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Secret Spring Date Special! Be My Princess – Review



Multiple character specials are a bargain in my opinion. I downloaded the Japanese version of Be my Princess just to see how many specials, stories etc there were waiting to be translated (including Zain’s Main Story which I am painstakingly holding my breath for). I got so excited to see that we finally got a special.

The special was bought for only $2.99 CAD. It includes a route of for all 6 Characters, with an intro and 1 Chapter for each Character. each route includes 1 Picture, and 2 endings. The kicker of this is they are both happy endings (or a Happy and a Good depending on your opinion). One happy ending is with your handsome Prince… The other is a happy ending is with his handsome butler!!! It is a very cute story no matter what choice you pick. You only get a picture for the Prince happy ending though, and there are no emails. It would have been awesome to get a cute letter from each of the butlers though =(

I loved every story in this one. They are all so adorable and cute. I’m so happy I got to see a cute and sweet side to each of the butlers too. That was my favourite part of this special. Each story was short, but it had enough content for me to be content. The only one I wasnt really fond of was Yu’s story. Not enough of Sweet Yu in my opinion and too much negativity in that story. Each of the pictures is good, with Edward’s being my favourite because its the most romantic of all the pictures.  Edwards pictures are always heart stopping. XD

I think Glen’s Happy Ending was the best one, It seemed like the longest one as well. As for butler happy endings in this one I think I liked Jean’s the most… he’s so handsome and imagining the stuff that went on in this story really made me Blush! I also love concerts and would love to go to one with someone I love so that was a huge plus. I wish they had a FULL route for him. He is my favourite butler other than Zain.

This was worth the money, every story was sweet. I hope they come out with more of these type of stories soon!

Get ‘Be My Princess’ for free here for Apple Devices or Android Devices.

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