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The Stolen Bouquet Special – Love letter from Thief X – Review!

Love Letter From thief x Special the stolen bouquet This is the first special for the english version of Love Letter from Thief X. I was so excited to play! I love multiple story specials especially ones that take place after the Main Story. I feel like I’m getting a deal for a small amount of money lol.

It cost me $2.99 on the iTunes Appstore. It comes with a Prologue shared by all characters and then 2 Chapters for each Character, with one ending. You get to play 5 characters, the only one that is missing is Tatsuro. It’s kind of a shame because I’m sure  they could have thought something up to get Tatsuro a story too… he is a detective after all. There are several times you can make choices in these stories but you can only get one ending so you don’t need to worry about making the right choice – just pick what you want to see your characters’ immediate reaction. Each Character story will give you 1 picture and 1 email.

Overall I loved this special, I thought it was kind of corny because realistically high-class thieves shouldn’t get so serious about a missing bouquet. However, It was an extremely cute story! Every characters story was very different which made me really happy. It was not redundant nor boring. I did end up liking everyone’s story including Riki’s. The ending to his was one that I really really liked!  I played them in the order of my favourite characters, Kenshi (Kenshi again stole my heart from Takuto!), Takuto, Hiro, Asumu and Riki.

Asumu Kashiwabara Love Letter from Thief X Special Stolen BouquetEVERY picture and EVERY email were totally amazing this time around. I especially liked Asumu’s sprite without his glasses. He is super hot without his glasses and MC totally agrees with me! My favourite picture has to be Takkun’s picture and then Riki’s surprisingly. I’d have to say the story I loved the most out of all of them was probably Kenshi’s then Takkun’s. Kenshi is just so damn perfect… and then Takkun’s ending blows all the others out of the water! When Tsundere’s show their feelings it totally the best thing ever! It makes all that rudeness and mean stuff go away completely! The fact that the Theme of this story is flowers and weddings too makes it even more meaningful.

You all have to play it! They are all such good stories and its about weddings…and every picture is amazing! It’s totally worth the measly 2.99 I paid for all stories.  The only thing I didn’t like is that There was no story for Tatsuro. Maybe I’ll write one for him – my imagination is so excited right now thinking about that sexy detective! We don’t have enough of him in this game!

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