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My Sexy Pretentious Thief Riki Yanase – Love Letter from Thief X Walkthrough Review


I waited so long for voltage for Riki’s main story update. Every time  saw him in another Characters route he seemed so sexy and cool.  So when It finally came, I bought it right away. Who knew, what I was in for was not what I was expecting…

Going through the boring details, I got it off iTunes for $3.99 CAD. It included 15 Chapters of story, with 2 endings; A Good and a Happy Ending. Depending on your choices in the game you will get either of the two plus 6 Character Reward Pictures (the first one belonging to the free Prologue).  You also get 11 emails from the Characters, I think, at least that’s what I got from the choices I made.

Here is the Walkthrough on how I got my happy ending. Do it on your own first, and if you don’t get it, try this. It took me 2 times to get the happy ending and all the pictures… and I will explain why in my review.

  1. Explain how no one would like it.
  2. Call his name Loudly
  3. What are you doing?!
  4. That’s not the point.
  5. stay still
  6. stay silent
  7. Can you put mushrooms in next time?
  8. I don’t think you’re a playboy (LIES!)
  9. okay
  10. No, Thank you (I really wanted to say “YOUR A JERK!”)
  11. I think they’re all counterfeits.
  12. Like you?
  13. Are you just being polite?
  14. Don’t resist.
  15. No, I’m fine
  16. Go with him
  17. Lick his finger
  18. He might be in love with me
  19. don’t resist
  20. I was surprised he came
  21. Help me Riki!
  22. Kiss him on the Cheek
  23. yes
  24. I can’t lie to myself
  25. I want to
  26. No, I’m happy
  27. of course!
  28. Everyone’s right here!
  29. squeeze back

I’ll say this first before all you fangirls come at me with fire in your eyes and knives in your hands. I think Riki is super hot, and I was SUPER excited waiting for his route to come out so that I could play it.

However, Riki is so incredibly conceited that every time he talks I want to PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! Yes, he does so many nice things for me, and he ends up being considerate a lot at times… but its like someone giving you a plate of your favourite food, and then right after you take 1 or two bites… They purposely cough all over it! IT TOTALLY RUINS IT! It makes you feel like  you don’t even want to eat it anymore. That’s how I felt about Riki.

I know I say I love Takudo, and he also is mean and totally a Tsundere, but he’s genuine and not conceited at all! And I love his awkwardness – it’s so damn cute! I guess I just REALLY HATE conceited people. In really life situations I avoid them when possible, and when I’m confronted and they end up pissing me off, I usually make remarks to shoot them down as much as possible. I make sure that they know that I think they are conceited and that I think they are stupid and not all that great at all.

At one point I had a coworker like Riki, always blabbing and blabbing on about how he’s the greatest here, and there, and how he knows everything, and how his job isn’t a challenge for him. But, because he was my co-worker that I had to deal with all the time, I had to be nice and put up with it. At the end of my shift every day… I had a headache and wanted to shoot myself in the face! It was torture! And somehow for a large amount of this story I felt the exact same way about Riki as this co-worker of mine!

And actually throughout this story I fell in love with another character! I wont say because I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone. I was thinking in my head “OMG, PLEASE! TAKE ME AWAY FROM THIS CONCEITED BEAST AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!” to that character, but I knew it wouldn’t happen.

Riki does have his moments though where he tricks me into liking him, and he can be unintentionally really funny at times, especially  when he is drunk. I like that about him (even though I do deeply despise him!). And he is very handsome especially in the Reward pictures they have of him. The emails were disappointing though; short and boring.

The story for this route was well written. I mean, they probably  purposely wanted to make Riki seem like a bit of a jerk, they did TOO WELL. But other than that the way the plot went along and climaxed was very good, and the character development we saw in Riki’s character was great. I love how he grow as a person in this story, because he does start out with a lot of baggage and problems.(However, baggage isn’t an excuse for being a womanizing jerk!) I ended up very impressed with him and actually admired him in the end…and he does seem like an amazing and sexy boyfriend even though he’s conceited.

Riki Yanase Love Letter from Thief X Otome Junkie


The relationship development was good although I wasn’t a big fan of a lot of the choices I had to make to get the happy ending.  I find that the Main Character’s personality in this story way too submissive, naive,  gullible and forgiving for me to agree with her actions and like her. That’s only because her personality and my personality clash in a way that it’s hard to really get into the story.

I did really  like the ending despite how much I didn’t like Riki at first. And yes, I did end up falling for him now that I’ve gone and played it again. I liked this story enough to be satisfied with it, but it wasn’t like THE GREATEST, and Riki could never top Takuto in my opinion. And it may be possible that my pride is taking over me telling me to tell everyone I didn’t like this route when deep down I really kind of did.

Anyways, It is worth playing. That is all.

9 responses

  1. Thank you so much for your review! Riki is the only character that I have played from Love Letter from Thief. I was so excited to play his route but when I already played it I was little disappointed because as you said he was so conceited 😦 But I have to admit that his pictures are amazing!!!! Now I don´t know which character play first if Takun from LLFT or Ryoichi Hirose from SITSC, Which one do you recommend me? Thank you! ^_^

    February 28, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    • OtomeJunkie!

      In my opinion – first of all I enjoyed both Hirose’s and Takkun’s stories… they are my favourites of each of those games! I’m Totally obsessed with Takkun though, I really really love him to death. His story and his Tsundere yumminess is just…so…amazing…lol. He’s like super mean most of the time but when he’s not… it totally mind numbingly cute and sexy. If you like Tsun characters then definitely do Takkun first. Ryoichi is more similar to Rikki, but not even as close to being as conceited. He is a playboy but the way he teases you is not off-putting at all. The story itself is really good too, especially because there are so many different elements in his story, and you get to kind of date around lol.

      March 1, 2013 at 5:26 am

      • Thanks you for your recommendation! I decided to star with Ryoichi! Now I am in the chapter 5 and It´s amazing his route!!!! I can´t wait for your next review 🙂

        March 2, 2013 at 1:32 am

  2. ShiroyukiSatsuki

    Hi there! ^^ I just found out about your blog and I am so GLAD i found it! It s nice to know that there are others who enjoy otome games as much as I do xD Btw, I just realised that for Rikki’s main story I only got 8 emails from him. So is it possible that if you did not give a good answer then you wont get the email? Hmmmmm…. I need to reread everything then O.o Really looking forward to your next posts!

    March 2, 2013 at 8:22 pm

  3. waah thanks!! I’m torn between choosing Rikki or Yamato’s sequel (cause Im poor sobs) so is Yamato’s sequel any better? 😛

    April 23, 2013 at 5:26 am

    • OtomeJunkie!

      I like Yamatos sequel better than Rikis main story but its not the best of the sequels in my opinion, it’s very similar to his main story I believe. In fact I like all the other MFW sequels over that one . its my least favourite but between riki and that I’d rather Yamato anyday.

      April 23, 2013 at 9:28 am

  4. I have read many reviews of riki but none are as DEAD ON as yours was I want to be able to do takkun’s route but it’s a tough choice because I also want to do zain from Be My Princess which do you think I should do?

    July 17, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    • OtomeJunkie!

      I don’t remember if I did out up one for Zain but y can look for it. I personally love zains route but a lot of people actually hated it. If I had to choose between zain and takuto, i would choose takuto, cuz I think the storyline is better. Takuto has one of the best stories in the voltage franchise IMO

      July 17, 2014 at 4:54 pm

      • Thanks for the opinion I’ll be sure to try it 🙂

        July 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

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