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Welcome! Who am I and Why Follow My Blog?

Hello! My name is Leah Estella and WELCOME TO BY BLOG!!!

I decided that It would be fun and best for me to take all the things I enjoy doing, and incorporate everything I love into a blog.  I know you will understand when I say that for so many years I’ve been too busy doing things that I have to do, and not enough things that I want and love to do.

There are a whole plethera of things that I have put on the back burner because I felt that my responsibilities are too important and that I had to go all in and dedicate 100% of my time and effort to them. It’s not a bad thing dont get me wrong, and I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and what I’ve learned. However, one thing I’ve learned from this was, life was incredibly dull and and unsatisfying only doing things that I had to do, and no amount of success in things that don’t really excite me would make me feel fulfilled.

So this is what came out of this realization. I realized that it was way to easy for me to stay in work-a-holic mode and put things that I liked and enjoy doing  aside and ignore them, because I felt they weren’t important. I thought to myself “What could I Do to change this?” and a Blog popped into my head. I’ve tried a blog before but didn’t have enough commitment to update it constantly because, well I am a workaholic and the blog wasn’t really about me, it was just about cooking and food. It was a part of my life that I loved but I guess at that time it wasn’t exciting enough for me to stay interested in blogging about it.  Which brings us to what this blog will be about.

This Blog will act almost like a journal about the things I love that I will be committing myself to doing more and more of this year.
I call it “OTOME JUNKIE” because it best describes the type of person I am. “Otome” is maiden or girl in Japanese. I am a Junkie of all things Girly, Cute things, Fashion, Shoes, nail polish, romance games, stories, and movies, and I am a HUGE makeup Junkie.

I am also very obsessed with all things NERDY and OTAKU. “Otaku” is the Japanese word for obsessed, which mainly used to label the Manga and Japanese Animation and game Obsessed Fans. I have loved anime since gradeschool, stemming from the early dub versions of sailormoon my mom used to tape every morning for me (thank you mommy!) since grade 4 and I’ve probably read 50+ Manga (Japanese Graphic Novels) and watched 2000+ more episodes of anime in my life. I  go to Anime Conventions every year and I love to Cosplay not only anime Characters but my favorite sci-fi characters and north American comic book characters.  I play lots of Romance based Anime games, a lot of Japanese Role playing games and watch lots of Asian Live Action Dramas and movies. I also love to draw fanart for my favorite characters.

It doesn’t stop there though.

I love StarWars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings. I lost myself to World of Warcraft for 2  and a half years. I love reading Fantasy novels. I can relate very closely to all the characters on Big Bang Theory including Penny. Because, although I am thoroughly a nerd, I love cute outfits, high heels, makeup, boys and I’m a Bartender who loves to drink!

So to cut this essay short, This blog is me sharing to the world my accomplishments and thoughts and more on all these things I love. Everything from sharing Makeup tutorials, Shopping Hauls, Reviews for Movies, Dramas, Animes, Games and more. A compilation of fan-art, photography, Cosplay and hopefully much much more!   I hope you all stay tuned, because I promise i will not take this blog lightly – I want to excel at this and become a success and show the world how awesome it is to do the things you love, and how rewarding it can be!

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