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FINALLY! The game I have been waiting for!!! FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII is FINAL FANTASY XV !!!

Right Before watching this I thought, “Oh final fantasy 15? GREAT I WANT WAIT TO PLAY…so I guess they really did scrap final fantasy versus 13… =(”

then by the last 10 seconds….


“The stories from the past entries in the Final Fantasy series are not exactly as I would have done, but that’s as it should be because I didn’t direct them. My only concern in terms of Versus XIII is that FF always talks about human emotion and psychologies in a broad way, and I want to go deeper in terms of offering some crude reality in terms of human emotion or human [behavior]. The goal, when a player holds a controller and plays an RPG, is to make them believe in another world – to experience a dream in a fictional world. It will be different inVersus XIII because of the intrusion of the real world, and things that are really happening. There will be less fiction and more reality.”

Tetsuya Nomura on the story of Final Fantasy XV, then known under the title Final Fantasy Versus XIII
You really get the feeling of more realism and the complexity of human emotion in the trailor in my opinion, with a shot of pure fantasy integrated into the universe. It seems like this game is going to change the face of final fantasy games forever.

I’ve got to start saving up for this PS4… and take a month off work so I can play this game.

One response

  1. I haven’t heard this news yet! Thanks for posting I am SOOOO excited right now!!

    June 14, 2013 at 1:42 pm

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