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TGIF@AN Weekend Otaku! Anime North 2013 – Friday Con Vlog Blog

The weekend I’ve been waiting for is finally here!  I’m so excited to be at anime north again and every year. I think I will be coming here ( or Con-ing in General) Till I cannot get out of my house because I am too old to walk! I love Anime Cons! And although I’ve never been to any outside of Canada, Toronto Cons are pretty amazing. Anime North is the largest anime convention in Canada, and it happens every year at the end of May.

They stepped up the quality of badges. AWESOME.

They stepped up the quality of badges. AWESOME.

Although most of my close friends arn’t able to attend this year I said SCREW IT, I’m getting a hotel and going all out!  And I’m seriously happy that I did. Every year I used to Transit it back and forth every day for 2.5 hours from home to the anime con which was a nightmare. Considering also that because I couldn’t stash my luggage and otaku-shopping-hauls in other friends rooms, lugging everything around everywhere for the whole day would totally not just cramp my style but be extremely tiring and difficult when trying to skillfully ninja those hordes of fellow otakus.




Keeping warm Loli style

Keeping warm Loli style

My Lolita Game face

My Lolita Game face










So in my ADD induced rush to pack, I ended up not bringing my transfer cord to import pictures from my point-and-shoot camera to my computer to do end of day uploading onto facebook etc. So, ya’ll will have to wait till I get home to get the good pictures. I took only a few with my phone because I was concerned that I would use up too much memory and battery (especially from otome gaming voltage games on my breaks)

Huge beautiful bathroom in my hotel room

Huge beautiful bathroom in my hotel room

My hotel was amazing – clean, modern, and with a lot of perks like, a fridge and microwave and free wifi.  I got here around 3pm by bus just in time for my check in and dropped all my stuff, put on my game face (my makeup lol) and headed over to the Con. I kinda planned to do a lot of stuff today including buying a ticket to ClubXIII which is AnimeNorth’s  Host Club (KYAAH~), going to a J-rock concert, and going to doll north and a bunch of panels and more… But I ended up honestly totally transfixed in the Artist Ally and Dealers Room from 6 till 9:30! I ended up panicking when I saw that it was 7 and rushed to go get my tickets for the Host club (THANK GOD) and then I rushed back to go shopping again! Haha clearly, I am a shopaholic. I ended up buying soooo many manga’s because they were a good deal at The Begiling Store booth.   Buy 6 get 1 free, and it just gets better from. I was sold… 17 mangas to be exact, because I ended up getting 3 free from the deal. 12 volumes of Kamisama Kiss, sailor moon 1 and 7 of the recent volumes of Ouran Highschool Host Club.

and beer

My secret stash of booze

My secret stash of snacks...

and snacks…

Other then that I was hunting for a specific dakimakura (body pillow) of Hajime Saito from Hakuouki or Ichinose Tokiya from UtaPri. I didn’t find them sadly but I found one of Sannosuke Harada… which I didn’t buy and I am regretting it!!!!  I’m like so passionately infatuated by Sannosuke and his route in the game ‘Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting blossom’ – him and Saito are my favourites (Saito wins because I love his voice actor like crazy, he Even does Cecil’s voice in UtaPri) ! I will go to dealers tomorrow morning and hope that he is still there… I’ll have to sleep lonely tonight… SIGH..

Anyways other than that I got a Tote to hold all my mangas and I met the super kawaii Chii Sakurabi who is a Japanese Idol who does English and Japanese songs. She is so super cute dressed in Lolita dresses and she has such an adorable and catchy songs. I bought her CD, which she signed and I also got to take a picture with her.

Also Remember that I bought a whole bunch of stuff at the Harajuku Fashion Party? well I was wearing them today and the Seller recognized me in the clothes she sold me. HAHA that was super cool, I loved the dress and shawl so I was happy to get to thank and show off how much I loved them to her.

Now I’m back at my comfy hotel having a room service burger and a Shock Top Beer and relaxing like a mo-fo because my flat feet have a hard time walking in fashionable shoes all day. I’m excited for tomorrow because it will be my J-idol auditions, I hope I remember all the words and I hope I win. OH and the Host Club… MUAHAHAHA…. I can’t wait!

Anime North Friday Weekend Otaku BLOG

Friday Night J-Rave, Looked like fun but I was so tired.

Well I need by Cosplay-Beauty-Sleep so I bid you all good night and I’ll update you again tomorrow! (I’m lying, I just want to go read some mangas and play games and then crash haha)

I’m too tired to finish my Haul video so if I have time, I’ll do that tomorrow.


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  1. Taz

    I am so unbelievably jealous!! I havent had the time or money to Con in the last two years and it’s enough to make me cry! You look great and I can’t wait to see more pics!!

    May 25, 2013 at 2:48 am

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