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PINKUUKISS Anime North 2014 VLOG Part 1 , Emergency Room& Hotel Fiasco

Anime North if finally over! But the sweat-shopping cosplays is still happening! Theres no time to rest Colossal Con is in a week!

I am working on My Vlogs as well as a Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Cosplay Video As well as a Mirai Nikki Cosplay Music Video for a final Project that I only have 3 weeks to do…

So for now here is the Pinkuukiss Colab Vlog with me DigiRin and Lexxie =)


I shared a hotel room with them and despite the ordeal we went through bringing DigiRin to the Emergency from 11-6 AM , We had a lot of fun!

What happened was our hotel room wasn’t clean and she ended up stepping on a needle/nail embedded in the carpet and it braking of in her foot! The doctor in the hospital couldn’t take it out because it was too deep and she had to be brought around in a wheelchair all weekend, and she couldn’t wear her cosplays. WORST of all our phone in our room didn’t work , the elevators broke down in the hotel which meant she was stuck there Saturday evening till thy got fixed and the customer service managers were out of this world super RUDE and INAPPROPRIATE.  The manager had the nerve , while Digi Rin was crying at the front desk while we were talking to him about how we were being treated about the whole situation to tell her,

“You look pretty when you cry.”


Couldn’t deal with these people at all.

So the moral of this story is, NEVER STAY AT THE SHERATON HOTEL TORONT AIRPORT – NOT FOR ANIME NORTH – NEVER EVER EVER!! THEY SUCK AND ARE RUDE AND THEY ARE TRYING TO FRAME US FOR THE NEEDLE BEING IN THE ROOM WHEN IT WAS CLEARLY NOT ONE OF OURS. After she got the needle out – she had to have a 2 hour surgery for it  on the following Wednesday – She called the hotel because the needle didn’t look like a sewing needle so it couldn’t have been ours. And they told us that they went into our hotel room while we were in the hospital and HAVE PICTURES OF NEEDLES ALL OVER THE FLOOR, IN THE BATHROOM AND THE ROOM. We brought like WHAT 4-5 needles and Digirin had ALL of them with her as she was working on her costume in the hospital!!! So they must have gone out of their way, brought needles into our room planted them in there to take incriminating photos so we wouldn’t be able to sue them!


Anyways back to the better half of anime north. I had a lot of fun with them despite all this stuff happening. DigiRin was amazingly positive  the whole weekend and a lot of hilarious YOLO-ing happening  – I will have my own Vlogs from my Channel up really soon.  as well as more PinkuuKiss Vlogs from Anime North! Now I need go back to studying and sweatshopping my Colossal Con Cosplays.

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