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Vic Mignogna Serenades me @ FanExpo 2013 Toronto

The Best Hug I've had in my life!

The Best Hug I’ve had in my life!

Hi everyone!  Its been a while! August was so full of Cosplay making and Conventions that it was so rediculusly crazy for me. I’ve fallen behind on everything, from blogging to work, to playing games etc. Although it will be super late, I still plan on posting pictures and blogs from both Atomic Lollipop and FanExpo because it was just so much fun I have to share it with everyone.  I’ve unfortunately have to catch up with the more important website stuff first before I get back to doing OtomeJunkie stuff.

However I wanted to show everyone my Highlight of the Month which was meeting Vic Mignogna at FanExpo! He signed my copy of Ouran Highschool Host Club Blu-Ray and I got to take a video and Picture with him. His panel was so awesome, and he was so sweet and nice to me and everyone there. The impression i get from him is so humble and kind and it just makes me love him even more!  So here are the short videos on that!

Enjoy them my Fellow Otomes! And be Jealous =) This weekend I will be working on a compilation video for FanExpo and one for Atomic Lollipop.

I post alot more often on facebook because it is quicker and easier for me and you can follow my instagram and twitter as well.  So please Follow and Add me, OtomeJunkie and like my facebook page on the Right there to get some instant and daily Fangirling fun!

HERE is the Video of Vic Singing to me =)

And here is the Link to the Instagram Video I made from the Pic/Videos captured as well! The lady who took the video was supposed to be taking pictures but she didnt know how to use an iPhone so took video instead. LUCKY ME! She took it when he gave me a kiss! Honestly when he grabbed my face my heart stopped HAHA! and I was on Cloud 9 the whole time afterwards =) BEST DAY EVER!


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