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My Boss is a Sweet Thief! Asumu Kashiwabara’s Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X – Review

Asumu's Info Screen

Asumu’s Info Screen

I like Asumu and I liked his Main story. He’s not like super nosebleed sexy or cool but he is a lot of fun and silly like me. I didn’t know what to expect in this epilogue but I knew no matter what that Asumu would come through and give me a story I would enjoy. I totally feel that he’s the underdog character in this game.

I bought this for 1.99 and it includes 3 Chapters of story and 1 reward picture. There are no choices to make in the story so it only comes with one ending.  Nevertheless it is an amazing story and so very cute. I like how he’s usually silly and awkward but he’s so sly and slick when he was talking to Tatsuro. That’s a great sexy side of Asumu we don’t get to see often. I hunger for more of  that side of Asumu. HAHA. Also what he ends up doing that whole time for you is so sweet, romantic, and fun. Its one of those things that deep in your heart you wish a guy would go out of their way to do for you. I mean I love games,  surprises and of course I love romance so it was like the perfect date with the perfect present and with the perfect guy! I would fall head over heels for a guy who did what Asumu did for me here. Also I love the sprite for the Cultist! I was totally glad to see him again hahaha.

His picture is really sweet and it goes really well with the atmosphere and the story.

I just love how adorable Asumu is in this story I would pay it over and over again because it’s so romantic and fun. I totally look forward to his sequels because I know they’ll be just as good.


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