happen to me, I would definitely manage to push the guy, even if my body responded to it, because what matters if I want to do it with the guy or not (the human body is conditioned to respond to certain stimulus). The thing is that if one doesn’t want to, then the two won’t play the game (a saying from where I come). BUT picture a girl oblivious to that who end up reading Myabi’s story and takes that as an absolute truth (like, even if I say no, it’s okay to let him do it). What do u think about it? Is it possible? Is it overreacting? Or we’re just daydreaming? Anyway, it’s really been bothering me and my friend so we’d like to hear some opinions (it doesn’t matter if u agree or are totally against it, we just would really like to know!) thanks! ^_^

    November 16, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    • OtomeJunkie!

      If you want to look at it Technically it is sexual harassment yeah. but also technically she DID enter into the agreement and lets just say for arguments sake, This whole thing with that CBC (I’m from canada) TV host being fired because he apparently forced a bunch of girls to have incredibly rough sex with them (and when i mean rough i mean like he practically beat the shit out of them while they did it – if your not from canada, this is like all over the news right now over here).
      We were talking about it at my workplace and not that I’m taking sides (because i thought what he did was absolutely disgusting) BUT if he wasn’t the idiot he is, and he knew he was technically a public figure and he KNEW that this could potentially be a scandal, that in order to prove his innocence he should have written out a CONTRACT for the girl to sign that says YES I fully agree and give permission for this man to treat me roughly when we have sex. I know this sounds weird but Many people out there (i am NOT one of them) enjoy being roughhoused and in order not to get into jail and for it to not be considered rape it is common for people to sign a contract stating this.

      NOW back to the story. TECHNICALLY, although it was a high stress situation that mark of the agreement she made was basically the contract she signed to let Miyabi do what he wanted with her. So in my opinion I say, yeah she shouldn’t have been surprised or dumb enough to NOT think something like that was going to happen to her. realistically if I happened to be in some situation similar to that to make an agreement with a stranger where i basically have to give ownership of myself to them I would be expecting much worse than what miyabi and the rest of the ayakashi have done for her, I grew up in a very rough and dangerous neighbourhood so personally I’d rather choose to die trying to defend myself then to jump into a trap like that.

      And if we are going to go through the morality of the story here I just want to point out that much worse happens on mainstream TV that is worse than what happens in this story and also the Game is rated 13+ so unless a young and innocent child has loaded parents and has their own credit card and these said parents don’t care about wtf that kid is doing on the computer or Iphone/ipad then i truly think it isn’t the games fault and i would have much more to worry about for that child’s influences.
      That being also said, I am a firm believer of Women/girls being taught martial arts and self defence from a young age ( i am a martial arts instructor as well) Unfortunately in my life and I’m going to open up here a bit – I’ve had some very nasty and scarring sexual experiences from Adults I was supposed to trust from a very young age. too young to even know about video games at the time or understand whats going on on adult tv blah blah blah. I think its the parents, Teachers and communities responsibility to teach a child both girls and boys how to defend themselves from Bullying and sexual harassment, It is far too common these days , so much that a game like this wouldn’t even bother to phase me at the least. its the sad but awful truth.

      November 18, 2014 at 2:09 am

      • Haruka

        Wow, I get what you’re saying, I hadn’t seen things the way u saw, so thanks for sharing! I’m not from Canada, so I haven’t seen anything about it, but I’ll look it up! And yes, it’s a tough reality with much worse things going on, fortunately, things appear to be getting better, even if it’s reaaaaaally slowly (take how women were treated back in the 60′). I don’t know what actually happened with u, but I really do hope you’re better now! If somehow I can help u with something, let me know! ^_^
        And I hadn’t said it before, but congratulations for ur blog! It’s really useful and refreshing! Thanks for answering me sincerely! (^ー^)ノ

        November 18, 2014 at 6:45 am

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