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I’m Lovesick for Yuta Kajima – Sequel Walkthrough Review – My forged Wedding


I love My forged Wedding Stories. With the quality of the stories that are coming out lately for this game, it is easily topping my list of my Favourite Otome Game EVER. They are the most realistic and all characters are amazing, and although the main stories for all the characters are good, every sequel has stepped up the game and is just so much more amazing. That is why I had very high expectations of this story. I put off doing Yuta’s main story for so long when I first played this game. At first I thought Yuta wasn’t my type, because comedians are so cheesy and he seems totally not the type of guy I am in to. However, I FREAKING LOVED YUTA when I played his Main story! He is so sweet and amazing and the story was absolutely amazing!

I bought this sequel off the iTunes Appstore for $3.99 CAD. Sequels include 10 Chapters of the story and have 2 endings – a Happy Ending and a Super Happy Ending. Which ending you get depends on how well you choose to play the game. It also includes 4 Pictures and 9 emails (I thought there would be 10, but if there are I’m missing one).

Here is the Walkthough I came up with when I played and got the Super Happy Ending. There are other ways to get it so try it out, maybe you’ll be a good match for Yuta! If not there’s you can always use this.

  1. Go to the Couch
  2. It’s a Gauge on your popularity
  3. I do
  4. Fold the laundry myself
  5. What kind of naughty?
  6. Kiss him
  7. Ask him
  8. Remain quiet
  9. Is a long-distance relationship okay?
  10. It was fun.
  11. Green room
  12. It was all thanks to you.
  13. I met Lily at the bar.
  14. Be positive.
  15. Stay as is.
  16. Blush and look down
  17. Tell him.
  18. Feed him.

I cried.

This story was SO GOOD that it messed me up. My heart broke, and although my heart was broken and I was hurting inside for Yuta and I was so SAD and HAPPY at the same time… I was moved to tears… IT MESSED ME UP. I want to explain things more in-depth on how much I think that this is probably the BEST OTOME GAME STORY I’VE EVER PLAYED.

Ren was is my favourite because he’s so amazing – too amazingly perfect to be realistic to be honest. And that’s why I fell for Ren, because he is so ideally perfect and every little girl wishes to find a Prince Charming to fall in love with, He is so dreamy and his stories are like being in a Fairytale. Yuta on the other hand (who is now winning as my favourite character because of this story) is the most realistic of all the characters. I can actually see myself dating and having a relationship with someone like Yuta. He is everything I’ve wanted in a husband, he is warm, funny, cheerful, and considerate. He takes care of you, admires you, but gives you space to grow and be independent. He is honest and loving and strong in such subtle ways. He works so hard and reaches for his dreams relentlessly with conviction. He’s the type of person that you can completely admire. And I think the reason why I like Yuta so much is because his relationship with MC is the type of ideal relationship I’ve always wanted as well and It’s very similar to the kind of relationship I have with my own boyfriend.

I love how in this story is a battle for both of them in the relationship as individuals trying to make it work. I love how the story is about the conflict between their dreams of staying together forever, but also their individual dreams of pursuing their career aspirations. This is totally down earth and relatable to me and many people my age. In North American culture the housewife isn’t even a standard anymore. Women are just as dependable, intelligent and independent and should be allowed to pursue their own independent dreams as well, to grow as a person and become successful. We are capable of taking the bull by the horns and making a difference in the world as much as men. So, as much as I love Yamato for example, and how well he treats MC, the fact that he doesn’t approve of her having a job is just depressing to me. To know that Yuta is so supportive to what MC wants even when it conflicts with this own dreams just makes my heart feel so much for him. I think if we switched this around to Yamato, he would probably wouldn’t understand the situation or the way MC feels the way Yuta does. This was the deciding factor for me that made Yuta my ultimate favourite.

As a woman living in North America this struggle is the norm for me. I know I want to show the world my capabilities and to achieve my dreams and share my individual success with the one I love, and I want whomever my partner is to understand that and be supportive. I want him to also reach for his dreams and work hard and through each of our successes inspire each other to become better people. So that when we have children they can be proud of both of their parents and be inspired to be great people too. But, especially in North America, time is a Luxury, and its a constant battle for two individuals to put both their relationship and their career first. And that’s probably why I ended up crying when I felt them struggling. It’s so frustrating and I really feel like I was in MC’s shoes in this one. I loved the ending even though in certain opinions it is bitter and sad even though IT IS actually a happy ending. I have a feeling some people might even hate the ending.

The Pictures we got in this story were amazing and the second one is ESPECIALLY sexy. I never would have thought I would come across a picture LIKE THAT of Yuta! That alone made it worth it already to buy this story LOL. And the emails from Yuta, a lot of them made my heart ache too. It was like my actual boyfriend was sending me messages and it made me so happy. I think I actually appreciate my boyfriend more actually after this story and Yamato’s sequel epilogue. He not a romantic prince that can say extravagant words to sweep me off my feet. However, he does so many of the little things that Yuta does to make me happy!

Anyways I’m not here to boast about how amazing my boyfriend is, BUT about how amazing YUTA is! This story is the best and my absolute favourite and I think any girl who has dreams and aspirations of her own will like this. Do yourself a favour, and skip that coffee today that you buy every day, and save that $2 to buy this story. It will be much more fulfilling than that coffee and you can reread it whenever you want! It’s worth it!

DAMN that was long. I promise tomorrows will be shorter! Doing the New ‘Be My Princess’ Special!

To Download “My Forged Wedding” click Here For your Apple Device and Here for your Android device.

4 responses

  1. SCS

    I purchased the story just because what you’ve said, actually I was postponing Yuta’s story just by the same reason you had. Comedians= cheesy and boring, that’s what I thought, but this story surprised me in all possible ways. First in the main story when he pulled out the ring I was like.. What!? When!? How!? My mind went blank.. I really was in shock, I didn’t expected that. And in the sequel when he told about the trip, my heart just stopped, seriously.. Never in my whole live, I sensed that emptiness in my heart, it was as if someone stabs me straight in the chest without mercy. It’s just a game, yeah I’m conscious of that, but as you get into the character, it’s difficult not to cry or smile when reading the story. It definitely worth. Also Saeki’s story (he’s not that a perv as everyone say, he’s cute and my fav character until now). I’m expecting Yuta’s sequel epilogue, so that I can know how it all went. 🙂

    March 18, 2013 at 4:15 am

    • OtomeJunkie!

      YES =) I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to read a Epilogue before. Waiting for it to come feels like Im waiting for Yuta to come home to visit from France… LOL… and I also Love Saeki’s story! and that was also a surprise to me as well because Im totally not into playboy characters but he was totally not who i expected. I really LOVE this game, each character is so awesome in their own way, its getting harder and harder to not fall in love with ALL of them!

      March 19, 2013 at 1:19 am

  2. Kay

    I just love Yuta he was the first story I played through and he is so cute an sweet I wish he was real I could see myself dating someone like him. ^^

    May 6, 2013 at 3:04 am

  3. Wow i love yuta hes so popular

    June 9, 2013 at 8:31 pm

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