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My Power Hour of Shopping – Super Mini Fashion & Beauty Haul

I was at Markville Mall Yesterday with my boyfriend because he needed to do some shopping at Walmart for electric stiff for the store we are opening up next month. I naturally have my head too full of otaku and girly things to remotely understand what him and his electrician are talking about and needing to buy. So After eating some greek food and a yummy fruit smoothie for lunch he gave me about an hour to roam around the newly renovated mall.

If you know me, I love to shop and I love sales. So much so that I was a shopaholic for the longest time and in order for me to control my spending habit I AVOID MALLS. So I haven’t been in a mall for a while. So even this little bit of time at the Mall was exciting for me & I couldn’t resist buying a few things.

ImageI ended up getting everything from Forever21 on sale which was nice:

The Oversized Bunny Crop Top was only $7.99 and when I tried it on it fit me just the way I wanted it to. It was not too short so It didn’t show any belly and It was loose enough to go off the shoulder a bit but not make the bunny look weird when I wore it like that.  I’m such a big fan of cute graphic tees.

The silver pair of earrings were on sale for only $1.99. They are very Aztec and industrial looking which is great since most of my accessories are on the girly side. They would look great when I’m wearing Funky, rocker style stuff and I have my hair up.

The Gold Leaf earrings were $3.99 and they look really nice on. I will probably wear them with a dress or something that is more understated, ad definitely when I have my hair up. They look amazing when i feel like going a little bling bling. And despite the price they don’t look cheaply made at all. Pretty happy with that =)

I also ended up in Lush Cosmetics because reading and seeing so many scenes in anime and games about ‘taking baths’ I wanted to get something nice to put in the water for my bath. It may sound silly but it was intriguing me that everyone in the games and anime… they take baths like every night! I guess its normal over there to take a bath. Personally I don’t have time to take baths – it’s usually a rushed 5-10 minute shower and I’m flying out the door with my hair still dripping wet trying to make it to work on time (lol). And at night or after I work out It’s a 5 minute shower then I’m on the computer to do work or blog. Anyways I knew that Japanese people like to put cool stuff in their baths that do different things, so I thought I wanted to try it.

I ended up buying this Carrot Bubble bath thing from Lush which is a Limited edition Easter product I it was like $7.99 before tax or something like that and I can use it like 4 or 5 times and It is supposed to make my bath water super bubbly, smell nice and supposedly make my skin feel super soft. I cant wait to try it and I didn’t even realize until I took the picture here that the Bath Carrot matches my Shirt! LOL. It was expensive in my opinion but lush products are usually expensive. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it but, I’m going to try to find some cheaper alternatives to relaxing bath aids for myself and you all.

Anyways I’ve gotta go Workout, Write Takudo’s Main Story Review and go to work! I will see you all later!

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