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My Strong Rugged Geeky Chief – Daichi Katsuragi – My Sweet Bodyguard – Walkthrough Review

Daichi Katsuragi Info Screen

Daichi Katsuragi Info Screen

I was waiting patiently to play Katsuragi because, well, he seems so serious, strong, and reliable… and he has such a cheesy smile. I really honestly was so curious what kind of guy he really is, because I really couldn’t tell from what recognizance i’ve done from the other stories in this game. I’m not usually into older men but for such a handsome face I’m willing to try anything.

Like all others I bought this Main Story through the ‘My Sweet bodyguard’ App I downloaded off the app store. It was $3.99 for the story. The story contains 15 chapters and two endings – Good and Happy Ending. The ending you get depends on how compatible of a mate you are to Daichi by the choices you make in the story. You also get 5 pictures of your super hunky bodyguard to ogle at and 10 emails from him to read and fawn over at work when you are bored and don’t want to clean dishes…. at least thats what I do…My co-workers think I’m so weird for playing anime dating games…I try to keep it on the DL at work.

Here is how I was able to get my Happy Ending on the first shot! (Hurrah for me, Daichi and me are perfect for each other!)

  1. Lovers
  2. Nothing gets past you!
  3. Its really funny!
  4. Katsuragi saved me.
  5. Are you bad with women?
  6. Green Tea
  7. I’ll hold an umbrella for you
  8. Try harder
  9. Pretend you didnt hear
  10. Don’t leave me
  11. You’re right…
  12. Only Katsuragi can hug me.
  13. I can drink more,
  14. Pretend to be asleep.
  15. The man who attacked me with the car?
  16. Refuse.
  17. I’ll go.
  18. Sneak a peak.
  19. Apologize
  20. Look outside
  21. Plead with the man
  22. I’m worried about Midori
  23. I’m going too
  24. Run to Midori
  25. You’re not boring me!
  26. thank you
  27. They fought with sabers.
  28. I’m staying here.
LOL, Kosugi is THE BEST and so is Chief's Cheesy Smile

LOL, Kosugi is THE BEST and so is Chief’s Cheesy Smile

I have to say right from the beginning I loved this story. Why? Because Kosugi started belting out Whitney Houstons “ANNNNNNDDD IIIIIII WIILLLLLL ALLLWAAAAAYYYSSS LOOOOOOOVEE YOOOOU” From the movie ‘The Bodyguard’ I instantly could not breathe I was laughing so loud and hard. She even magically changes instantly into a different outfit every time she sings it! IT KILLS ME EVERY TIME. I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler and if It ruins the surprise for ya’ll I’m sorry. Its just so damn hilarious I had to share it. And yes, I am old enough to have watched and loved this movie (which came out in 1992 btw) and thats why I find it so funny. Watch it by the way, its great for an old movie where they kiss funny and wear really retro 90’s fashion. Despite that, it is such a good love story.

Anyways lets get back to my love story with Daichi. On the outside he is so Serious, Strong and responsible. But because he’s so awkward and geeky when it comes to women it makes him so adorable. Almost like the ’40 Year Old Virgin’ (from the movie of the same name), except younger, and way hotter and way more successful. I’m pretty sure Daichi’s not a virgin either, but he is so innocent for a big burly man and it just makes me feel like I want to eat him up and corrupt him…LOL. Yes, It sounds perverted, its because I am, and don’t deny that you are too! You play the same games as I do!

Me giving attitude to the ridiculous looking bad guy...

Me giving attitude to the ridiculous looking bad guy…

He turns out to be such a sweet guy that you really cant help falling in love with him. I like that the MC in this story is more persistent and forward with her pursuit of Daichi then she is in most other characters stories. Usually it just kinda happens and you end up falling in love. I feel in this story she’s a little more like… ok I fell in love with him, I want to make him mine! Not that much forward but you can tell the difference between the other stories.

I’m a bit disappointed with the pictures, the first one looks exactly like just his sprite.  But the the Happy ending pictures and the ones where you are in the picture are decent. He writes such cute sweet emails too! Even though he’s awkward sometimes his feelings for you really come through to touch your heart. Thats what makes this story really amazing.

Subaru & Kaiji’s route still are my favourites, but Katsuragi despite him not being my type gets a competitive bronze metal. He’s so awesome and his route is just FANTASTIC.  I’d definitely reread this over and over again.

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