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The Thief who Sniped my Heart! Kenshi Inagaki Epilogue – Love Letter from Thief X -Walkthrough Review

IMG_4638I played Kenshi’s main story months ago, and I’ve played many different stories since then. It was actually the first Voltage game and story I purchased that made me fall in love with Voltage games. I had gotten Nathan’s from ‘Pirates in Love’ beforehand but I didn’t enjoy that story at all actually. So I had long forgotten how much of a sweetheart Kenshi actually is! So when I saw the update I got really excited. Especially when I saw the intro picture haha!

So I bought this for $1.99 it included 2 emails and 1 very sexy picture of Kenshi! The story is 3 chapters long, there are no choices to make with only one ending.

I didn’t realize how much I loved and missed Kenshi’s character until I played this epilogue! He is so sexy, and cute! The relationship that MC and Kenshi have is amazing. They are so casual and easygoing with each other which is more like the kind of relationship I’m personally used to. They are so open and comfortable with each other which is great. It reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend  (although if you knew the two of us you’d probably say we are WAY to comfortable with each other LOL). Most of the other characters relationships in the other games are so shy and reserved with each other  which is cute but I cant really relate to. I mean, In north america we are used to everyone being casual with each other, formalities aren’t so rigid as it is in Japan. They’re so casual that they even go further in their relationship easier and faster…if you know what I mean.

I can’t really do anything except fangirl about Kenshi here. He is the Perfect Boyfriend. He’s tall, handsome, manly, kind, sweet and sexy. PERFECTION, which means this whole mini story itself is perfection. If you liked Kenshi in his Main Story, you will like him in this one 100%.

This is definitely a re-read for me so I’m very glad that I purchased this =).  AND I’m going to have to Re-read Kenshi’s Main story so I can re-visit his story, and see if he really is actually my favourite compared to Takkun. HE IS THAT AMAZING that my confidence in Takkun’s love and favour is Wavering!! LOL

Let me know what you guys think about Kenshi and his Epilogue!


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  1. Angelica

    Will you please upload Kenshis story on YouTube?? I’m begging you. No one has done chapter 6-16 and I’m dying to see it.

    July 18, 2014 at 5:06 am

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