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My Cute & Passionate Lawyer -Takao Maruyama Sequel Epilogue #1 – My Forged Wedding – Review

Information Screen

Information Screen

I loved Takao’s Sequel. It really showed a great sexy side of him. So When I was about to sleep last night and I saw that this was on my updates list I had to get it right away.

This was bought on iTunes for $1.99 directly through the My Forged Wedding App.  It included 2 Chapters of Takao Yumminess and features only the Super Happy Ending. You can also make some choices in the story which will decide Takao’s immediate reaction to what choice you made. You also get a Reward Picture and 2 emails from Takao.

I loved this story so much.  Because I saw the update right before I was about to pass out at like 3am I ended up falling asleep trying to read the first chapter of it. I ended up going to work the next day and reading it on the bus on the way home. If you were on that bus with me you would probably think like “WTF is this girl doing?” I couldn’t help but smile (a huge creepy smile) and giggle on the whole way home reading this story staring at my phone. It totally would have looked weird to other people.

Again we see whole new sides of Takao in this story. His possessive and jealous side and his passionate and bold side. I love those sides of Takao’s personality! He has just the right amount of those traits in him to make a girl feel amazing and special. Mix that with his adorable awkward side that we also see a lot of in this story and it’s hard for any woman to resist.

After Reading this I HAD to play it ASAP.

After Reading this I HAD to play it ASAP.

I think every woman wants a man to be a bit possessive and jealous once in a while, but it’s EXTREMELY hard men to get it perfectly right.  For example: My boyfriend NEVER gets jealous. At least that’s what it appears like…if some guy hits on me, he laughs it off. If friends jokes around about stealing me away he jokes back and says stuff like “Go Ahead she’s all yours”. It’s nice that he’s easygoing but SO BORING that he doesn’t get jealous. My coworker’s boyfriend  (we are bartenders by the way) is so possessive that even today at work a customer got scared away by him. The three of them were having a conversation  having a smoke and the customer said asked her something very mildly provocative in front of him. Her Boyfriend waited for her to go back in the bar, and said to the customer, in a stern yet calm voice “If you say anything like that to my girlfriend again, I’ll *$&%^ing kill you.” HAHAHA. That customer ran back inside paid his bill and jetted. It’s great that he gets riled up because he’s that crazy for her, but its just scary when he goes overboard like this over  little things.  Takao in this story is the perfect kind of jealous – just enough to make you feel good but not too much for him to be labeled as a crazy possessive psycho =) . We don’t have to worry about him going to jail over killing a man because he looked at you funny.

Oh My Takao?! What a Bold Teaser!

Oh My Takao?! What a Bold Teaser!

The picture we get is quite sexy too! I love sexy pictures (muahahaha!) and I think this one is amazing and sweet too. He also writes such sweet emails. I couldn’t help but smile and feel my heart flutter when I read both of them. Overall this story was great and it put Takao higher on my favourite characters list! The more stories I read of his, the more I fall in love with him! 

Check out  My Forged Wedding for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Here  and for Android Devices here.


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