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Riki Yanase Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X – Review (or should I say RANT-VIEW!?)

Riki Yanase Sequel Love Letter From Thief XConsidering that I HATE Riki but really enjoyed the ending (JUST the ending) of his main story, I bought this epilogue hoping that it would be a lot like a continuation of the ending that I really liked.

I bought the Epilogue on iTunes AppStore for $1.99 CAD. It comes with 3 chapters of story in which you don’t have to make any choices so that you end up with only one ending. There are 3 emails you get from the story and 1 reward picture.

I want to point out first of all that I usually never put spoilers in my review, so this would be an exception that I will point out the very ending, which coincidentally IS NOT a spoiler in my opinion and you will understand why, when I get to it.

I HATED THIS STORY AS MUCH AS THE MAIN STORY!!! But this hate isn’t entirely because of my hate for Riki. I found that this story was very surprisingly unexpectedly boring and not written well! Not to mention he still calls me a Prude! I want to BOX HIM IN THE FACE. Riki’s emails are as usual boring in my opinion and although The Reward picture was well drawn, It didn’t provoke any feeling from me. I guess whomever was writing this story they were trying to instil a growing sense of family altogether with Riki and Ibuki, but I personally like just strictly romance between the main characters. I got to know Ibuki more in this story, but that’s not what I bought this story for.

Can I point out too that its weird that Ibuki is so young but her sprite looks like a middle-aged lady? I just had to say it because its been eating away at me for a long time…

So on to the ending. Riki and MC’s lovely romantic moment gets cut extremely short  by phone call from the Museum. Its Mitsuru calling to tell you that  a Russian chick thief is challenging the Black Foxes to steal something back that she hasn’t stole yet ( from your museum) but is planning to steal and will steal in the near future. You look at Riki confused and then… BAM….. “Happy Ending” ….. WTF.  We get stuck hanging like that which was totally out of the blue.  It had nothing to do with what was happening in this story. I guess it leads to the Sequel but it’s not a very good lead, nor does it make me want to read Riki’s next story. It just makes me ANGRY.

I think this is the only time I’ve ever felt that I’ve bought a story and I’ve absolutely regretted it. It was a waste in my opinion. Usually with characters I don’t favor I still end up enjoying the story, but this one wasn’t at all for some reason. It is ONLY 1.99 so for the sake of having read it I guess I don’t feel so bad for buying it but I don’t think this story would ever get a re-read from me. But if you like Riki, you’ll probably like it. While you’re at it, please comment below and let me know your reasons for actually liking Riki… because it is completely beyond my comprehension.

2 responses

  1. GraceH

    Same ! I couldn’t care less about Ibuki and her health problems, sounds mean but I’m here for Riki & she’s kinda taking over. I like Riki though , but I can’t stand Ibuko for some reason …. :/

    April 12, 2015 at 8:33 am

  2. Jenny

    I was so excited to play Riki’s route, sexy dark haired alpha male fitting my aesthetics. Except I found myself yelling out Takuto’s name and rolling around because I fell for him so hard in Riki’s route. I didn’t even bother with the epilogue I just went straight to Takuto. I was a bit disappointed because Riki does have all the characteristics that do it for me, but it didn’t this time round.

    August 15, 2015 at 9:10 pm

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