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Guilty Beauty Love – Tamaki Suoh Character Song – Mamoru Miyano & Vic Mignogna (With Lyrics)

I was reading Ouran High School Host Club Manga this week. Bisco-san the Mangaka of Ouran wrote in one of her side-bars that she absolutely loved Tamaki Suoh’s Character Song, and that whomever wrote the lyrics to it and made it so RIDICULOUSLY over-confidant is a genius. My first reaction was “OMG THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE SONG EVER BACK IN THE DAY!!! I NEED TO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW!” It was 3 in the morning and I was about to go to sleep but I just HAD TO get up and Listen to it.  So I found it on youtube and reminisced on how obsessed I was over this song and Tamaki in General. Although Kyoya is my favourite I am still totally in love with Tamaki and his Seiyuu – Mamoru Miyano (Who is also Tokiya Ichinose from Uta No Prince-sama)  Who is officially my favourite Seiyuu EVER.

Honestly the Lyrics in this Song are so very Tamaki that It makes me love this song even more! Bisco was so right to say that whom ever wrote these lyrics was a genius!  I will post them up at the end of this post so you can take a look =).

I also was wondering about the English version of this song.  I personally love Vic Mignogna’s version of Tamaki Suoh’s voice like I said in my review of the Ouran BluRay. In fact, he is probably the first character English dub voice i’ve ever liked almost as much as the original. (No one can live up to the love I have for Mamoru Miyano though, his voice gives me ear-gasims every time I hear it) And as I was browsing through youtube I found that he’s done a version of the song as well. I was a bit sceptical because the English versions of the opening and closing theme are horrendous but I loved Tamaki so I listened to it as well.


The lyrics that they did in the English are very close to the original lyrics and they are so over the top, and Vic does an amazing job of singing it! It just works so well that you wouldn’t even know that this was not the original version of this song. I’m at the point where I love both versions equally, and I’ve been listening the two back to back on repeat for about 2-3 days now LOL.

Mamoru Miyano  as Tamaki Suoh – GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
Tsumi wa kami ga boku wo
utsukushiku tsukutta koto
Kimi no hitomi ni utsutta boku ga
ikenai no sa
Batsu wa boku ga ai ni
mitasare sugiteru koto
Soredemo boku wa kimi wo
aishite shimau darou
The crime is that God created me beautifully
I’m wrong to be reflected in your eyes
The punishment is that, I’m overfilled with love
Nevertheless, I’ll still love you right?
Guilty Beauty Love

Tobira hiraki fumidashite
yume no sekai e irasshaimase
Kimi wo esukooto hizamadzuki
te e to kuchidzuke
Hajirau megami sae
furimuita LUCKY GUY
Tsukareta kokoro iyasu karaOpen the door, take a step forward
and welcome to the world of your dreams
I’ll escort you, kneel and kiss your hand
Even a shy goddess, looked back at the Lucky Guy
Because I’ll heal your tired heart

Tsumi wa boku ga fureru
monosubete koi ni ochite
Heart ubawareta kimi wa zenzen
warukunai sa
Batsu wa boku ga ai wo
mugendai sasageru koto
Soredemo kimi wa boku ni
furete shimau darou
GUILTY BEAUTY LOVEThe crime is that everything I touch falls in love
It’s completely not your fault
The punishment is that I infinitely offer up love
Nevertheless you’ll still touch me, right?
Guilty Beauty Love

Yoru ni ukabu tsuki ga boku
dakiyose moeru kimi wa taiyou
Futari meguri ai mabushisugi
kage wa dekinai
Jounetsu no hanataba wo
okuttara Cutie lady
Koko de wa kimi wa itsumo HeroineThe moon appearing at night is me and you,
who embraces and burns, are the sun
We meet and it’s so blindingly bright that shadows can’t form
When I deliver a bouquet of Passion, Cutie Lady
Here, you’re always a Heroine

Tsumi wa kami ga boku ni
kono kuchibiru kureta koto
Kimi wo yume e to
sasotta boku ga ikenai no sa
Batsu wa boku ni ai ga
furisosogi sugiru koto
Soredemo kimi wa boku ni hikarete
shimau darou
GUILTY BEAUTY HEARTThe crime is that God gave me a pair of lips
And I who lured you into a dream cannot follow
The punishment is that I am overflowing with love
Nevertheless, you’ll still find me charming, right?

Vic Mignogna as Tamaki Suoh GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE 

What a crime, such a beautiful crime
That God would make a star as bright as I
And I know it’s a disgrace to admire this perfect face
Reflected in your eyes
So it’s right that I suffer tonight
All the pain of all the passion inside
But my heart can not deny what I’m feeling inside
That makes me long for you
Guilty, Beauty, Love

Take my hand, take the key
You can open the door
Take a step, take a chance
Now you’ll find there’s so much more
There’s a world you dreamed of and if you’ll allow
Let me escort you there

I kneel before you, kiss your hand to
Tell you I’m a lucky guy
Look back and know that I can heal your tired heart

What a crime, such a breath-taking crime
Everything I touch can’t help but fall in love
In this cruel romantic game, there’s no way that you’re to blame
For your stolen heart
So I’ll say that the price I must pay
Is to want her in my heart forever
Just don’t take away your touch ’cause it means so much
To feel your hand in mine
Guilty, Beauty, Love

In the sky, you and I
Are floating in space
By the moon, near the sun
Locked in beautiful embrace
Heavenly bodies come together so blindingly bright
They chase away the night

What I bring you, I hope delights you
A bouquet of passion, Cutie Lady
Be sure that here with me you’ll always save the day

What a crime, such a wonderful crime
That God would choose to make such looks as mine
It was wrong but all the same, I invited and you came
Into this dream with me
So my price is to gaze in your eyes
And to feel more love than I can contain
Even so, it’s fair to say, I still found a way
To cast my spell on you
Guilty, Beauty, Love

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